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Ryan brings 5 years of experience in the financial industry to the CanWise team. He graduated from Mount Royal University studying Business Administration, focusing on finance. Previously Ryan was a Mortgage Specialist with one of Canada’s top 5 banks. He is very passionate about the real estate market in Calgary, and his role as a mortgage agent allows him to spread his knowledge and expertise to his clients. Ryan is committed to offering the best mortgage rates, along with the right mortgage advice to ensure each of his clients have a flawless mortgage experience.

  • Eda Zarka
    26 mars 2018

    Ryan was great! Took his time to explain everything and was willing to answer any questions at any time.

  • Eda Zarka
    26 mars 2018

    Ryan was great! Took his time to explain everything and was willing to answer any questions at any time.

  • James Cochrane
    25 mars 2018

    Ryan is great and rates are awesome. Took 4 business days to receive first phone call, all good because Ryan is good to deal with. Thank you Jim Cochrane

  • Vivek Gupta
    21 mars 2018

    Gave honest advise that for mortgage below 100 thousand is not serviced by ratehub

  • Sandeep Sharma
    11 mars 2018

    Ryan was prompt in providing the necessary information like available mortgage rates. It would be good to receive a phone call and discuss options.

  • Michelle
    6 mars 2018

    Go to back to me fairly quickly, do not like that it's not up front that the rates are based on how much equity you have in the home. I was given a rate and was not told this until I directly asked. Only reason I asked was because I have heard of this before. This should be information given in the first email back with the rate.

  • Jonathan Robb
    17 février 2018

    Ryan explained everything throughly and was responsive.

  • Gerald Okolowsky
    8 février 2018

    Courteous,quick to respond,available.

  • Dinesh Sharma
    27 janvier 2018

    Good Knowledge, try understand what client want

  • Kurtis Staples-king
    26 janvier 2018

    I ended up choosing to go with True North. I had two registrations on the same property through Scotiabank and this seemed to be a non-starter, when I reached out to Scotiabank they told me that they could speak for other lenders but this shouldn't be a barrier to transferring the mortgage. When I contacted True North they seemed totally un-phased by the two registrations on the same property (we up-sized and carried over the mortgage to save money on CHMC). I was impressed by the quality of service at CanWise barring the single issue, and Ryan seemed eager to be helpful. If I had a standard mortgage the deal would have definitely been done. I am forever thankful to RateHub for opening my eyes to non-bank lenders and wish I could have back the many years of paying too much interest for little discernible difference in product.

  • Tim
    18 janvier 2018

    Fast response.

  • Stephen Collins
    13 janvier 2018

    Everything good so far. Just waiting for approval.

  • Jennifer Robson
    11 janvier 2018

    Ryan has been very responsive to my many questions - via email and telephone. I will not hesitate to use rate hub again and would happily recommend to others.

  • Tamela Friesen
    11 janvier 2018

    Once we connected, I give him 4 - 5 stars (thus far--still in the application stage). The auto emails were "too good". I thought I was responding to a person. When I got more redundant scheduled emails, I was annoyed.

  • Tom Power
    19 décembre 2017

    excellent, just haven't gotten around yet to do up the application.

  • Soudsakorn
    14 décembre 2017

    Fast response

  • Thalia Bradford
    14 décembre 2017

    Prompt and answered all my questions. I have never changed lenders in a mortgage before and Ryan is making the process seem effortless.

  • Rod Orieux
    6 décembre 2017

    Good job

  • Stephanie
    5 décembre 2017

    Good, responding quick.

  • Anna P
    26 octobre 2017

    Ryan was personal thorough in his communications. If I didn't decided to continue with my existing broker, I would have certainly considered working with him.

  • Jerry
    12 octobre 2017

    Very knowledgeable about the available products on the market and takes time to explain the nuances to customers.

  • Dustin Sandberg
    12 octobre 2017

    Was very friendly and informative

  • Deanna Letkeman
    5 octobre 2017

    fantastic job answering all of my questions. Very knowledgeable

  • Andrew Mackenzie
    5 octobre 2017

    Got back to me quickly. Was helpful over the phone and emailed a quote shortly after

  • Ronny Sutarto
    5 octobre 2017

    Ryan responded very promptly to our mortgage inquiry. Thanks a lot!

  • Reuben Small
    21 septembre 2017

    I just started working with Ryan and but so far he's been great! He's prompt but not pushy and very informative.

  • Serghei Belobrov
    6 septembre 2017

    Ryan was nice and polite, but was not able to provide the advertised rate, as it was a rental unit.

  • Corazon
    20 avril 2017

    Very Good.

  • Jordan Bailey
    11 mars 2017

    Ryan was awesome

  • Chaitaniy Razdan
    5 février 2017


  • Jade Robertson
    2 février 2017

    Very informative

  • Ying Zhou
    21 janvier 2017

    Quick response

  • Meysam
    6 janvier 2017

    Good customer service.

  • Mitch Mauchline
    17 décembre 2016

    Very helpful

  • Shanti Reddiar
    2 décembre 2016

    Ryan has been very proactive in providing us appropriate support.

  • Rhonda
    17 novembre 2016

    He has been very helpful in securing a great rate!

  • Richard Zabel
    15 octobre 2016

    Professional with quick response to my questions.

  • Dave Putnaerglis
    3 septembre 2016

    Great service, nice to talk to

  • Mausam Patel
    19 août 2016

    Ryan was really helpful

  • Pamela Keck
    6 août 2016

    Quick to respond. Friendly and helpful.

  • Sergej Krutik
    6 août 2016

    Always quick to respond, kept me up-to date on the process.

  • Pirasath Sri
    21 juillet 2016


  • Colleen Drummond
    13 juillet 2016

    Ryan has been very responsive working with me to work out a mortgage agreement that suits my lifestyle

  • Hong Quan Yu
    12 juillet 2016

    So far everything has been great. Quick reply (same day or next business day). Professional, polite and accommodate. We are still in discussion stage so not much I can say right now.

  • Greg Woloshyn
    6 juillet 2016

    email back was next afternoon/evening, not next morning as promised

  • Songbon(james) Lim
    5 juillet 2016

    Ryan was super helpful and responsive.

  • Helena Buchanan
    4 juillet 2016

    I haven't had a chance to speak to him yet. it was a holiday weekend

  • Huong Tran
    23 juin 2016

    Agent was helpful without being too pushy and provided me with the rates I requested.

  • Irene Tillusz
    17 juin 2016

    quick response

  • Tate
    25 mai 2016

    Very helpfull

  • Dianna Barclay
    7 mai 2016

    Ryan was absolutely excellent. I was all set - had all the information filled out - then ended up not having to go with a mortgage - cash came my way. He was fast and efficient - I was really looking forward to dealing with him.

  • Shabbir
    4 mai 2016

    Ryan was knowledgeable, he can answer any questions

  • Shane Schiele
    3 mai 2016

    Replied to my request very quickly

  • Rahim Ramzan Ali Moledina
    28 avril 2016

    Great services.

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