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Julien brings over 7 years of mortgage experience to Ratehub.ca and our clients. In the past, he has worked in various positions with top mortgage lender First National including as a Property Tax Administrator, Commercial Mortgage Servicing Specialist, and finally as a Mortgage Specialist helping existing clients with new mortgage applications for purchases and refinances. The last two years with Ratehub.ca continues to be fast paced, dynamic and rewarding. Quickly changing lending guidelines create an excellent opportunity for agents with a deep understanding. Julien’s friendly and common-sense approach will simplify the mortgage process all while ensuring the right mortgage is secured for each individual situation. He prides himself on putting his experience and understanding of the marketplace to work for every client.

  • Atila
    January 15, 2021

    Agent was not pushy and made himself available for any future need.

  • Atila
    January 15, 2021

    Agent was not pushy and made himself available for any future need.

  • Ali
    December 10, 2020

    Very interesting

  • Luis Martinez
    November 23, 2020

    He was professional and delivered a Sound advice during the process. However, the inserted rate offered was higher than expected. All in all, he sent us a preaproval in less than 3 days, which is very good.

  • Michel De Geyter
    November 15, 2020

    Can’t rate him have not talked with him yet, guess I could give him a 5 star he tried to reach me by email and also left me a message on my cell. , I got back to him and left him a message on his phone, I’m going to try to get back to him next week, I’m presently away.

  • Michael Paczek
    October 19, 2020

    This has been quick and easy so far. Love that everything is on line and the system seems to easy to use.

  • Catherine Nazareth
    October 12, 2020

    Helpful agent but it was the wrong time for us.

  • Adnan Alam
    October 7, 2020

    Julien was extremely patient and helpful in getting me a product I needed. Took time to explain the product and offered me options to think about. He was timely and professional.

  • am
    September 16, 2020

    great conversation

  • Bane Debeljevic
    September 8, 2020

    Julien was very good and knowledgeable

  • Ruth
    August 28, 2020

    Very professional and know what he is doing. Great service!

  • Brock Dicesare
    August 19, 2020

    Julien has been fantastic to work with thus far! Looking forward to setting everything up 120 days ahead of possession!

  • Mike Garner
    August 19, 2020

    Was able to answer all my questions. Prompt with appt. thanks you.

  • Colleen Macmillan
    July 29, 2020

    The agent was excellent. spoke very clear english and spoke in terms I could understand clearly.

  • Zahid Ali
    July 22, 2020

    I had phone conversation with Julien to discuss my mortgage needs. I found Julien a thorough professional in the field of mortgage. He provided me complete information about the mortgage and options for me to get great rate of mortgage to build my first house.

  • Raees
    July 3, 2020

    Professional knowledgeable

  • Premal
    June 17, 2020

    Very responsive and polite. Let's hope he is able to make things work for us.

  • Abhishek Jain
    June 1, 2020

    i like the mortgage rate you are offering

  • Daniel Piche
    May 29, 2020

    I am very happy at the moment.

  • Liviu
    May 25, 2020

    The agent was very knowledgeable, courteous and respectful. He provided answers to all my questions and offered a different options. Most likely I will continue my business with him. Thank you

  • Adam Caplan
    May 25, 2020

    Very responsive, knowledgeable, friendly

  • Joana
    May 7, 2020

    Thank you

  • Craig Marchand
    May 7, 2020

    Very professional and informative. Follow up and service was excellent

  • Alexander Macintosh
    May 2, 2020

    What ide expect

  • Marie-josée D'amours
    April 13, 2020

    Julien was very knowledgeable and answered all my questions

  • Mary Leblanc
    April 12, 2020

    Very knowledgeable

  • Ross Macdonald
    March 22, 2020

    Julien, was responsive, courteous and professional without hesitation to help and send information. As well not being pushy or over zealous in his approach.He deserves recognition for good customer service and I will likely connect with him again this week. Best of luck Julien in your career.

  • Ken Nero
    March 21, 2020

    He found the best rate available.

