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Emma Medeiros

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Emma’s career has spanned over a 10 year period holding positions in the finance industry such as CIBC Mortgage Advisor, Mortgage Service Associate and Mortgage Underwriter. She enjoys keeping herself up to date on the changing real estate and mortgage markets in Canada. She also holds a reputation for keeping the clients best interest at the forefront of every interaction. This ensures her commitment of needs based solutions are provided to every client based on each homeowners financial picture and lifestyle. Emma looks forward to connecting with you to discuss your options.

  • Emma
    25 avril 2021

    Super quick to follow up with options for me.

  • Emma
    25 avril 2021

    Super quick to follow up with options for me.

  • Brian Forster
    21 janvier 2021

    Mike bricknell

  • Kathryn Kalmring
    16 décembre 2020

    im sorry i got this email and im confused but thank you for your service during tough times

  • Dion Sirianni
    12 décembre 2020

    Very good and thorough. Got in contact with me immediately.

  • Trevor J Vanderwereld
    11 décembre 2020

    Fast, professional and honest service

  • Celise Dupas
    9 décembre 2020


  • Chantal Levesque
    26 novembre 2020

    Thank you for all your help and patience!

  • Matthew Aaboe
    26 novembre 2020

    very helpful and honest great person.

  • Janusz Seweryn
    25 novembre 2020

    Was very nice and informative

  • Lori Kwok
    4 novembre 2020

    Great service, fast and efficient.

  • Michael Kellendonk
    1 novembre 2020

    Emma was very proffesional, answered all of our questions and concerns. I believe she has all of the required paperwork to complete our mortgage renewal request. Assuming everything goes forward as discussed and on time it will have been a smooth experience. Thank you Mike Kellendonk

  • Leo
    28 octobre 2020

    Quick response

  • Vincent Po
    26 octobre 2020

    Can't really comment too much as it ends up I'm not really eligible for a mortgage proposal based on my situation. Although I'm able to get one through one of the bigger banks. But they did follow up quickly.

  • Karen
    22 octobre 2020

    Great response and information. Thanks

  • Reihaneh
    18 octobre 2020

    Good info

  • Scott Reed
    18 octobre 2020

    Emma was very helpful and informative.

  • Derek Adduono
    11 octobre 2020

    Emma is quick to answer any questions and is always on it for everything we ever needed.

  • Shiraz Dindar
    24 septembre 2020

    helped me understand things quickly and efficiently. the fact that your agents are non-commissioned is huge. thank you!

  • Lars Ekelund
    16 septembre 2020

    So far I have had 4 identical emails asking when I was available for a call, and then one personal email telling me to submit an online application without starting a dialog of any sort.

  • Eva Yang
    11 septembre 2020

    Emma is very informative and professional. She tailors to my mortgage needs and repayment plan that i am comfortable with.

  • H. Wingrave
    10 septembre 2020

    Agent returned my enquiries quickly and professionally.

  • Zoran Komljenovic
    6 septembre 2020


  • Johanna Desmazes
    27 août 2020

    I haven't spoken with her yet.

  • Judy Switzky
    19 août 2020

    She gave me bad news, but could have been more empathetic.

  • Tanya Devido
    10 août 2020

    She was knowledgeable and informative

  • Roopam Randhawa
    8 août 2020


  • Christine Walsh
    4 août 2020

    contacted me promptly

  • Aaron Reimer
    28 juillet 2020

    Walked through the application with me and gave me a soft answer without hitting my credit so I understood where my budget fell before I start looking. The phone call was great, she was easy to understand and knowledgable.

  • Joanne Norton-westwood
    27 juillet 2020

    Emma was very quick in replying to my email and personable.

  • Jeffrey Tan
    22 juillet 2020

    She is kind, patient, and happy to explain things that I am still learning.

  • Eva Radtke
    21 juillet 2020

    Didn’t feel like she wanted to help

  • Nova Thomsen
    19 juillet 2020

    Quick to respond, answered my question promptly

  • Blair
    18 juillet 2020

    Emma was great to talk with and helped me go over multiple options. She provided a great rate and I'm looking forward to figuring out our situation and moving forward.

