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Kristian has dedicated his career to building honest relationships with his clients in the mortgage industry. He was most recently a mortgage consultant for Firstline and CIBC, where his successes began to rapidly multiply. His commitment to client service, joined with a sturdy work ethic, created an ever-growing base of grateful clients who have come to depend on him for his sincerity, efficiency, and depth of mortgage knowledge. Through his easygoing and positive approach, Kristian’s goal is to ensure the mortgage process is a seamless and a stress free experience for each client.

  • Chris Lindsay
    23 avril 2021

    Quick responses. Wise feedback. Clear about what products are well suited to my needs and which are not. Genuinely helpful - without trying to be a friend. Highly recommend.

  • Chris Lindsay
    23 avril 2021

    Quick responses. Wise feedback. Clear about what products are well suited to my needs and which are not. Genuinely helpful - without trying to be a friend. Highly recommend.

  • Manel
    2 janvier 2021

    Very knowledgeable and helpful

  • Charles Mcdonald
    15 décembre 2020

    Was very speedy to get in touch

  • Sachdev Sharma
    11 décembre 2020

    The agent was straightforward and honest. During these busy times you don’t have time for games so I appreciate his candor.

  • Peter Dhillon
    1 décembre 2020

    very professional and knowledgeable

  • Kara Mainse
    16 novembre 2020

    Their follow up is amazing.

  • Teresa Brown
    23 octobre 2020

    Kristian is very helpful!!

  • Cheryl Brown
    14 octobre 2020

    I received a call right away and Kristian was very accommodating regarding setting up a meeting.

  • Joe Taferner
    11 octobre 2020

    Very knowledgeable and courteous. Provided good information to consider.

  • Madhulatha Basine
    28 septembre 2020

    Helpful and provides all the required details to make us informed decision.

  • Victor Toré
    20 septembre 2020

    Kristian was prompt to help and answer my questions about getting a mortgage. Unfortunetely, I closed the deal with another company.

  • Alan Judson
    13 septembre 2020

    She was professional and helpful

  • Kidane
    13 septembre 2020

    Nice give me services

  • Tammy Stone
    12 septembre 2020

    Won’t give me a response because I asked to be contacted via email as I work during the day.

  • Gianluca
    7 septembre 2020

    Kristian was a delight to speak to and has been very helpful thus far. Keep up the great work!!

  • Kristian Miliucci
    29 août 2020

    Great name, great agent.

  • Dzana El Sarraj
    28 août 2020

    Kristian was professional and provided useful information. The only thing I would recommend is that scheduling of appointment is more accurate. Possibly online schedule option when the initial introduction email is sent would be amazing. It should also allow the customer to reschedule if needed.

  • Jane Tsang
    23 août 2020

    Very patient and understanding.

  • Matthew
    18 août 2020

    Friendly, knowledgeable.

  • Jane Gunayon
    18 août 2020

    Very accomodating and transparent.

  • Greg Walker
    13 août 2020

    It was a pleasure talking with Kristian. He is very knowledgeable and seemed genuinely interested in finding the most appropriate product and provider for our mortgage.

  • Domenic
    6 août 2020

    Excellent service!

  • Christopher Kennedy
    5 août 2020

    Only chatted a couple times but good so far

  • Alex
    2 août 2020

    Exceptional experience! received my pre-approval on time as promised! looking forward to the next steps

  • Lars Dueck
    27 juillet 2020

    Persistent and kind but was not ready for a mortgage at this time.

  • Tamer
    22 juillet 2020


  • Georgia
    21 juillet 2020

    Kristian helped significantly and was speedy in his responses. Providing solid information and helped us every step.

  • Carolyn Mannella
    16 juillet 2020

    Kristian is extremely friendly, helpful, and always ensuring that I understand all steps of the process. I have owned a home before but I’m now buying one on my own which is very daunting for me but I feel like Kristian is looking out for my best interests. Thank you for the wonderful service and I will be highly recommending CanWise. I will be saving 0.39% on my mortgage, which to me is a huge help.