  • Kenneth Robertson
    March 17, 2020


  • Soktry Ly
    March 14, 2020

    Very helpful

  • Michael Evdassin
    March 13, 2020

    Excellent service and great explanations

  • Samantha
    March 10, 2020

    My agent got back to me promptly and gave me the information required to be do an application. Unfortunately, after completing the application and submitting required forms, and a follow-up email, I have heard nothing back from ratehub.

  • Meaghan Granville
    March 8, 2020

    Agent was nice and seemed honest and straightforward

  • Jaclyn Kideckel
    March 5, 2020

    Very good and helpful

  • Melissa Wilson
    February 27, 2020

    Sent me a few emails. We have not been able to connect over the phone yet as he was out of the office for a few days.

  • Leora Raphael-berman
    February 20, 2020

    They have called me but I haven’t been in touch

  • Donovan Fontaine
    February 14, 2020

    Contacted promptly and professionally.

  • Jacquie
    February 7, 2020

    Responded quicker than posted time! Very courteous, patient and knowledgeable, did not make the process feel intimidating or hurried.

  • Vikas Joshi
    January 25, 2020

    Nit aggressive in selling

  • Sharon & Jordan Masangkay
    January 18, 2020

    While we appreciated his straight forward no beating around the bush approach, other mortgage brokers put more effort in meeting our needs by explaining more of the process, our options and trying to find or refer someone else who can do better with the interest rate (e.g.HSBC at 2.49%).

  • Maxine
    December 18, 2019

    I was contacted within a few days of requesting so very prompt. The mortgage agent was very courteous and knowledgeable. He took the time to discuss the specifics of what I was looking for and found me a great rate! He also went above and beyond by offering thoughtful advice which I really appreciated. Great experience overall

  • Gregory Viers
    November 27, 2019

    Julien was easy to work with and got me a great rate.

  • Meaghen Frame
    November 20, 2019

    He seems knowledgeable, but said he would email details following our call and have yet to receive. Helpful in answering questions and sensitive to my situation.

  • Evelyne Dufour
    November 17, 2019

    Julien followed up in a timely manner. He is friendly, professional and experienced. He was able to answer all my questions. After speaking with him, I felt confident he could get me the best mortgage rate. I would also highly recommend Julien to anyone I know who is looking for a mortgage broker.

  • Maruthi Ram
    November 8, 2019

    Great customer support

  • Stacey Grammick
    October 26, 2019

    He was quick and able to answer questions but I’m a bit disappointed in the rate he got me. I feel it could have been better.

  • Daniel Chae
    September 18, 2019

    I had a great experience with Julien Dupuis. He was so patient, amazing and answered all of my questions. He helped me finalize my mortgage for my first home purchase and I've got what I needed. Would definitely recommend.

  • Umar Mahmood
    September 3, 2019

    Julian took time to reach out. He was patient in explainjng the different variable and fixed rate options. Didnt ahow he was under sales pressure to close.

  • Joe Falcone
    August 29, 2019

    Great service

  • Wesley M Reis
    August 27, 2019

    Hey was so friendly, polite and professional. I was looking forward to working with Julien, it just so happened our other broker was able to get us a slightly better local deal.

  • Greg Buiter
    July 3, 2019

    only started refinancing, rating based on initial discussions

  • Cate
    June 6, 2019

    Julian got back to me right away.

  • Harpritpal
    June 1, 2019

    Nice and understandable representative.

  • Sarah Hackett
    May 31, 2019

    Responsive, transparent, informative

  • Aria Isapour
    May 21, 2019

    While I was told that I can have the pre-approval in one day, I don't have it yet after 7 days. I wish I knew it can take this much time. I think it was better for me to work with a local broker instead of online or on the phone service.

  • Jaynee
    May 18, 2019

    Helpful and developed a plan on moving forward

  • Rachel
    May 12, 2019

    He has been great. Has provided us with many options.

  • Sharmelle
    May 10, 2019

    Answered all my questions

  • Emily Meuser
    May 3, 2019

    Julien called me quickly, and was knowledgeable and professional.

  • Mark Alocilja
    April 27, 2019

    Quick and to the point.