  • Tamara
    17 juillet 2020

    Great pre-approved in a timely fashion with a great interest rate.

  • Larissa Ianson
    17 juillet 2020

    My scheduled phone call was double booked so it took a little longer to get in touch but the service was wonderful once I made contact. Emma was very knowledgable and was clearly working to get me the bet rate possible!

  • Arianne Forteza
    15 juillet 2020

    Responsive to emails

  • Mitch Stripp
    11 juillet 2020

    Very friendly, great follow up.

  • Sharon Henderson
    7 juillet 2020

    i got a quick reply email asking for when a good time to call is, or i could call her. i replied by email with a good time... she didn't call. i received another email a day later with the same message so I tried to call this time and just got a voice message for the general number, not her direct line. No one called back. I then received a different email the next day asking for the best time to call and I replied to that email with times to call and the time zone, no call. i gave up

  • Michael Cameron
    5 juillet 2020

    Emma made her self easily accessible, was kind and super helpful in getting me the information I needed to make the best decision. Great service.

  • Kathryn Pybus
    4 juillet 2020

    Very prompt, friendly reply to request for mortgage info.

  • Philip Carlson
    26 juin 2020

    So easy to talk to and understanding.

  • Pritpal Dhamrat
    19 juin 2020

    good information

  • Louisa Davis
    25 mai 2020

    Called back and had great chat about rates and advice about fixed vs variable rates.

  • Kristin Fedoruk
    7 mai 2020

    I felt cut off with responses to my questions andshe quickly put my file on hold without me fully wanting to do that.I ended up staying with my current lender in a renegotiation... at some level I see my 140k renegotiation probably not worth the agents effort. I did have some questions/concerns over costs to switch and if I sold within a yr..questions on how idr calculated etc..

  • Ewa Wernerowski
    1 mai 2020

    Great communication

  • John Joseph
    27 mars 2020

    Could have sought my business. Was in a hurry to leave for another appointment.

  • Erik Deutsch
    25 mars 2020

    She was great- very helpful

  • Richard Hobbs
    22 mars 2020

    Would be 5, but I received notice about a special rate and when I responded asking details (by email) didn't receive a response. I don't know if the special was sent by Emma or just a mass email sent to all responding clients.

  • Matt Tudor
    22 mars 2020

    Helpful but didnt get a follow up email.

  • Lynn Lilje
    21 mars 2020

    Lots of emails no calls no return calls when I called there

  • Darran Chapman
    21 mars 2020

    good and thorough

  • Chester Leung
    20 mars 2020

    Fairly ok

  • Shawn Fraser
    13 mars 2020

    Very helpful

  • Vladimir
    7 mars 2020

    Very knowledgeable and helpful.

  • Sarah Goodwin
    27 février 2020

    Very friendly. Not too pushy.

  • Madiha Jilani
    23 février 2020

    Knowledgeable, very informative

  • Yazmin Hernandez Banuelas
    20 février 2020

    She was fast at reaching out and provided a quote of current rates.

  • Ron
    19 février 2020

    Excellent information and customer service.

  • Ron
    19 février 2020

    Excellent information and customer service.

  • Sydney Spraggs
    14 février 2020

    Emma and I managed to chat about rates of a mortgage I am about to renew. Emma was very helpful.

  • Joshua Prior
    10 février 2020

    Very responsive, is currently underway to give me the best rate on the market.

  • Janet W
    1 février 2020

    Emma was super friendly and helpful. She promptly gave me all of the information that I requested! Thank you Emma! I look forward to further business with you.

  • Zissis Pedias
    26 janvier 2020

    A breakdown should be given to potential mortgages 4 units 5 units 6 units different institutions have a different setup when you supply all your information from T1 generals tax yrs to lease agreement's It's not as simple as a set rate unfortunately a mortgage/ prime rate to gauge the investor is sometime used.

  • Carol Faris
    22 janvier 2020

    Prompt response to request for information. Honest and straightforward discussion of options to consider

  • Ranjit
    21 janvier 2020

    Really nice service.