  • Stephen Jesse Snow
    10 juillet 2020

    This is the second time that I've used RateHub and connected with CanWise Financial to help me with my mortgage goals. Kristian was quick to respond and within a week we were approved and ready for the last mortgage I will ever have. Thank you Kristian for helping me and my family achieve our goals.

  • Albert Fong
    8 juillet 2020

    He called and emailed me every day. He stopped contacting me after I gave him the information on what I was looking for. I guess their brokerage couldn't match what I had with my current renewal. A message saying that would have been nice.

  • Sakher Alsaleh
    4 juillet 2020

    I got the useful information and support

  • Tony Bhagwat
    27 juin 2020

    Kristian is very knowledgeable and he provided me with lots of options and choices. I would recommend him to friends avd family.

  • Sharon Chisholm
    22 juin 2020

    Knowledgeable and professional

  • Lucas Ng
    22 juin 2020

    Did what he could to help

  • S Mongeon
    19 juin 2020

    He/she quickly sent me an automated e-mail response but when I sent in an e-mail asking for some additional information I never got an answer back. Waited for over 1 week. Not the customer service that people have come to expect from ratehub.ca. Too late now as I went with another provider.

  • Said Yousif
    17 juin 2020

    he is porfetiona and hepfull

  • Brian Marchak
    28 mai 2020

    responded in a very short time

  • Agnes Li
    25 mai 2020

    I received a quick response and was very professional. The agent was well informed and helpful.

  • Abdulaziz Azzam
    10 mai 2020

    Fast and helpful

  • Huy
    9 avril 2020

    Accommodating and helpful

  • Shathli
    7 avril 2020

    Good customer service. Rate advertised, I was not eligible for however.

  • Jordan Swail
    27 mars 2020

    Great experience. Kristian was very busy, but was able to get back to me in time to close our renewal.

  • Adrian Edlund
    21 mars 2020

    Polite and respectful emails.

  • Bennie
    21 mars 2020


  • Ankur Sood
    20 mars 2020


  • Derek Lawless
    15 mars 2020

    Thanks for the great customer assistance with our renewal.

  • Mehdi
    1 mars 2020


  • Heidi Karremans
    12 février 2020

    No issues

  • Mohit Sahni
    25 janvier 2020

    Good info and friendly

  • Priyal
    16 janvier 2020

    Very thorough, transparent and knowledgeable.

  • Patrick Sackville
    11 janvier 2020

    He was extremely helpful and answered all of my questions.

  • Chris
    28 décembre 2019

    Would not return phone calls

  • Irene Baron
    28 novembre 2019

    Polite, listened, knowledgeable.

  • David
    14 novembre 2019

    Great work so far.

  • Victoria Ward
    12 novembre 2019

    Very professional

  • Lynne
    25 octobre 2019

    We decided not to buy the property so did not require a mortgage. The response I received was prompt and I will definitely get in touch again when we do decide to buy. Thanks.

  • Natalie
    24 octobre 2019

    Kristian was very helpful, and when he was unavailable, the rest of the team, especially Steve went over and above. Thanks!

  • Dipenbhai Patel
    11 octobre 2019

    Did not respond to my email inquiring. Did not even see the follow up email.

  • Norman Burns
    17 septembre 2019

    Very professional and informative!

  • Aida
    16 septembre 2019

    Very prompt, professional and knowledgeable.

  • Emily Zelenbaba
    7 septembre 2019

    He was a pleasure to deal with! This would be our first home purchase and we have no knowledge of buying a home or mortgages and he took the time to explain everything to me so I have a better understanding! It is much appreciated!

  • Chantal Davis
    27 août 2019

    He was nice and informative.

  • Joey Mariano
    18 août 2019

    I feel that the staff in concern and taking good care of the client

  • Graeme Harper
    7 août 2019

    Kristian is helpful, friendly and very efficient! Complete pleasure....

