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When obtaining mortgage financing, it is important to have a mortgage broker that understands your needs and is able to translate those needs into a mortgage solution that works for you. I make this my first priority with all my clients. At the same time, it is very important to me that the mortgage process is smooth and every aspect of your mortgage is easy to understand.

With many banks and lenders at my disposal, I am able to offer my clients a variety of mortgage options with great interest rates. What sets me apart, however, is the service and knowledge that I offer my clients throughout their mortgage term. I am constantly looking for ways to save my clients money, which I believe is everyone’s top priority.

I am proud to call Kingston home, as I have lived here most of my life. I graduated from the Commerce program at Queen’s University in 2004. I am bilingual and will be happy to serve you in English or French. There is never any obligation or cost to discuss your mortgage options. I look forward to helping you understand and work through all the aspects of your home purchase and financing.

  • Adrienne Hintz
    April 15, 2020

    Very helpful

  • Adrienne Hintz
    April 15, 2020

    Very helpful

  • Sherri
    June 15, 2019

    Knows his stuff. Very informative

  • Wayne Robinson
    April 21, 2018

    Quick contact

  • Rajiv Jain
    December 30, 2017

    He is a perfect nice guys

  • Jessie
    December 9, 2017

    He was nice and professional. Contacted me right waway.

  • Melissa Loomans-beaudoin
    October 11, 2017

    Mitch was really helpful and informative

  • Josiane Lessard And Yoan Lessard
    October 5, 2017

    Outstanding service. He took the time to answer our questions. Also he spoke French.

  • Kelly Darton
    November 17, 2016

    Mitch was extremely helpful. Answered all my questions and was very knowledgeable

  • Maria Domingos Virk
    June 22, 2016

    Great info thank you

  • Tanya Schumacher
    May 8, 2016

    Mitch was extremely helpful and patient with all my questions

  • Nicole Fowler
    August 6, 2014

    So pleased with the service I received from Mitch Thibodeau - my situation was complex and timelines were tight however he was quick to get the process started, an approval and completion of paperwork. I also appreciated the updates via email or phone, keeping me in the loop on activities regarding my application - this is something that the banks were not doing; I needed to follow up with them constantly. I would highly recommend Mitch to friends and family.

  • Mike Preiksaitis
    February 3, 2014

    This agent was helpful during the pre-approval process. I hope forward to working with him again.

  • Claudia Luciani
    November 10, 2013

    He seems really nice and professional. Hopefully he'll be able to help me with my lightly complex situation in the future. Looking forward to contacting him again soon.

  • Nicole Sanderson
    October 16, 2013

    Very prompt in returning emails, offered many services, even more than I had inquired about. A fantastic representative for the company.

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