  • Jessa
    7 janvier 2020

    Deal is not closed yet, this survey is just too early.

  • Deb Temple
    5 janvier 2020


  • Conrad Helten
    30 décembre 2019

    She was very helpful and prompt in her response time

  • Erik Gretland
    28 décembre 2019

    I recieved excellent advise

  • Egberto Zanon
    28 décembre 2019

    Great customer service skills.

  • K.surya
    7 décembre 2019

    I was pleasantly surprised with the very thorough and informative response i received from Emma. In the response i knew what canwise was about and service they offered. Thank you!

  • Bernie
    4 décembre 2019

    great service

  • Lilia Zilberman
    23 novembre 2019

    Allways very precise and clear communications with Emma. commitment and knowledge are impeccable.

  • Maria Miguel
    18 novembre 2019

    Very prompt

  • Susane Macpheemanning
    17 novembre 2019

    She has kept in touch with me and is waiting until I have the time to discuss our finances property. She has kept in touch through phone and email and comes across as very professional.

  • Simone Greaves
    17 novembre 2019

    Informative. Waiting for confirmation of rates by email.

  • Arthur Reilly
    16 novembre 2019

    Friendly, knowledgeable, attentive. Great experience so far.

  • John Morris
    16 novembre 2019

    knows the product well

  • Greg Chin
    23 octobre 2019

    quick reponse

  • David Kennedy
    22 octobre 2019

    So far Emma has been very helpful.

  • Eric Bourke
    4 octobre 2019

    She has reached out a few times but I haven’t had time to connect.

  • Fred
    29 septembre 2019

    I received a call and although my bank came through for me I think it still put a lot of pressure on them as far as choosing not losing me as a banking customer and ratehub was a great choice and I’m sure I will use them in the future or recommend them to a friend. Today I was in touch with an employee who I gave the same advise to and I’m personally helping him find a place as we speak.

  • Guillermo
    29 septembre 2019

    Very kind and helpful rep

  • Sterling Rollins
    21 septembre 2019

    Emma was pleasant to deal with. She asked for me to contact her by phone to discuss my mortgage renewal. When I told her that I want more information via email first she provided it. Afterward, I told her that we're too far outside of our mortgage renewal window but that when we get to it I'll contact her over anybody else because she's demonstrated good faith in us.

  • Matthias Schueller
    18 septembre 2019

    I talked to a very knowledgable and polite advisor. She was honest about the service CanWise provides and helpful.

  • Donna Holden
    14 septembre 2019

    Emma was very helpful, thank you again.

  • Jasbir Muker
    13 septembre 2019

    Good company

  • Shamsul Hoque
    11 septembre 2019

  • Nick Georgopoulos
    8 septembre 2019

    Knowledgeable and easy to deal with

  • Mark Vokins
    22 août 2019

    Ad was misleading

  • Kam
    27 juillet 2019

    Been very helpful regarding my enquiry for renewal of my mortgage

  • David Douglas
    14 juillet 2019

    Emma got back to me right away and was available when I called

  • Mike Abraham
    14 juillet 2019

    In the process of getting more info on mortgages.

  • Joel Kok
    11 juillet 2019

    Great service

  • Polina Mullaeva
    6 juillet 2019

    I would give “0” if it would be possible. Had to call on my own to Emma because she was 20 min late with scheduled phone call appointment. I attached my documents to my application, but she didn’t look at them. She only gave me general information that I could have on my own from website. Nothing helpful. Told that she will contact me back after she will review my attached documents, but one week later still didn’t hear anything from her. Very disappointed experience

  • Elke Grafner
    3 juillet 2019


  • Mark Burton
    3 juillet 2019

    Mortgage calculations made easy & paired me with a great local provider

  • Morgan Lewington
    3 juillet 2019

    Good communication. Friendly and informative.

  • Desmond Carr
    19 juin 2019

    Very professional, well spoken. Answered all my questions and gave me some direction on what to do with my difficult situation. Cheers Emma!

