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You're never too young to learn

Making good choices with our money starts with a personal finance education. You can start learning well before your first pay cheque.


About us

In 2019, Ratehub Inc. launched decimal; a community based, social project. Decimal prepares youth to live in control of their finances. is a website that compares financial products with the goal of helping Canadians make better financial decisions.
Ratehub Inc. provides the resources and experience to help decimal succeed in its vision. 100% of decimal proceeds go toward social impact and minor administrative costs to running programs for youth.

Request a workshop

We create workshops for schools and community programs. Content is available for ages 9-29 years old. If you or your organization would like to request a workshop, or inquire further, please reach out so we can better understand your group and develop a workshop that meets their needs.
Upcoming workshops:

12.05.2019 Job Ready: My first paycheck

12.06.2019 First Steps
12.10.2019 First Steps

To request a workshop please contact us at [email protected] and we can discuss next steps.

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