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Steve has been working in the financial industry for the past 10 years. He has working experience with all sides of the mortgage process including servicing, escalations, renewals and sales. Most recently Steve was a member of the CIBC mortgage sales team assisting clients with purchases, refinances, ports, and pre-approvals. Steve prides himself on the client experience and looks forward to helping you with all your mortgage needs.

  • Natasha Desrochers
    7 avril 2020

    Steve was very punctual in calling and gave some good advice about our different options.

  • Natasha Desrochers
    7 avril 2020

    Steve was very punctual in calling and gave some good advice about our different options.

  • Jesse Payment
    4 avril 2020

    Professional and easy to deal with

  • Okjin Im
    22 mars 2020

    Very kind and responsible

  • Sukhakar Vaidya
    8 mars 2020

    Very good conversation

  • Katherine
    7 mars 2020

    Really helpful and fast. He was very knowledgeable and got straight to the point. Love that!

  • Sean
    7 mars 2020

    No issues here

  • Henry Sterenberg
    1 mars 2020

    i thought there pollit and very proper

  • Gillian
    27 février 2020

    patient, knowledgeable

  • Gillian
    27 février 2020

    patient, knowledgeable

  • Yau Hin Cheung
    23 février 2020

    Very attentive and knowledgeable. Let me know my options and was very friendly and genuine.

  • Shao Shi Li
    22 février 2020

    Steve was helpful and honest about the options I had

  • Philip
    30 janvier 2020

    was great!

  • Eric Kam
    25 janvier 2020

    Provided thorough explanations and options. Very understanding of my questions as this was my first mortgage

  • Stefan Duplak
    9 novembre 2019

    Good experience

  • Stefan Duplak
    9 novembre 2019

    Thank you for your feedback

  • Sumi
    29 octobre 2019

    Brittany Neadow ( Her name isn't listed) was fast at responding to my questions and she was very kind and patient.

  • Damu Yang
    7 septembre 2019

    A nice service

  • Tekla Goodman
    3 septembre 2019

    Great service. Personable and informative. Works on behalf of the client ‘s best interest not to get a banks best interest.

  • Noah Hicks
    14 août 2019

    Very friendly and helpful. Spoke to me clearly about options without giving me a "hard sell". Excellent.

  • Joe Mushaluk
    24 juillet 2019

    Didn't take the time to listen to my needs. Kind of dismissed me. Gave me rates but didn't ask further questions of what options were available

  • Yongnu Jin
    9 juillet 2019

    Friendly and honestly worked for us. Thank you very much for your help.

  • Joao Pinguelo
    3 juillet 2019

    Steve from canwise provided excellent service and best rate

  • Vladimir
    3 juillet 2019

    He was very prompt to contact me.

  • Tyson Gross
    18 juin 2019


  • Henry
    15 juin 2019

    Professional, honest and prompt. Highly recommended.

  • Young Sun
    15 juin 2019

    So nice

  • Jason Curling
    14 juin 2019

    Answered my basic questions and forwarded his contact info. He mentioned he would follow up with me in a month.

  • Tad
    4 juin 2019

    no comment.

  • Dean Yung
    23 mai 2019


  • Fred
    17 mai 2019

    Gave direct, clear, information

  • Karen Atkinson
    3 mai 2019

    CanWise is professional and answered all my questions.

  • Drew Ferguson
    17 avril 2019

    Unfortunately because it’s a rental I wasn’t provided with a rate that was better than my current lender.

  • Seokwon Lee
    23 mars 2019

    Great service

  • Seokwon Lee
    23 mars 2019

    Great service

  • Cristina Graida
    19 mars 2019

    called me right away, but has not yet responded to my email inquiry.

  • Yen Lam
    23 février 2019

    Very nice, friendly and quick with emails. I like how he answers all my questions clearly :)

  • Clinton
    20 février 2019

    Knowledgeable and clear agent. Was able to provide info asked for and answet questions. Very responsive. Online application was so easy to use. Quite impressed.

  • Carmen
    8 février 2019

    He was not very helpful

  • Alan Pieprzak
    5 février 2019

    Excellent service

  • Randy Dibblee
    30 janvier 2019

    He gave me very good advice and all related costs that are involved in renewing my mortgage.

  • Abhinav Sawhney
    23 janvier 2019

    Very persistent and professional.

  • Fiona Patterson
    16 janvier 2019

    Very helpful

  • Jim Wood
    22 décembre 2018

    Fast informative

  • Jane Baines
    31 octobre 2018

    Steve was very helpful in explaining various mortgage options to meet my needs. As a former mortgage agent myself, I grilled him with a lot of questions - poor guy, and he fared very well! I appreciate that CanWise's Agents are salaried, not commission-based like most other brokerages, so you can be assured to receive an unbiased recommendation. The interest rates were far better than what I was offered at my local banks. I have referenced ratehub for years and appreciate their on-line tools. I was pleasantly surprised with this on-line mortgage brokerage experience! I am in the process of buying a house and will likely use CanWise Financial to find me the best mortgage option.

  • Andrea
    2 septembre 2018

    Have not connected with him as of yet due to scheduling

  • adam cowling
    28 juillet 2018

    Great and helpfull

  • Jaideep Dhillon
    26 juillet 2018

    provide with all information

  • Ioana Moc
    25 juillet 2018

    Steve was very responsive and helpful! Thank you!

  • Alexander Chong
    22 juillet 2018

    Got back in touch within a few hours and followed up again. However, was seeking standard rather than collateral mortgage.

  • Sandra Daniels
    18 juillet 2018

    Not sure who I spoke to but they were thorough with their questions and the quote.

  • Lourena Riego
    3 juillet 2018

    I could not return his voice message he replied to my inquiry

  • Jason Kachkowski
    30 juin 2018

    Smooth process. Fast response every time.

  • Shine-ee Fang
    5 juin 2018

    He was friendly, helpful and informative.

  • Tim Beerman
    22 mai 2018

    Great advice.

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