  • Lee Hardy
    15 juin 2019

    Super helpful, answered all my questions

  • R,craig
    8 juin 2019

    basically let me go without a fight, and after a hiatus of a month. You couldn't get a more solid client than me. One of two other lenders will get the spoils.

  • R,craig
    8 juin 2019

    basically let me go without a fight, and after a hiatus of a month. You couldn't get a more solid client than me. One of two other lenders will get the spoils.

  • Belinda Karen Lyons
    2 juin 2019

    Very helpful and gave me good information that helped me decided what to do. I will stay in touch until my renewal closes at end of September.

  • Lauren
    29 mai 2019

    The amount of times I was contacted was frustrating

  • Brad Kerrigan
    24 mai 2019

    Great so far. Very knowledgeable.

  • James
    21 mai 2019

    Very helpful.

  • James
    21 mai 2019

    Very helpful.

  • Tatiana Pelin De Faria
    12 mai 2019

    Great service

  • Anthony Kershaw
    10 mai 2019

    A very patient and informed broker. Great follow up, too.

  • Linda
    8 mai 2019

    The agent that reached out to me was Emma; she was professional and friendly on the phone however wasn't much of a help in terms of rates. The rates she quoted me was not good, and ironically I was able to get a much better rate by going directly to the bank.

  • Maxym Naftulyev
    8 mai 2019

    Agent tried to do their best!

  • Rita Cisneros
    1 mai 2019

    Great and fast communication. Very Helpful.

  • Erwin Tariga
    21 avril 2019

    i still waiting to contact me regarding my inquires i keep recieving email.

  • Sara Beitschat
    19 avril 2019

    Very knowledgeable

  • Debbie Griffin
    16 avril 2019

    Emma was very pleasant and thorough. She followed up very efficiently. Under different circumstances, I would consider using her experience for another mortgage.

  • Lucia Mravcakova
    14 avril 2019

    I was impressed by how quickly Emma responded, first with a phone call, then a follow-up email, after I first got in touch. I found her to be very accommodating and competent.... Provided me with a list of documents needed during one of our first interactions......just how I like getting things done! My husband is dealing with his bank in Calgary, AB at the moment and I must say they could learn a thing or two about competency and customer service from Emma.

  • Kathy Vallance
    28 mars 2019

    Very speedy service, took it into her own hands to get documents forms my realtor saving me the hassle and has gone to bat for me with my credit. My only comment would be the customer service skills of the company in general were below the usual. Such as being rushed when in the phone and being talked to in a condescending manner. Sadly this seems to be the service you get anywhere now a days.

  • Dpurss
    9 mars 2019

    Emma was ok

  • Abhram Gonzales
    8 mars 2019

    Excellent communication!

  • Darwin Pichette
    8 février 2019

    Very helpful and informative

  • Sue Harper
    27 janvier 2019


  • Mihaela Serbanescu
    23 janvier 2019

    Very proffesional and knowleageable agent.

  • Ioan Cristurean
    21 janvier 2019

    an immediate follow-up, very helpful explaining my options

  • Matthew Asselstine
    25 décembre 2018

    Fast to connect with me and has been in consistent communication with me.

  • Ronak Badheka
    16 décembre 2018

    She is good and has been very helpful

  • Jere Tarnowski
    16 décembre 2018

    Emma let me know the costs and documentation required. She noted that I should try my existing institution as they may be able to break the mortgage with reduced fees.

  • Ben
    8 décembre 2018

    excellent manners and serves.

  • Tuan Le
    7 décembre 2018

    Agent said will follow up but did not call back. If you can keep your words, no one would trust to do business with you

  • Stephanie Viaje
    29 novembre 2018

    She was very professional and very informative.

  • Riyaz Karimjee
    28 novembre 2018

    Very knowledgeable and personable.

