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Ratehub Product Updates and Policy

To our valued partners:

In an effort to streamline the update process, we have updated our product policy for credit cards. Please read below and reach out with any questions or concerns.


  • Ratehub Inc maintains editorial independence and we will have final say in word choice, tone, voice and design.

  • Providers/partners can make suggestions for changes, but due to the volume of requests we get, we are unable to respond to them all

  • We are committed to updating factual errors

  • We are committed to being compliant with governing bodies (regulatory), but we are unable to accommodate all provider-specific internal compliance requests

  • All standard product updates must follow our process / template:

    • All updates must come through our template (linked here)

    • Please highlight the cells where an update has occurred. Multiple teams tackle this update so we need to make sure info sourcing and relay is as seamless as possible.

    • Provider must give us a minimum of 5 business days notice


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation