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Amro Affan

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Amro Affan

Mortgage Agent

Phone: 778-216-2718 ext. 2107

Email: [email protected]

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About Amro

Amro has a Bachelor of Commerce with Honors from York University and is passionate about real estate and financial markets. Amro’s main objective is to deliver a smooth and seamless mortgage transaction. His experience working at Equitable Bank and B2B Bank with clients coast to coast has allowed him to obtain insights into what a client needs when getting a mortgage. He looks forward to discussing your mortgage options, and can support you in three languages, English, French and Arabic.


4.8 | 209 reviews

May 03, 2024

What a great experience working with Amro at a ratehub. Communication was very clear and timely and he always took time to answer my questions thoroughly via email or phone call. As a first time home buyer I was pleasantly surprised at the ease of the process and the transparency of getting the best rate and terms to suite our needs. Thanks so much Amro! - Stephanie Albrecht

May 03, 2024

Timely, responsive, and helpful. - John Mooney

Apr 20, 2024

Amro got us an unbelievable rate for our mortgage, and we are so grateful! He was patient, as we were applying for the mortgage while traveling, and he got all the paperwork done so quickly! I highly recommend Amro! - Alysha Courtney

Apr 18, 2024

Amro was highly responsive and helpful during the process, we would be happy to work with him again on future mortgages. - Eva Ko

Apr 17, 2024

Amro was great in managing the process overall and showed great knowledge and constantly kept in touch despite some back and forth over documentation. Great job - Olufemi Popoola

Apr 10, 2024

Amro was an absolute professional. It was such a pleasure working with Ratehub. I will recommend them to any home buyer I run into! - Jim Schmidt

Apr 01, 2024

Working with Amro Affan has been a pleasure, and would likely return back to Amro for whenever we need it next. - Waqar Qureshi

Mar 19, 2024

I have never wrote a review for anyone and today I took the time to figure out how to do one because I had to give a five stars to Amro at I really appreciated being able to communicate with the same rep for the duration of my application. Amro always called me back promptly. He locked a great rate for me and 2 days after he came back to me and was like, I got better. So even with a close deal, he had my best interest in mind, he had my back. It is funny to say but I felt like Amro was the co-signor and was making sure that WE get the best deal. I am sure we can all shop for great rate online and I have had many mortgages but this is the first time that I felt supported. Simply put, Amro at did what I would have done for myself if I was in the mortgage business. - Gisele Joubin