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Welcome to's first-time home buyer education center! Here you will find unparalleled resources for Canadian first-time home buyers designed to help you make informed mortgage decisions. Find everything you need in one place, and if you cannot find what you are looking for, drop us a line!

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First-Time Home Buyer Basics FIRST-TIME

Term vs. Amortization

Many first-time home buyers get these two confused. Understand the difference. LEARN MORE image description

Variable vs. Fixed Mortgage Rates

Distinguish between variable and fixed rates, and which makes the most sense for you. LEARN MORE image description

Prepayment Options

Are you getting the most flexible mortgage? Find out why you should care. LEARN MORE image description

Down payment & CMHC Insurance DOWN PAYMENT &

Down Payment Basics

What is the minimum down payment? What are the sources for first-time home buyers? LEARN MORE image description

Mortgage Default (CMHC) Insurance

What is CMHC insurance? How much does it cost? How can you minimize it? LEARN MORE image description

Use your RRSP for your Down Payment

First-time home buyers can put their RRSPs towards their down payment tax-free under the Home Buyers' Plan. LEARN MORE image description

Closing Costs and Tax Credits FIRST-TIME HOME BUYER

Closing Costs

Are you aware of the total cash requirement needed to close on your home? LEARN MORE image description

Land Transfer Tax

Land transfer tax and first-lime home buyer rebates vary by province. Calculate your regional taxes and eligible rebates. LEARN MORE image description

First-Time Home Buyer Tax Credit

Do you know how to apply for the $750 tax credit for first-time home buyers? LEARN MORE image description

First-Time Home Buyer Mortgage Process FIRST-TIME HOME BUYER

Mortgage Broker vs. Bank

What is the difference between a mortgage broker and a bank? Compare the pros and cons of each. LEARN MORE image description


What is a pre-approval and how does it help you as a first-time home buyer? LEARN MORE image description

Mortgage Approval Process

Follow our step-by-step guide to the home buying process and obtaining mortgage approval. LEARN MORE image description