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Shawn is a seasoned real estate investor and an active contributor to the Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine. He has a Bachelors in Engineering from Cape Breton University with over 7 years of experience in the work sector. After spending 2 years working with private investors, Shawn joins CanWise Financial with the goal of creating a smooth home buying experience for both first-time home buyers and avid real estate investors alike.

  • Prakash Ramdhanie
    18 avril 2020


  • Prakash Ramdhanie
    18 avril 2020


  • Han Ho
    14 avril 2020


  • Val Kugathasan
    12 avril 2020

    Shawn has been great so far - can't wait to complete this mortgage application!

  • Daniel
    11 avril 2020

    Great Service, Outstanding customer service.

  • Ashfaque Faruki
    3 avril 2020

    we haven't yet been able to connect on final details but we will soon, i'm sure.

  • Denise
    2 avril 2020

    Knowledgeable ... has some good ideas

  • Ria Goculdas
    25 mars 2020

    Explained the process very well and the advantages of a fixed rate mortgage.

  • Safiatou Yabre
    25 mars 2020

    He was proactive. He called me right away after I filled the form.

  • Julia Mask
    19 mars 2020

    Very well informed rep! Very helpful too

  • Jill Rosenberg
    18 mars 2020

    Shawn was helpful and seemed honest about various options. He came across as trustworthy.

  • Uladzimir Mikhalkin
    17 mars 2020

    Quick turnaround, convenient site to process an application and submit required documentation. Broker is great person too.

  • Sanmit
    12 mars 2020

    He gave honest advice.

  • Tracy E Macgregor
    9 mars 2020

    Shawn has been very attentive and we will speak more soon!

  • Sukhakar Vaidya
    8 mars 2020


  • Nuri Kyssa
    7 mars 2020

    Shawn was very helpful in explaining my options. Definitely worth the inquiry.

  • Javier Graterol
    29 février 2020

    Is good

  • Ajwaid Qureshi
    29 février 2020

    Very knowledgeable and a easy to talk to.

  • Dorota
    28 février 2020

    Very nice

  • A.shaik
    27 février 2020

    A gentleman.

  • Mark D'iorio
    14 février 2020

    Great job

  • Chantal Cloutier
    28 novembre 2019

    Quick response. Knowledgable staff, communication clear and to the point.

  • Dante Abella
    15 novembre 2019

    Shawn is very knowledgeable. Awesome guy!

  • Marizol Hayne
    1 novembre 2019

    He only contacted me once. I called a few times he promised to call me back 2 days ago but he never did.

  • Syed
    1 octobre 2019

    Helpful with the information I needed but didn't get that extra push I was looking for to secure my mortgage.

  • Photis Kelpis
    27 septembre 2019

    Very professional throughout the process. Answered all of our questions promptly.

  • Emad
    21 septembre 2019

    thanks for your quick reply

  • Trang Nguyen
    18 septembre 2019

    Good service, frequent follow up, perfect welcomed

  • Stavros Koufis
    28 août 2019

    professional and thorough

  • Iraponilia
    21 août 2019

    Very good workplace for people to begin at. Mortgage Canwise helps you out with everything from start to finish to make sure everything is done up to compliance.

  • Nipun
    15 août 2019

    I had an amazing chat with Shawn about the mortgage options I can consider that would fit my goals and budget. Shawn was nice enough to go over every question I had an be patient to answer questions I had as first tie buyer. Great follow up tactics used by Shawn allowed me to gain confidence in canwise’s customer service. I look forward to doing business with him again. Cheers!

  • Abhijit Paul
    6 août 2019


  • Rami William
    1 août 2019

    It would be nice if you have the courtesy to answer the customer emails. Extremely poor customer service

  • Paul Gillespie
    13 juillet 2019

    Only tried 1 lender who declined a deal because they didn’t like the area. No other solutions suggested. I went with another broker.

  • Margret Warren
    9 juillet 2019

    Shawn contacted me right away and explained things thoroughly. I look forward to working with him once I put an offer on a new home.

  • Federica Maraboli
    19 juin 2019

    Shawn was very proactive in follow up and polite in all communication. He was informative and although I did not utilIze this time around I will definitely keep Shawn’s information and contact next renewal and recommend to others who are looking for a broker.

  • Jigar
    18 juin 2019

    Excellent and accurate advise for query

  • Osman Jawaid
    15 juin 2019

    Still in progress but great experience so far.

  • Tom
    14 juin 2019

    Shawn was nice and patient explaining the details on the process.

  • Velimir Lazarevic
    6 juin 2019

    Still working with him.

  • Shaun Krosse
    30 mai 2019

    Shawn was helpful and knowledgeable

  • Helena Morgan
    24 mai 2019

    He was persistent

  • Rafael
    9 mai 2019

    Pretty clear

  • Matthew
    20 avril 2019

    Shawn is a great agent

  • Yama Qaderi
    13 avril 2019

    Very helpful and informative and gets back to me very fast.

