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Sullivan Mortgage Group Contacter

Whether purchasing, switching or refinancing your mortgage... We save clients time and money and we don't charge a broker fee!

Offering the best rates and options from credit unions, banks and mortgage companies



Aggressive pre-payment allowing you to pay off your mortgage sooner


Conventional Mortgages

Lenders that allow switching at maturity with no legal fees unlike the banks collateral mortgage


Lowest penalty if the mortgage term is broken

Lenders that use the discounted rate whereas some others and all banks use the posted rate causing thousands more in penalty fees.


Get the best possible mortgage rates and terms possible with SMG... Apply now!

  • Dave Somerton
    16 juin 2019


  • Dave Somerton
    16 juin 2019


  • John Simmons
    13 juin 2019


  • Iju Chang
    31 mai 2019


  • Paul Wood
    11 mai 2019

    As we only needed a $120k mortgage, this broker was uninterested in working with us.

  • Craig Benoit
    30 avril 2019

    great service

  • Vincent Sobalski
    23 avril 2019

    Steve was nice and responded really fast.he could indeed offer the rate displayed on rate hub

  • Kitty Arsenault
    21 avril 2019

    Won't touch a mortgage under $100,000

  • Samantha Ogley
    20 avril 2019

    Steve is great

  • Alex Chippett
    20 avril 2019

    Steve is easy to deal with and very quick responses

  • Ken Rees
    14 avril 2019

    No one contacted me yet; been almost a week!

  • Lavdrim
    13 avril 2019

    No comments very happy

  • Derek Dow
    11 avril 2019

    Very professional. Steve answered all my questions and provided lots of information.

  • Melissa Chaffey
    10 avril 2019

    Steve was friendly and professional. He provided some great tips and was informative about what he could offer. We have a second phone call set up with him this week to discuss further.

  • Jean Morris
    10 avril 2019

    the agent who contacted me asked how many properties I owned, and told me I didn't qualify for services because I would be considered "commercial" He didn't direct me to anyone else, or assist otherwise in any waay

  • James Leith
    27 mars 2019

    Early in the process for my renewal 120 days out, but my initial conversations with Steve have left me feeling informed & confident. Nothing pushed, just made aware of lenders offers and types of products. Would recommend.

  • Bobbi Maceachern
    21 mars 2019

    Steve got back to me right away, with key information

  • Joanne Hodder
    12 mars 2019


  • Thomas
    4 mars 2019

    Very knowledgeable and helpful.

  • Scott Warren
    3 mars 2019

    Didn’t pick up phone to call

  • Keith Taylor
    22 février 2019

    Steve was knowledgeable and informative, also not pushy which I liked.

  • Dragan Moraca
    21 février 2019

    Quick Response and friendly

  • Vijay
    17 janvier 2019

    We are still working with Steve, so far our experience is in between.

  • Cathy
    13 janvier 2019

    Steve was super knowledgable and helpful in educating me on what I need to know without trying to push anything on me. He gave me solid advice and seemed genuine in his wanting to guide me through the best decision for our current and future financial planning.

  • Mike
    12 janvier 2019

    Very helpful

  • Clare Mcduff-oliver
    10 novembre 2018

    He had a quick response and answered all my questions in a way that I could understand all the mortgage terms. He was great - Very professional and informed and he presented me with the alternative options available to me in a clear, concise way with the pros and cons of each. Thanks Steve. Clare McDuff

  • Howard Giles
    7 novembre 2018

    Quick to respond to my questions and willing to assist in a timely manner.

  • Nicole Power
    5 octobre 2018

    Very informative.

  • Paul Alcos
    20 juillet 2018

    Steve was very helpful in providing information to aid me in making a decision.

  • Laura Chiasson
    16 juin 2018

    Couldn't help me but was respectful

  • Marvin
    6 juin 2018

    Very aggressive.

  • David Rafuse
    2 juin 2018

    I received excellant feed back from my call to your organization regarding my mortgage renewal. Unfortunately, we were not able to proceed because my mortgage amount is for $78,000. approximately..

  • Shannon
    9 mai 2018

    Although our situation was unable to be dealt with ...he was informative and pleasant to deal with.

  • Shannon
    9 mai 2018

    Although our situation was unable to be dealt with ...he was informative and pleasant to deal with.

  • Karla Sceviour
    3 mai 2018

    Replied in a timely manner

  • Donna
    3 mai 2018

    Steve was easy, patient, informative, knowledgeable in our phone conversation. He was very helpful.

  • Elaine Lynch
    21 avril 2018

    I was contacted quickly and was given great information.

  • Andrew
    19 avril 2018

    He got back with rates fast.

