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Eric Sayasen

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A great enthusiast of real estate mathematics, Éric made the leap to CanWise after working for Plani-Prêt. With 6 years in customer service, Éric will be able to give you the right follow-up according to your schedule while offering you the best products on the market according to your requirements. Do not hesitate to contact him with any questions!

  • Pierre Zalatan
    22 août 2019

    Still waiting for amreply

  • Pierre Zalatan
    22 août 2019

    Still waiting for amreply

  • Yekaterina Mazur
    26 juillet 2019

    Very good and fast info.

  • Fakhrul Siddiqui
    3 juillet 2019

    Excellent service

  • Walid Naja
    13 juin 2019

    Il a jamais apeller

  • Jaime Gutierrez
    16 avril 2019

    I got the call 2 days later. The agent is OK. He listens to your requirements and also proposes alternatives.

  • Imad Tabet
    24 février 2019

    Very professional

  • Sophie Le Blanc
    12 janvier 2019

    Ratehub said they'd be in touch within one business day, which wasn't true. They took a few days, but understandably they must have been busy getting back from the holidays.

  • Radeanu Gabriel
    21 novembre 2018


  • A.
    9 novembre 2018

    Seemed reluctant to talk to me, and never followed up. We ended up going with a different broker.

  • Gergana Eugenie
    22 avril 2018

    We will get in contact again.

  • Philippe Bergeron
    21 janvier 2018

    Professionnel et répond rapidement à mes questions

  • Enrico Roselli
    24 décembre 2017

    excellent agent, answered questions satisfactory

  • Seif Ayachi
    27 octobre 2017

    Good service, courteous. i recommend Eric

  • David Maheux
    5 octobre 2017


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