  • Justin Van Horn
    30 mars 2019

    Good communicator on the phone, and by email.

  • Harold Anero
    29 mars 2019

    Very helpful

  • Rupen Patel
    13 mars 2019

    good service, very friendly, keeps customers update on rates and engaged.

  • Virul Patel
    8 mars 2019

    Clear communication, Right response in right time. Asked about situation and future planning, and advice what is best fit for mortgage. Application is in process. But it is all good experience.

  • Michael Piotrowski
    19 janvier 2019

    Good advice, knows the business.

  • Laurette Peters
    18 janvier 2019

    Shawn promptly emailed me back, upon my inquiry , & though I was busy for a day /2..sent another follow up email. Being professional, then left a voicemail . I still must follow up with him ,yet still just wanted to say that he’s done professional ethics protocol & I appreciate that . Keep up the good work. Thank you Laurette Peters :)

  • Ramil Munar
    29 décembre 2018

    Very professional in dealing with

  • Pascal Dazé
    21 décembre 2018

    Shawn was able to answer all my questions

  • Jb Saini
    13 décembre 2018

    He is ok but not able to beat Scotiabank rate

  • Courtney Vandervoet
    8 novembre 2018

    Very nice and patient

  • Dino Marrocco
    1 novembre 2018

    Shawn was able to answer all my questions, he also was polite and made suggestions of different options we could look at. We will not be able to do anything yet because of the 120 day lock in. We will not be moving in until the end of Feb/2019.

  • Annie Dugas
    29 septembre 2018

    Professional and knowledgeable

  • Md. Jahangir Chowdhury
    20 juillet 2018

    My deal was not yet completed. But so far I am happy with my correspondence with Shawn

  • manishkumar prajapati
    15 juillet 2018


  • Kiri
    10 juillet 2018

    Not reachable and not personalized service

  • Chris Collier
    4 juillet 2018

    Shawn was a big help in navigating the site to change setting to more accurately reflect rates based on down payment and owner occupied vs. renter occupied.

  • Jennifer Gill
    1 juillet 2018

    Hard for me to call between 9-5 which was when he was available. He didnt want to converse via email very much and kept asking me to call. I tried once but it went to voice mail.

  • Donna Pearce
    5 juin 2018

    Supportive and provided the information I needed

  • Trevor
    30 mai 2018

    Called me right away, answered my questions in a truthful manor.

  • Mario Sirois
    26 mai 2018

    Very good! Followed up with us. Answered our questions. Sent us a summary of our discussion by email. Polite and clear.

  • Sandra Des Rivières
    19 mai 2018

    Called me the same day, was very knowledgeable. He has sent me more info. Very nice person, told me he didn’t work on commission. That alone is worth gold. I shall continue with the process. Thank you

  • David Wright
    18 mai 2018

    Best rate, great follow up, excellent service and easy process

  • Justine Jeffries
    17 mai 2018


  • Brent Byrd
    17 mai 2018

    Very prompt and attentive. I appreciate that type of service.

  • Michel Doran
    12 mai 2018

    I Was hard to reach but we eventually connected

  • Elizabeth Purchase
    11 mai 2018

    Shawn was very helpful

  • Jeff Heyd
    10 mai 2018

    Didn’t return my calls

  • Sasha Rebello
    8 mai 2018

    Received a call promptly after I signed up, polite and followed up when I didn't respond. Good customer service

  • Valerie Atchison
    6 mai 2018

    The broker was very good about contacting me. Things did not work out as two sudden family emergencies arose, and we are postponing (or maybe cancelling) the decision to purchase another house.

  • Kapil Vaid
    3 mai 2018

    Great Customer service

  • Jason Ng
    15 avril 2018

    Very helpful and knowledgeable. Quick to address my concerns

  • Danial Shaikh
    15 avril 2018

    My agent did not follow up at the requested time and did not attempt to set up an alternative time.

  • Mohammad Saiful Islam
    27 mars 2018

    Friendly. Helped me find my first mortgage very quickly.

  • Fahad Saleem
    22 mars 2018

    Shawn was able to provide all the information i was looking for.

  • Pinky
    17 mars 2018

    No one has connected with me. I am the one messaging and calling every other day

  • Sean Grant-young
    25 février 2018

    Shawn was attentive, and to the point. Exactly what I was looking for.

  • Krista
    24 février 2018

    Answered all my questions and provided some helpful information and insight which allowed us to feel we made an educated decision when choosing the right mortgage for us.

  • Shamim Khan
    10 février 2018

    I do not remember the name of the agent, but I think the person I talk to was Arshad, he did not help me out but have knowledge.

  • Nada
    10 février 2018

    no follow up

  • Cheryl
    9 février 2018

    average service, could not offer rate stated on web site so don't know why you promote it, was a waste of my time.

