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6 Travel Bloggers to Follow from’s Travel Massive Event

On March 30, hosted an event at our Toronto office for the local chapter of Travel Massive, a community of bloggers, photographers, travel and tourism brands, and social media influencers whose goal is to “meet, learn, and collaborate and empower change to the way we travel” by hosting meet-ups around the world.

Throughout the evening, Travel Massive members mingled, traded tips and stories from their latest expeditions, and learned about decoding travel points programs and how the best travel rewards credit cards can help pay for their journeys (did you know offers printable pocket-sized travel credit card insurance policies?).

Of course, the beauty of travel writing is that no two people see the world the same way. Here are a few of the travel bloggers we met at the event who are worth following:

Will Tang, Going Awesome Places
Tang’s comprehensive site has everything you need to plan (or get inspired for) your next trip. One cool feature: you can start by destination. You’ll also find packing guides, hotel and gear reviews, travel hacking tips, and deal guides.

Laura Berg, Travelful Life
Berg details her impressive world travels with her husband and two children — everything from luxury trips to back woods camping. The site also has guides to travelling with kids, going solo, or parent-child trips.

Arienne Parzei, See You Soon
Focusing on “adventure activities and cultural experiences,” this is a great blog for those looking to travel beyond well-worn tourist destinations. Parzei’s Instagram page is also chock full of beautiful travel photography.

Paul Marshman, The Travelling Boomer
A “semi-retired” reporter and editor, Marshman’s blog includes destination guides, travelling tips, and cruise news and reviews. There are lots of tips and resources aimed at Baby Boomers, but younger travellers will enjoy it as well.

Ryan Woods, Out With Ryan
A quintessential millennial (catch him on Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat), Woods’ gay spin on travel blogging is a great resource for LGBTQ+ travellers. Check out his YouTube channel — he’s currently teasing a gay travel series.

Yashy Murphy, Baby and Life
Parents, especially city dwellers, will appreciate tips on travelling, shopping, and dining out with children. Murphy and her husband are currently gearing up for a six-month trip through Europe with their two kids, both under 6 years old.

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