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Matt brings over 15 years of experience in the financial service industry to the Ratehub.ca team. In just 5 years, he has helped Ratehub.ca grow into one of the largest and most successful mortgage brokerages in Canada, winning mortgage brokerage of the year in both 2018 and 2019. Matt has made CMP’s Top 75 broker list, which recognizes top volume brokers in Canada, as well as CMP’s annual Hot List for mortgage professionals who have made an impact on the Canadian mortgage industry. His passion for customer service is what sets him apart from other mortgage professionals.

  • Allen
    12 décembre 2020

    Cathy Bowes was so helpful and informative and very professional in the way she offered the mortgage options. Highly recommend CanWise.

  • Allen
    12 décembre 2020

    Cathy Bowes was so helpful and informative and very professional in the way she offered the mortgage options. Highly recommend CanWise.

  • Kelly
    3 décembre 2020

    The agent I connected with is Cathy Bowes. She was very good. Professional and knowledgeable. I will continue to work with her.

  • John
    23 octobre 2020

    good service

  • Beverley
    10 octobre 2020

    I am not able to remember the name of the man who called

  • Lauren
    24 août 2020


  • Bennie
    21 mars 2020


  • Angela Hunt
    4 février 2020

    Very polite on phone

  • Mason Stroeder
    30 novembre 2019

    Excellent customer service! Fast and friendly and very professional.

  • Derek William
    23 novembre 2019

    Did as told.

  • Darren Mitchell
    29 octobre 2019

    Very fast in giving me a rate and quite honest.

  • Leanne Wingenbach
    11 octobre 2019

    The best!

  • Zain Abidin
    9 octobre 2019

    Very friendly and professional

  • Nellie Olivier
    9 juillet 2019

    I never receive a call or a email. So really disappointing I was ready and I just signed for 2.89. It was showing like I did use your service

  • Krista King
    27 avril 2019

    Super helpful, Good explanations, answers any questions, quick to respond.

  • Andrew Mcleod
    6 avril 2019

    Very polite and knowledgeable

  • Daniel
    20 mars 2019

    Prompt and courteous

  • Mark Dolmont
    27 février 2019

    Quick service

  • Mary-ann Leonowicz
    3 novembre 2018

    Very professional and prompt callback after initial inquiry. Highly recommended.

  • Monique Bolin
    24 octobre 2018

    very informative - great customer service

  • Michael Deepwell
    16 août 2018

    Quick response

  • Hanna Almahfoud
    26 mai 2018

    Very efficient and wonderful person

  • Trevor Grohs
    15 avril 2018


  • Damien Prud'homme
    21 février 2018

    Very helpful and informative

  • William Pope
    11 février 2018

    Emailed me quickly. Very prompt and professional

  • Vincent Wong
    7 février 2018

    Matt was able to explain the rates posted vs. what is available in my situation. He was helpful and was able to answer all my questions.

  • Daniel Aparicio
    18 janvier 2018

    Fast reply, accurate and knowledgeable.

  • Ryan Morrison
    13 janvier 2018

    Great information on my current mortgage situation even though I wasn’t a candidate for ratehub. Will use ratehub for my next renewal.

  • Kerry Kineshanko
    28 décembre 2017

    quick to respond and very professional

  • Allan Mcdowell
    8 décembre 2017

    Inquiries are responded to quickly. I believe that the agent has my best interest in mind. It is easier to deal with someone when there is trust.

  • Jillian Howard
    7 novembre 2017

    Matt was prompt, friendly and provided me the information I requested. However, being a first time home buyer I was expecting an outline of the steps that needed to be completed and I had to prompt for that.

  • Hanna Almahfoud
    31 octobre 2017

    Sharp and well knoledgable

  • Babak
    21 octobre 2017

    Very responsive

  • Sanjay sawhney
    17 septembre 2017

    awaiting his call

  • Ahsan Javed
    14 septembre 2017

    Quick and prompt

  • Chris Boire
    8 septembre 2017

    Responded in a timely manor. He was helpful and emailed me all information needed right after our phone call. Thanks A+

  • Summer Xia
    15 mars 2017

    quick response and very efficient. got me the best rate.

  • Shawn
    28 février 2017

    Matt was really good

  • Rakshith Ramachandra
    15 février 2017

    Great Service!

  • Alan Tan
    19 janvier 2017

    very responsive

  • Genoa Valle
    18 janvier 2017

    He is very fast and informative.

  • Andrii Bondar
    25 août 2016

    Treated as good as it gets

  • Varun Sharma
    13 août 2016


  • NC
    10 août 2016

    Knowledgeable and prompt. Got back to me as promised.

  • Brian Dickinson
    9 août 2016

    Answered all questions very promptly. Allowed me to make my decision with my old mortgage faster than another broker whom I was working with at the same time.

  • Andy Yip
    22 juillet 2016

    Contacted me promptly and answered my questions. Matt has been very professional and helpful. Ratehub is a good source of mortgage rates and easy to use. highly recommended.

  • Liessi Haussler
    13 juillet 2016

    Excellent advice and very quick response time. Greatly appreciated the customer service.

  • Bruce Hacault
    25 juin 2016

    no comment

  • Chris
    8 juin 2016

    Quick and easy mortgage.

  • Jayson Johner
    22 mai 2016

    These guys were able to get me the lowest rate i could find through a major bank. Responses to questions were quick and friendly. It is still early in the process (I haven't actually purchased a home yet) but I have no real complaints up to this point.

  • Mukesh
    26 avril 2016

    Good experience.