  • Tim Bedell
    2 août 2019

    Aris Melkonian was the agent that is helping me

  • Jenn Neufeld
    25 juillet 2019

    He was very quick to respond but we are still waiting to here back if we are approved or not,

  • Iliana Mican
    20 juillet 2019

    Great service.

  • Mehul S. Pandya
    7 juillet 2019


  • Ravindra Singh
    3 juillet 2019

    Followed up with quote and Honest.

  • Haider Shamsi
    16 juin 2019


  • Nik
    15 juin 2019

    My initial calls always went to/picked up by some other agent (advisor). Difficult to reach him directly. No response to my last two emails (at an interval of more than a day). I would have appreciated if at last two emails would have been at least responded/acknowledged. Seems a very busy agent.

  • Alexandra King
    31 mai 2019

    Didn't seem as though my business is important.

  • Tara Omorogbe
    12 mai 2019

    Unfortunately just was not able to connect with him to talk. The communication was a failure from his side.

  • Jorge Flores
    2 mai 2019

    Good information and promptly

  • Bruce Mnielly
    30 mars 2019

    Knowledgeable of the products and pleasant to speak with

  • Javier Castellanos
    29 mars 2019

    Straightforward advise, no wasting time

  • Javier Castellanos
    29 mars 2019

    Straightforward advise, no wasting time

  • K
    26 mars 2019

    Kristian got back to me quickly, was very honest and helpful.

  • David Read
    7 février 2019

    Quick response

  • Dillon Wolfe
    27 janvier 2019

    Knowledgable, articulate, easy to talk too

  • Sharon Dietrich
    10 décembre 2018

    Excellent customer service. The rep returned my call and answered all my questions in a timely manner.

  • Gary Doyle
    12 novembre 2018

    Great to deal with.

  • Judith Marlin
    12 novembre 2018

    Courteous, knowlegable and willing to discuss options and listen.

  • Mirella
    27 octobre 2018

    Got it touch with me right away. Explained everything to me answered all my questions. Friendly/Professional.

  • Victoria Webber
    24 octobre 2018

    Got a hold of me very quick. Appreciate the service.

  • Florin Pascut
    20 octobre 2018

    Clear communication.

  • Gervan Nantel
    18 septembre 2018

    Quick to respond and very helpful

  • Rupinderjit Bhatia km
    14 septembre 2018

    Professional and knowledgeable

  • Perry Hughes
    4 septembre 2018

    very helpful and professional

  • Bart Kalisz
    30 août 2018

    Awesome customer service and very knowledgeable.

  • Sandra Detmar
    3 août 2018

    Kristian was helpful and very professional. Thanks for your help!

  • Michelle
    22 juillet 2018

    Great advise

  • Maja
    3 juillet 2018

    professional and up to the point

  • Xin Guo
    3 juillet 2018

    fast call back but unable to provide a good rate.

  • B
    19 juin 2018


  • Kelvin
    12 juin 2018

    Kristian called and explained everything thoroughly and very courteous. He also makes great recommendation. Thank you!

  • Syed Qadri
    9 juin 2018

    I've called 3 times sent email twice and no one has called me back. I responded to an email sent to kristian

  • Andrew Russell
    24 mai 2018

    Pleasant, concise and helpful

  • Kathleen Coats
    15 mai 2018

    Kristian was awesome! He bent over backwards to get me the best rate and secure financing iwithin extremely tight turn around times. He was professional, courteous and honest throughout. Although our project isn’t quite finished, I’m confident he did everything possible to see it through successfully.

  • Steven Pioquinto
    13 mai 2018

    Canwise agent helped me find a low interest rate for my first mortgage. Kristian was the agent I dealt with and he was very professional. I would highly recommend them. In fact I am getting a friend use Canwise for their mortgae renewal.

  • Rahul Crasta
    7 mai 2018

    Good info

  • Amy Louise Boffa
    26 avril 2018

    The agent who helped me is not listed. His name is Kristin Magsino. He was very nice and very informative. Super helpful!! Thank you!

  • Justin Matthews
    16 avril 2018

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