Compare the Best ATB Financial Youth Savings Accounts in Canada 2021

Looking for a cost effective way to teach your child about the importance of saving? Youth savings accounts are accounts that are generally restricted to Canadian residents under the age of 18, accompanied by very few, if any fees. Among the benefits of having a youth savings account are a high (if not unlimited) number of included transactions per month, and no minimum balance. Input the estimated balance of the account, then compare and find the best rate available.

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About ATB Financial

Alberta Treasury Branches, doing business as ATB Financial, is an alternative to chartered banking institutions. As a crown corporation and financial institution, ATB Financial currently operates only in Alberta. In Alberta, ATB Financial has more than 170 branches in addition to 135 agencies. ATB Financial offers banking services to individual clients and businesses in Alberta.

Compare ATB Financial savings accounts

ATB Financial Springboard Savings Account

The ATB Financial Springboard Savings Account has a tiered interest rate. Although there’s no minimum deposit for this savings account, the interest rate you’ll earn increases for balances of $5,000 or more. The interest rate for balances of $5,000 or more is competitive when compared to the rates offered by Canada’s major banks. If you make transactions through this account, you’ll need to pay fees after your first free withdrawal or transfer. The ATB Financial Springboard Savings Account is provincially insured.

ATB Financial Generation Account

While the ATB Financial Generation Account has a lower interest rate than the ATB Financial Springboard Savings Account, the Financial Generation Account is designed for clients under the age of 19. This account features no monthly fee. Also, transactions and internal transfers between other ATB Financial accounts under the same client are free. Charges on e-transfers will apply.

Compare other ATB Financial products

ATB Financial offers a range of personal banking services, including savings and chequing accounts, credit cards, and investment options. ATB Financial offers a variety of investment products such as GICs and mutual funds, as well as a variety of tax-sheltered accounts including registered retirement savings plans, registered retirement income funds, registered education savings plans, and tax-free savings accounts.

Get the best savings account

If you’re looking for an alternative to traditional banking, ATB Financial may have the savings accounts that suit your needs. However, ATB Financial currently only provides its personal banking services for those located in Alberta. To continue your search for the right savings account, you can use our savings account comparison tool to compare savings accounts from banks and financial institutions across Canada.

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