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IEC Travel Insurance

Coming to Canada on the IEC program? You're going to need travel insurance before you arrive.



The International Experience Canada (IEC) program allows young people between the ages of 18 to 35 to temporarily work in Canada for up to two years. Citizens from more than 30 countries are eligible to apply. Among the IEC program’s eligibility requirements is proof of health insurance that provides coverage for medical care, hospitalization and repatriation. This is to ensure visitors can pay for their own costs related to emergency accidents, injury or illness. Many Canadian insurance companies offer insurance plans for visitors to Canada that meet the requirements of IEC and other visa programs.

How to get a quote for IEC Travel Insurance

  1. Enter your trip details

    Put the details of your trip in our travel insurance quote tool. You'll need at least your destination and your travel dates to get started.

  2. Compare your options

    Check out the different policy features, and decide what you need. Make sure your travel policy covers everything you need, like trip cancellation or snow sports.

  3. Kick back and relax

    Lock in a policy, and enjoy your trip! It's really that easy.


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IEC Travel Insurance: Common questions

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Get covered, then get to work

Whatever your plans in Canada, your IEC Travel Insurance will keep you safe while you're here. Tick something off your list - sort your cover out today.

What you can do with a Canada IEC visa

IEC program applicants can apply through one of three categories: working holiday (open work permit), young professional (employer-specific work permit) and international co-op (internships and students). Each of these categories requires health insurance. When you arrive in Canada, you’ll need to show immigration officers your proof of insurance (along with other required documents) before receiving your work permit.  

It’s important to note that IEC insurance only covers unforeseen accidents and emergencies, not the cost of routine medical care or any medical issue arising from pre-existing conditions. Alcohol-related injuries and mishaps are also excluded from most policies. If you plan to explore Canada’s great outdoors and partake in activities like skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, mountain biking, hiking or camping, it’s important to make sure those activities are covered under your insurance policy. Some IEC insurance policies provide inclusive coverage for non-competitive sports and recreational outdoor activities, while others charge extra (especially for “high risk” activities like rock climbing, skydiving or bungee jumping).

It’s also important to check whether your IEC travel insurance policy allows you to return to your home country for a visit without voiding your coverage. This is important whether you’re planning to visit home for a holiday or special occasion, or if you unexpectedly need to return home because of an emergency. Depending on the policy, home visits may be allowed as long as your policy is in place for a minimum amount of time, or as long as you spend a required minimum amount of time in Canada during the coverage period. In some cases, coverage will stop when you leave Canada, but resume when you return.

When getting an IEC medical insurance quote, make sure to go beyond the policy highlights and read the detailed plan description for a full list of benefits, exclusions and limitations.

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