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Last Updated: March 28th, 2019.

We believe that all Canadians deserve access to financial tools, education and product comparisons to make the best financial decisions. “Search smarter, save money” – that’s our mantra! And we offer all of our content for free.

So, how do we make money? receives compensation when our users connect with providers and or are approved for products offered on our website. We also own and operate a mortgage brokerage, CanWise Financial, and are compensated for mortgages funded through the brokerage.

We more actively promote products that are tied to compensation, but our comparison tables and editorial reviews feature a mix of both compensated and non-compensated products, based on quantitative and qualitative assessments of the products. Products marked as “featured” in our comparison tables are compensated, and are ranked above those that are not compensated.

We strive to offer our users a robust list of the best products available in the market to compare, including those offered by Canada’s leading financial brands. Sometimes you may find products listed on other sites that are not listed on We have a vetting process and only feature products offered by providers that can offer amazing rates and service to our large user base.


Which products are listed on

Our goal is to give Canadians access to a variety of rates and offers that will help them make better financial decisions. We form partnerships with several providers in Canada that allow to generate revenue from making a referral. These products are all clearly labelled as ‘featured’ or ‘sponsored’ on our site, all other products shown are ones we are not currently monetizing.

Why are some products not listed at all?

Some providers have opted out of participating in our marketplace altogether, and yet others have products that we deem too similar and do not offer enough variety of choice, or products that are too restrictive for an online marketplace.

What are some reasons a product would be too restrictive for an online marketplace?

Products that we would deem as too restrictive for an online marketplace would either not apply to a big enough market or they would have an inefficient acquisition process.

How does decide which non-monetized products to display?

We display non-monetized products under the following conditions:

  1. They are products from any one of the Big 6 Banks (RBC, TD, Scotiabank, Bank of Montreal, CIBC, and National Bank). Since the majority of Canadians have products at one of the Big 6 Banks we felt our marketplace wouldn’t be complete without them.

  2. They are products from any financial institution that has significant search volume (determined by our team).

  3. Providers whose budget has run out. Some of our providers operate on a campaign basis and others with an always on budget. For those on a campaign basis, sometimes their budget may run out, and they are switched to non-featured temporarily until they refresh their budget.


Advertisements using’s Mortgage Comparison Chart rates are based on the following assumptions: an excellent credit borrower looking for a home purchase loan for a single family home priced at $400,000 with a down payment of $60,000. While the Mortgage Comparison Chart is based off of those assumptions, the tool can be adapted to fit any other configuration and these figures are examples only. Terms and conditions will apply. All mortgages have specific qualification criteria including debt servicing ratios, credit, property value and property details. Rates and Monthly Payment Amounts shown in the Mortgage Comparison Chart are examples only and do not take into consideration homeowners insurance or property taxes. For more details click here for’s Terms of Use. Further, data displayed in’s Mortgage Comparison Chart does not take into consideration your personal financial situation, appraised value of your home, actual credit score, income, existing debt, or other circumstances particular to an individual. The data displayed in’s Mortgage Comparison Chart are examples based on the limited information provided.


The fields at the top of our product comparison tables allow users to input details on their personal financial situation. Once inputted, the tables dynamically update to feature products best suited to the user. Terms and conditions will apply. All mortgages have specific qualification criteria including debt servicing ratios, credit, property value and property details.’s product recommendations are based on the limited information provided by the user.

Once you you submit a request to connect with a provider, you have agreed to be contacted by the 3rd party provider and or Please click here if you would like more details on our Privacy Policy and click here for our Terms of Use.