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About Oaken Financial

Oaken Financial is a rising direct-to-consumer deposit business in Canada. As a part of the nation's largest independent trust company, Home Trust, Oaken Financial offers some competitive savings and GIC rates. Currently, Oaken Financial offers online banking and has branches in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, and Halifax.

Oaken Financial Oaken Savings Account

Oaken Financial’s only savings account option is called the Oaken Savings Account. With a very competitive daily savings rate, the Oaken Savings Account makes transferring and withdrawing easy without charging any transaction fees. In addition, Oaken Financial doesn’t charge monthly fees, nor does it require a minimum balance. The Oaken Savings Account can be used for both personal and commercial needs.

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In addition to savings accounts, you can also get an Oaken Financial GIC, which pays one of the highest interest rates in Canada.

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With unlimited free withdrawals and transfers, Oaken Financial’s Oaken Savings Account is one of the most competitive amongst other banks. However, there still may be other savings accounts that are better tailored to your needs. You can compare Oaken Financial’s rates to those offered by other banks by using our savings account comparison tool.

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