  • Gurvinder Johar
    7 février 2018

    Excellent service

  • Hanako Alston
    1 février 2018

    Helpful chatting about mortgages but sadly couldn't locate a better rate than what I had located on my own.

  • John Friesen
    24 janvier 2018

    Was very helpful in explaining options and shared good knowledge in how to go about things.

  • Zeeshan Balas
    20 janvier 2018

    Great Service

  • Lisa Hicks
    20 janvier 2018

    Quick response and helpful!

  • Jan Jagelo
    19 janvier 2018

    The agent is goal orientated and straightforward. Easy to work with.

  • Virpi
    19 janvier 2018

    Shawn contacted me very quickly.

  • Matthew Horwood
    17 janvier 2018

    I was told I would receive a response within 24 hours...didn't get an email for almost 4 days. I emailed on Jan 8, got a response Jan 12: " I am sorry we have not been able to connect yet – is there a good time to reach you next week to discuss your mortgage options? Feel free to give me a call at (416) 504-3379. "

  • Charlene Ward
    21 décembre 2017

    Ease and convenience when shopping for rates

  • Laura
    20 décembre 2017

    He was very thorough explaining my options and even discussed common bank fees (when no one else had) which helped me to weigh out my decisions. It was a great experience. It would had saved me a lot of time contacting ratehub from the beginning !

  • Fatima Kabani
    17 décembre 2017

    Responded fast but couldn't answer my question.

  • Chris proctor
    9 décembre 2017

    Was upfront and easy to deal with. Enjoyed process.

  • Irene Guzylak
    9 décembre 2017

    I found this individual to be a poor communicator. Lacking people skills. Did not show any interest in actually working with me.

  • Paul
    2 décembre 2017

    Shawn was kind to explain my options, even though it was apparent that CanWise was not the best choice for me.

  • Phi Nguyen
    1 décembre 2017

    very helpful and knowledgeable!

  • Dave Mattucci
    24 novembre 2017

    Very knowledgeable

  • Deborah Dulude
    23 novembre 2017

    Shawn was extremely helpful! Thank you 😊

  • Laura
    14 novembre 2017

    Good job

  • Courtney Rand
    7 octobre 2017

    Very comprehensive and helpful

  • Courtney Rand
    7 octobre 2017

    Very comprehensive and helpful

  • Stephen Adejare Olasoko
    14 septembre 2017

    goo talk

  • Shawn
    14 septembre 2017


  • Brian Medd
    3 septembre 2017

    Reached out to me right away. There is a lot of document gathering required.

  • Cindy
    12 avril 2017

    Shawn was fantastic. Was able to get me what i needed at a rate lower than what i expected. All around great service. Very pleased with him and my results.

  • Viney Syal
    9 avril 2017


  • Lindsay
    15 mars 2017

    straight to the point, very thorough and informative

  • Charity Owusu
    12 mars 2017

    Provided detailed explanation of request. Answered my questions, provided me with alternatives, gave me an opportunity to reflect and information received and make a decision at another time, was kind, patient and respectful.

  • Shuraya Bhatti
    10 mars 2017

    He was informative and efficient.

  • Karmelann Egan
    10 mars 2017

    Very quick to get in contact very friendly

  • Victoria Xinh Le
    9 mars 2017

    Very good

  • Sukhwinder Singh
    3 mars 2017

    described the option very well and very educated agent

  • Gyan Chandra
    17 février 2017

    good guy

  • Martha
    15 février 2017

    Good adviser and I hope I can continue working with him

  • Victor Banerjee
    14 février 2017

    Very Helpful

  • Hany Nowair
    10 février 2017

    Very supportive and provided very good advice

  • Teresa
    9 février 2017

    I received a call from the agent within hour after I filled out application on line.

  • John
    22 janvier 2017

    Prompt response.

  • Lyndsey Baharat
    19 janvier 2017

    Shawn was so easy to speak with and got me really excited to start looking for a home.

  • Eddie Hanson
    13 janvier 2017

    Thanks Shawn.

  • Mark Turnock
    7 janvier 2017

    was easy to use

  • Paul Robinson
    5 janvier 2017

    answered questions was very helpful and not pushy, would recommend him

  • Alkesh Desai
    25 décembre 2016

    Educated me on market trends on mortgage world.

  • Ajit Kamath
    3 décembre 2016

    Easy to work with. Has clear understanding of mortgage concepts.

  • Tommy Amaral
    25 novembre 2016

    Thanks Shawn for all your efforts to making this happen. Great to deal with and got me the best rate possible.

  • Glen
    24 novembre 2016

    Excellent service! Thank you Shawn for your guidance and mortgage expertise, truly impressed!

  • Adam Szabo
    25 octobre 2016

    So far it seems good

  • Michael Friedland
    19 octobre 2016

    He is a very professional

  • Hasmukh Jagatiya
    24 septembre 2016

    It was an awesome response.

  • Trevor King
    15 septembre 2016

    was polite and informative , was quick to repsond to my request

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