  • Missy
    April 24, 2019

    Quick pre-approval.

  • Stephen Anthony
    April 19, 2019

    Responsive, upfront, honest about the possibilities

  • Cassandra Donaldson
    April 17, 2019

    Excellent Service so far. Julien is very kind, patient and accommodating. Thank you!!

  • Linda A White
    April 4, 2019

    Julien responded quickly to my request and explained fully what a mortgage broker does and what the difference is between dealing directly with the bank versus a broker. Although he was unable to help me in the purchase that I am interested in, he provided some great insight and also followed up with an email with his contact information.

  • Jason Smith
    March 30, 2019

    Julien was professional yet personable.

  • Scott Ravary
    March 22, 2019

    Reached out, listen to my needs, provided options. I found he focused quite a bit on one lender, but that could have reasons that we did not get into while talking beiedly

  • Faisal
    March 17, 2019

    I am due for renewal in next few months and left my info through your website. Got contact promptly by Julian and had good discussion about available options and next action item for me.

  • Evelyn Lawson
    March 17, 2019

    The agent was deligent in his attempts to contact me. When I did speak to him he was professional; however, I was told my mortgage was too small and therefore your company is not interested in my business. I must admit I was quite shocked.

  • Jennifer Thomas
    March 15, 2019

    He returned my call within 24 hours and he was very pleasant and informative. Unfortunately he was unable to give me the rate and hold if for 12 months.

  • Ryan Willick
    March 8, 2019

    Clear concise information. No non sense.

  • Craig Trought
    March 2, 2019

    Very professional and helpful. Continually followed up over email with me. I would recommend Julien.

  • Christina Albrecht
    February 3, 2019

    Would've like a few more options offered. However he did attempt to call me more than once but I was working.

  • Sherry Laframboise
    February 3, 2019

    Both Julien Dupuis and Danny Soeur helped with my inquiries sbout first time mortgage. Thanks gentlemen.

  • Elyse Lamontagne
    December 19, 2018

    Very knowledgeable and great to speak with

  • Geeta Varmani
    October 28, 2018

    made me understand clearly how their system works

  • Laurence A Alexander
    October 27, 2018

    professional, polite, responsive

  • Mariah Sandford
    September 25, 2018

    Knowledgeable but didnt give me options. Just told me to wait 1.5 years

  • Munish Sharma
    August 4, 2018

    She is excellent in follow up. Also understand customers requirements and give info.

  • Derek Zeisman
    July 25, 2018

    Very professional and courteous. Presented facts efficiently and responded to all questions clearly. Thank you!

  • Terrence Styba
    July 10, 2018

    Friendly and knowledgeable broker.

  • Jennifer Ann Cannella
    July 5, 2018

    Julien was very informative and patient with me. I felt that he gave me enough information to make the right decision for my family. He was also very kind and I did not feel pressured to decide right away. I would recommend him to family and friends.

  • Scott Mitchell
    June 21, 2018

    Very knowledgeable and clearly explained the mortgage.

  • Salim Pradhan
    June 19, 2018

    He was very honest and up front, very difficult to find stars like Julien:)

  • Perla
    June 15, 2018

    He's nice, reliable, and very professional.

  • Bianca Zornada
    June 13, 2018

    Julien was super patient and very supportive.

  • Mary
    June 10, 2018

    great advise

  • Mihail Iliescu
    June 8, 2018

    Very professional

  • Edward Laura
    June 8, 2018

    No comment

  • Grant Johannes
    May 31, 2018

    Julian gave me the history of the company , educated me , & gave me some good advice . Pending on what happens I will gladly use your services

  • Mike Barrett
    May 11, 2018

    Responsive and helpful

  • Ian Jolley
    May 3, 2018

    So far I've been very impressed with the professionalism of Julien. Please keep up the good work!

  • Laura Hawryszko
    May 2, 2018

    He is polite, well informed, quick to follow up.

  • Matthew Morelli
    May 1, 2018

    Julien was very friendly and knowledge. When I'm ready to purchase I will be calling him.

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