  • Brian Thorpe
    15 avril 2018

    Cost me more for a rental property 4 interest rate

  • Danny Maccalder
    24 mars 2018

    Steve was straight forward and efficient.

  • James Rath
    20 mars 2018

    succinct, timely and accurate response.

  • Ahmad Shahwan
    18 mars 2018

    Steve was great to deal with, he was very prompt and had suggested a couple of good options for structuring the mortgage in addition to providing the best available rates.

  • Troy Saulnier
    15 mars 2018

    Steve was very responsive and call me back right away with detailed information.

  • Mary Anne Roy
    11 mars 2018

    I haven't had the opportunity to speak with him personally due to family illness nd funeral services. I will contact him next week.

  • Gregg Branscombe
    21 février 2018

    Excellent service. Very knowledgeable and friendly

  • Erin Dawe
    8 février 2018

    Not everything is complete yet, but so far so good!

  • Elaine Stanworth
    30 janvier 2018

    The initial email response from my inquiry to Steve was fairly pleasant but straight to the point, wherein he asked me if the amount I was looking for would be less than $100 000. I replied that yes, it would be. His next response to me did not include a salutation nor a closing, nor any punctuation. He abruptly wrote: "Sorry I am unable to offer a mortgage under $100 000" I found this response very rude, and in my opinion he conveyed clearly that because I am at the tail end of my current mortgage and no longer require a large amount of money, I was not worth his time to even be polite. With that said, when we build our larger 'dream home' and require a much larger mortgage amount I will not be approaching this mortgage broker.

  • Daniel Nadolny
    18 janvier 2018

    Steve Sullivan and the SMG went above and beyond our expectations for finding a great offer, answering our many questions, and generally showing that he was putting us first throughout our mortgage process. No other broker we spoke to came close. I would recommend Steve Sullivan's services to anyone looking for a mortgage. Thank you!

  • Alex Morgulis
    17 janvier 2018

    Friendly, comprehensive assistance.

  • Evelyn
    14 janvier 2018

    Very good agent

  • David Allison
    13 janvier 2018


  • Kianoosh Yazdani
    12 janvier 2018

    Steve was well informed and helpful. He helped me make an informed decision about my renewal.

  • Corey
    6 janvier 2018

    Pretty quick response - helpful

  • Christopher Macdougall
    31 décembre 2017

    Steve was quick I get in contact with me and took time during the holidays to work with me.

  • Nancy Coish
    20 décembre 2017

    Fast contact. Very accommodating.

  • Jeffrey W Nicholson
    15 décembre 2017

    Very personable and helpful!

  • Linda
    17 novembre 2017

    He was prompt in getting back to my original request. But he then sent me two files that I could not open. I did not feel that it was my place to chase him down.

  • Amy Maloney
    11 novembre 2017

    Excellent agent. Very knowledgeable

  • Stephen Archibald
    26 octobre 2017

    Called within a day and very personable

  • Megan Baldock
    21 octobre 2017

    Has called twice, and emailed which is excellent but haven't received an email back.

  • Angela
    5 octobre 2017

    I dealt with both Steve and Sue. They were both extremely helpful and professional. Everything was done in a timely manner and they responded quickly to any questions I had. I would recommend SMG to my friends and family.

  • anonymous
    15 septembre 2017

    Knowledgeable. Courteous. Responds in a timely manner. Slow to change posted rates.

  • Blaise Campbell
    14 septembre 2017

    Was very helpful.

  • Carroll Mac Dougall
    4 avril 2017

    Very personable

  • Andrew
    25 février 2017

    Steve was very helpful and knowledgable. We were very pleased with his professional attitude.

  • Kaylin Mackenzie
    14 février 2017

    Great service

  • Lisa
    11 février 2017

    Waiting for a current reply

  • Larry Ward
    16 novembre 2016

    Very professional

  • Peter Sauer
    26 octobre 2016

    Excellent reponse

  • Peter Mcguire
    23 octobre 2016

    Excellent mortgage advisor. Knowledge, experience and friendly customer communication. Thanks!

  • Preston Burns
    22 octobre 2016

    Always professional

  • Donald Donahue
    14 octobre 2016

    Excellent broker. Gave me all the information I needed Probably will get mortgage from him

  • Shawn Woods
    3 septembre 2016

    Steve was very informative and helpful. He was able to cater to my schedule and took his time laying out all of the facts. I feel secure, as I near buying a home, knowing that he has my best interests in mind.

  • Chris Blondon
    16 août 2016

    Very helpful

  • Sandra Or Phil Dewar
    14 août 2016

    Steve was very pleasant & responsive to our inquiry.

  • Ron Bev Depatie
    5 août 2016

    Been two weeks now and haven't heard back from any one .

  • Ashley Hull
    5 août 2016

    Very informative, quick to reply and helpful.