  • Matti
    22 novembre 2018


  • Manisha Rajora
    9 novembre 2018

    Very helpful and knowledgeable

  • Kit Ying Lee
    3 novembre 2018

    No comment

  • Elisabeth Lenarduzzi
    3 novembre 2018

    Very helpful and informative

  • Colleen
    20 octobre 2018

    Emma was super helpful and knowledgeable,

  • Daniel Strzelecki
    14 octobre 2018

    The services was good, but came with some serious miscommunication. I received a good rate, but was informed that CMHC would not insure the mortgage on my home. I reached out to CMHC to fins out why that was and I was informed that information was incorrect. Now I am not sure where this offer stands...

  • Andrew Nelson
    10 octobre 2018

    Very helpful

  • George And Doris
    28 septembre 2018

    She was not able to help us, because my pension it is small

  • Mat Roersma
    20 septembre 2018

    Emma has done a good job, while some communication seemed slightly rushed our deal was very quick which I credit to her. 4.5 stars

  • Lorraine Plumley
    7 septembre 2018

    Emma answered all our questions

  • Rob Penner
    19 août 2018


  • Hovig Astourian
    7 août 2018

    Emma is amazing, very knowledgeable and very friendly.

  • Fred
    20 juillet 2018


  • Kelsie Trafford
    11 juillet 2018

    Good for the limited interactions we had

  • Chad Wardman
    1 juillet 2018

    Patient but persistent, she is working to get us the condo we would otherwise not be able to get with others.

  • Jaime Hunter
    30 juin 2018

    Returned my call and all emails in timely manner .

  • Elain
    23 juin 2018

    Emma was very knowledgeable.

  • Umang Patel
    8 juin 2018

    She was all right. I was willing to work with all possible options. I am well educated banking professional who understand all aspect of financing personal and commercial real estate very well. Emma was on the down side who was keep coming back that I will not qualify for the amount I am seeking, I was the one who was giving her options for all the possible ways to make it work. I know my mortgage is well under TDS GDS guidelines and any Institution will pick up my file based on my Credit score, Strong stable Income, No other Debt etc. She almost told me she wont waste her time putting my application. I guess she was all right, Just need more willingness to make it work, because not everything is going to fit straight up into the check boxes.

  • Harman
    17 mai 2018

    It is the best site to meet different mortgage expert under one roof.

  • Sarah
    17 mai 2018

    too many emails

  • Jorden Bryer
    4 mai 2018

    Very nice young lady. Quick and efficient. Seems like she's very busy at her job but does great work!

  • Kevi Remple
    19 avril 2018

    Friendly and got back to me quickly.

  • Soono Chae
    17 avril 2018

    I haven't expected to get any reply for my application but make Emma sent email every day to connect with me and I got a feeling that she really wants to help me. I appreciate about it.

  • Ricardo Rivera
    17 avril 2018

    It did not help me !

  • Nicole Quigg
    14 mars 2018

    Emma was very helpful and answered all my questions regarding renewing our mortgage and other options that I asked about. Thank-you for your professional advice, Emma! Nicole

  • Rose
    6 mars 2018

    efficient and helpful

  • Dave Conroy
    6 mars 2018

    Friendly, Attentive, does what she says she will do.

  • Anna De Crem
    2 mars 2018

    Very friendly agent

  • Aliya Essa
    28 février 2018

    She hung up and never called back. I tried and wasn't successful.

  • Gloria Rendell
    22 février 2018

    Very quick to respond. Sorry that you could not help earlier, because my mtg does not come for renewal before Sep.18.

  • Claire
    6 février 2018

    She called me the next day after I submitted request online, and answered all my questions. She also gave me a follow-up call in a week to see if I have any accepted offer.

  • Gabriel Figueroa
    30 janvier 2018

    No star at all!. After explaining the Broker Mrs. Medeiros, She said that She was going to a meeting and that She was going to call me back. She never did it. Very unprofessional from Her part. How your Company will do business if you have people like Mrs. Medeiros not striving to help a future Client?

