Interest rate tiers
If balance is Rate
$0.00 or more after 90 days 1.60%
$0.00 or more after 180 days 1.70%
$0.00 or more after 270 days 1.85%
$0.00 or more after 360 days 2.00%
Interest rate: The interest rate for this account is tiered. Click here for rates.
  • Calculated daily
  • Paid monthly
CDIC insured
Transaction fees
Included transactions: Unlimited transfers to Scotiabank accounts
Item Fee
Transactions $5.00
Internal transfers $0.00
E-transfer $0.00
External ATM $1.50
Monthly fee
  • Earn bonus interest1 on new money2 deposited to your MomentumPLUS Savings Account until March 10th 2019.
  • Monthly Account Fee: FREE
  • Regular Interest3 + Premium Interest4 + Bonus Interest1
  • Regular Period* Interest3 1.05%: Our everyday rate calculated daily; paid monthly
  • Premium Period* Interest4: 0.90% - 360 day / 0.85% - 270 days / 0.80% - 180 days / 0.75% - 90 days
  • Bonus Interest1 1.25%: LIMITED TIME OFFER
  • No Minimum Balance Required -
  • * When you don't make any withdrawals within the Premium Period you select
  • 1 New money will earn bonus interest until March 10th 2019 if you have enrolled by 11:59pm EST on that date. Bonus interest earned prior to and during the month of enrollment will be paid within 7 days after the end of that latter month. Bonus interest earned in subsequent months will be paid within 7 days after each such month. Where an enrollment takes place on the last day of a month - Bonus Interest will be paid within 7 days after the end of the month following. A ScotiaCard® is required for enrollment.
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