  • Cherry Kiwang
    26 mars 2016

    The broker is knowledgeable on all questions asked.

  • Milton Rujjumba
    24 mars 2016

    Wonderful explanations.

  • Naveen Nayak
    8 mars 2016

    very responsive, easy communication and document set up by email

  • Shane Sherwin
    9 février 2016

    Very helpfull

  • Garth
    3 février 2016

    Matt was helpful and responded quickly to me emails/questions.

  • Amanda
    26 janvier 2016

    He responded very promptly

  • Mike Hutchison
    16 janvier 2016

    Matt was helpful and answered all my questions in a timely manner.

  • Milo Anderson
    23 décembre 2015


  • Joanne
    23 décembre 2015

    Very easy to talk to answered all my questions very impressed.

  • Nivas Juggernath
    16 décembre 2015

    Matt was professional and knew what he was talking about. This was reassuring.

  • Brianne
    1 novembre 2015

    Very nice

  • Paul Auzins
    26 septembre 2015


  • Mahmud Hassan
    22 septembre 2015


  • Shiela Bartolome
    12 septembre 2015

    Matt, was the best mortgage broker I have work with, although I haven't met him in person I felt that I can trust him. He is smart very efficient and he responded to all my emails in a minute and answer all my questions. He is the best.

  • Abir Aboutaha
    5 septembre 2015


  • Marshall
    26 août 2015


  • Victor D.
    10 août 2015

    quick, professional, courteous.

  • Lyla
    7 août 2015

    Very quick to respond

  • Ejakpometegho Egharevba
    4 août 2015

    Was very helpful in terms of information received

  • Karl Rink
    24 juillet 2015

    Very professional

  • Stevie Bennett
    3 juillet 2015

    Great service

  • King Chung Huang
    27 juin 2015

    Matt responded to the website request right away.

  • Wisdom Vizor
    26 juin 2015


  • Ajay Yerrumshetty
    23 juin 2015

    Very knowledgeable and helpful; would have gone with him if not for getting a similar rate with less penalty with my previous mortgage broker.

  • Andrei
    5 juin 2015

    great agent

  • Cheryl Hostyn
    30 mai 2015

    He was prompt, efficient, knowledgeable, and knew his stuff. Pleasure to work with.

  • Watson
    30 mai 2015

    Responded quickly and was very professional, but unfortunately was unable to help me because the mortgage amount I am looking for is under $100,000.

  • Ken Sanford
    29 mai 2015

    Matt was quick to respond ans easy to get in touch with.

  • Kyle Coutu
    27 mai 2015

    fast,proffessional, easy to talk to,no pressure and rates are better then banks. No wasting time. Great work.I wasnt spammed.

  • Steven Rothenburger
    25 mai 2015

    Prompt Callback.

  • Alex
    15 mai 2015

    Friendly and helpful!!

  • Sergio Leonardo
    14 mai 2015

    Matt was very prompt in answering my emails. I had the impression that if there was a best rate out there, he would find it for the client.

  • Byron & Noreen Thoms
    9 mai 2015

    Great first impression

  • Suresh
    2 mai 2015

    Quick reply as well good job

  • Maria Dela Rama
    25 avril 2015

    Hes good he is trying his best so i can get the loan but i just short forthe house that i see on the time i ask a price to loan he did his best so ican get it but the house in the market so fast to sale so i need to look again amd find another one but not fit on the loan i appreciate it for helping me out on my situation.

  • Kurt Thorner
    25 avril 2015

    Good work

  • Don Archibald
    21 avril 2015

    Very knowledgeable in helping with a Mortgage

  • James Hawkins
    11 avril 2015

    Reasonable rate received.

  • Alexandre Leblanc
    8 avril 2015

    Mortgage broker was easy to get in touch with and do transaction.

  • Shawn
    21 décembre 2012

    Thank You again Matt for the heightened level of service and expertise you continue to demonstrate throughout this process. We certainly do appreciate you.

  • Rick
    6 décembre 2012

    It was a crazy week after the close on the house but I wanted to say thanks again for all the work you did for Laurie and I. Hopefully we won't have cause to work together again for 5 years!!

  • Dennis
    28 novembre 2012

    I initiated my mortgage renewal with Matt in late July and I couldn't be happier with the level of service I received. He has proven to be very knowledgeable as well as incredibly prompt on all replies. I've had questions throughout the whole process including beyond the actual renewal date.The level of support throughout has been outstanding.Based on my experiences, I will not hesitate to refer anyone to Matt and your company in the future.

  • Martin
    22 octobre 2012

    Thank you, Matt. Eva and I are very pleased and greatly appreciate all your work and professionalism.

  • Olga
    10 octobre 2012

    Thank you Matt. It was really nice to work with you. Very organized and straight forward process. Truly appreciate that!

  • Realtor
    30 septembre 2012

    Hi Matt, Thanks for your hard work and consistency, I really appreciate you helping reduce the stress on getting financing for my clients. Enjoy a great day

  • Andrew
    13 août 2012

    Matt: Thank you for taking the time to explain everything - I did not think anyone would actually still do that these days, but you are very patient! It is a pleasure working with you and I would certainly recommend you without hesitation to anyone who asks! You have made things much more understandable and less scary throughout and you are the reason I chose a broker. Sincere thanks.

  • Terry
    7 mai 2011

    I worked with Matt Leggett on our recent purchase of our cottage. He was extremely helpful, always answered every question we had and made the process go very smoothly. I want to thank him for his excellent work. You are very fortunate to have a dedicated customer oriented professional like Matt working for your firm. Thanks Again Matt for a great job!

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