  • Suman
    30 janvier 2018

    Good job

  • Jacob Rebel
    26 janvier 2018

    trouble contacting eachother

  • Alexandre Rondeau
    25 janvier 2018

    The agent couldn't help me and didn't seemed interested in most likely because my mortgage amount was too low and her commission wouldn't have been good enough to value her time. She made me feel like a second class citizen

  • Sabeena
    24 janvier 2018

    Very timely correspondence

  • Samer Akouri
    24 janvier 2018

    Was a bit rushed on the call. I didn’t have my info in front of me so wasn’t prepared. Hoping the second call is more beneficial

  • Andrew Broadley
    24 janvier 2018

    EMMA was very quick to get back to me, I was just able to find a lower rate elsewhere. AB

  • Bindy Sangha
    19 janvier 2018

    very helpful and very friendly

  • Laris Grikis
    17 janvier 2018

    Emma was very persistent and once we made contact was very helpful in giving us advice on moving forward with mortgage renewal options.

  • Brigitte Bourassa
    10 janvier 2018

    Emma replied promtly, she was knowledgeable and professional... Sadly, she could not match the rate we got with a different institution.

  • Heidi
    6 janvier 2018

    Emma easily understood what we were looking for and was able to help us move forward in terms of a house mortgage.A callback has been scheduled to continue the process... I appreciate that initiative.

  • no name
    5 janvier 2018

    the agent was persistant in trying to contact over holiday period both by phone and email however when the agent says she will not talk about rates in an email, when i have given all the details in an email, , it makes one feel as if it is some type of scam even though i am sure it is not---- in todays world , one does not want to waste time and texting or email helps speed up communication and not waste time--

  • Lin Lin
    5 janvier 2018

    Nice person

  • Jamie
    3 janvier 2018

    Emma has been great to deal with and we are still trying to work out the details.

  • Michael Straub
    29 décembre 2017

    Your agent responded to my request very quickly. She supplied the information I was looking for, and we carried on a short personal talk about the holidays and her schedule. Altogether a pleasant experience.

  • Lumi
    27 décembre 2017

    Thanks for the quick call back!

  • Randolph
    23 décembre 2017

    Great agent, friendly and provided good customer service. The call was lost but she called back right away.

  • Kerry Murray
    14 décembre 2017

    Emma was quick to get back to me and was very helpful.

  • Blair Mcfarlane
    13 décembre 2017

    The clarity in information provided was second to none.

  • Brian
    12 décembre 2017

    Emma suggested i wait until closer to my mortgage term ending to get the information i needed. She was helpful.

  • Caroline Wendling
    9 décembre 2017

    Quick response by phone and follow up email to my inquiry. however I haven’t gone any further than initial contact, so do not know of their service yet.

  • les ott
    1 décembre 2017

    Still working on this list.

  • josh grahame
    30 novembre 2017

    Great persitance

  • Karen Kong
    26 novembre 2017

    I received a call from Emma the same day I requested a call from Canwise through their website. I was impressed with how fast they got back to me. Emma gave me some quotes with respect to the fixed rates I asked about. I told her to call me back next week so I could talk to my husband. Also I couldn't renew my rate until next Thursday anyway, so she was supposed to call me back on the Monday. She called back the Monday and I asked about a few other rate options. She gave me the info and I told her to call me back on Thursday and we can talk about it since that's the day I can put in my application for the rate. Thursday came about and she didn't call. On Friday I called her and left a message and she never called back. It's disappointing because I was going to go with the rate she offered. Now I need to find someone else to do my mortgage. Disappointing turn of events.

  • Amy Chin
    23 novembre 2017

    Agent is efficient and very knowledgeable.

  • Paul Mak
    22 novembre 2017

    She is very helpful

  • Rosemarie Pongratz
    9 novembre 2017

    She was not nice at all. I explained my situation and she came back and said we don't deal with trailers. I asked her why and she did not reply.

  • Wanda Mandzuk
    9 novembre 2017

    Emma is so personable and professional, She answered all my questions and did a grear job representing us, I will definitely recommend rate hub to anyone seeking g mortgage financing,

  • Sarah
    4 novembre 2017

    She was lovely.

  • Chris Ishkanian
    27 octobre 2017

    Got back to me promptly.

  • Cheryl Bannoya
    22 octobre 2017

    Prompt return calll

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