  • Adam
    3 juillet 2016

    Pleasure to deal with

  • Amanda Miller
    28 juin 2016

    Prompt response and very professional to deal with. Got us approved quickly at a rate better than his competitors. A pleasure to deal with. I would wholeheartedly recommend Steve to someone looking to finance a mortgage!

  • Tara Forrest
    28 juin 2016

    Great guy can't wait to do business with him

  • Tony Vandenheuvel
    11 juin 2016

    Very fast, extremely knowledgable. Steve made buying our home as stress free as one could imagine. Highly recommend his service.

  • Dave Ward
    31 mars 2016

    Good service

  • Sheri Bullen
    26 mars 2016

    I have only heard messages from him because I've been sick this week...but he is very diligent at responding back to us and very professional sounding.

  • Edward Haddad
    25 février 2016

    very nice

  • Ken Mackenzie
    9 février 2016

    Quick follow-up and very knowledgable! Easy to talk to and explained options to consider. I would consider doing business with Steve with no hesitation at all.

  • Norton Munden
    30 janvier 2016

    Very quick in responding to our emails

  • Lori
    17 janvier 2016

    He is very personable, reliable, easy to get in contact with, and knowledgeable.

  • Erin White
    13 décembre 2015

    Very attentive to my needs

  • Le'andra Taylor
    5 décembre 2015

    very knowledgable and friendly

  • John Bouffioux
    23 novembre 2015

    Friendly knowledgeable , first rate

  • Jamie And Bonnie Oram
    6 novembre 2015

    Steve was a big help in helping us reach a decision about our mortgage.

  • Joan Shea
    31 octobre 2015

    Steve called and followed up with email

  • Lisa Elliott
    23 octobre 2015

    Very friendly and knowledgeable very easy to talk to

  • Alaa Eldin
    4 octobre 2015

    Very efficient

  • Evelyn Parker
    26 septembre 2015

    Prompt, knowledgeable response

  • Toni White-goodridge
    25 septembre 2015

    During an area wide internet outage he called my from his cell phone to touch base because he could not email me. 5 stars !

  • Jonathan F. Lucas
    19 septembre 2015

    Very helpful and quickly responsive

  • Meghan Dudley
    9 septembre 2015

    Quick, friendly response

  • Steve Shupe
    29 août 2015


  • Paul Macleod
    8 août 2015

    Excellent service and follow-up

  • Frank Gallant
    7 août 2015

    Very knowledgeable and easy to talk to.

  • Gary Hanrahan
    5 août 2015

    Agent was fast to contact me.

  • first time home buyer
    16 juillet 2015

    very quick to respond, very easy to work with.

  • Percy Godfrey
    5 juillet 2015

    Thank you for your help and also making me aware of things on my credit score

  • Christina Austin
    13 juin 2015

    He was unable to help me with my very specific requirements, but he got right back to me.

  • Kerry Ann Murray
    14 mai 2015

    Steve explained in detail the difference between collateral and conventional mortgages, in addition to outlining considerations around penalties when deciding upon a mortgage. It allowed me to make an informed decision about what would best meet my needs.

  • Lesley Cushing
    30 avril 2015

    I'd like to say that Steve worked hard, stayed on top of our requests and was an absolute pleasure to work. I highly recommend him. Best customer service I've ever experienced!

  • James
    30 avril 2015

    he gave me good information and lots to think about. I will be doing business with him again.

  • Amy Lewis
    21 avril 2015

    very professional, open and honest guidance provided

  • Chris Maxwell
    24 mars 2015

    We finally got connected up, and we have started the process of seeing what I can be approved for. Sounded quite competant.

  • Arthur Dean Symes
    15 janvier 2015

    Thanks for the input Steve. I look forward to working with you in the future Dean

  • Karen Walsh
    13 décembre 2014

    Very thorough. Listened to our needs. Was prompt.

  • Patricia Ormsby
    8 novembre 2014

    He was great at answering any of my questions.

  • Colin Lewis
    5 novembre 2014

    Very knowledgeable, honest and friendly

  • Karen Keeping
    13 octobre 2014

    Steve called back for quickly with some excellent advice. We will be following up with him soon. Thank you.

  • Stephen Melanson
    30 juillet 2014

    Very friendly and knowledgeable

  • Sarah Jarvis
    3 juin 2014

    Steve has been extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and prompt with his service. Would highly recommend!!

  • Edvard Hasani
    21 avril 2014

    Very helpful. Not done yet. I have not decided if I am going to use bank or broker.

  • Dana Higginbotham
    19 avril 2014

    Steve was fantastic to work with. This will be our first home, and he really took the time to answer all of our questions. We ending up getting a great rate & mortgage through Steve. We are very happy!!

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