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Ronit has a very comprehensive understanding of the Canadian mortgage industry and its trends. Prior to CanWise he worked as a mortgage specialist for CIBC completing many purchases, pre-approvals, refinances, renewals and HELOCs for clients across Canada. Before that he worked as a mortgage servicing representative for President’s Choice Financial (now SIMPLII). In both roles Ronit was recognized for his commitment to meeting his clients’ mortgage related needs. His dedication to client experience, along with his passion, diverse knowledge base and skill sets allow him to consistently identify options that are in his clients’ best interests. It is through this thorough and holistic approach that Ronit can make the entire mortgage process as seamless and stress free as possible for you.

  • Paramjit Singh Grewal
    13 octobre 2019


  • Paramjit Singh Grewal
    13 octobre 2019


  • Ravjot Singh
    8 octobre 2019

    I liked the way Ronit explained different steps involved in the renewal process. The conversation was detailed and very helpful

  • Tina Nixon
    2 octobre 2019

    Your agents took so long to get back to me that I had time to go to 3 different bank's to try to get my finances

  • Dana Harrington
    7 septembre 2019

    I’ve only received an initial email in response to my application so there’s not much to base a review on at this point.

  • Nikhil Kumar
    3 septembre 2019


  • Colin Iuliano
    28 août 2019

    Great discussion, walked me through the process and rates, spent over 20 minutes on the phone with me. Haven't heard back in a couple days though.

  • Leora Kornfeld
    21 août 2019

    Very competent and comprehensive and honest agent. Thorough and extremely knowledgeable about the industry.

  • Sally Currie
    13 août 2019

    Was very polite and courteous. Was not interested in our loan as it was too small, despite requiring a large renovation budget. This was the only discussion, no further questions on debt or assets

  • Abbas Khwaja
    28 juillet 2019

    Immediate follow up. Very helpful suggestions provided by Ronit.

  • APayal Shah
    19 juillet 2019

    I had a good experience. The agent was very honest and helpful.

  • Math
    19 juillet 2019

    She promised to call but never deed & i have not heard from her till date.

  • Rishi
    18 juillet 2019

    Good informative person.

  • Angela
    10 juillet 2019

    Great help

  • Connie Mantyka
    7 juillet 2019

    Very professional and polite

  • Subash
    20 juin 2019

    Good morning quick service love this site regards

  • Joanna Mestre
    12 juin 2019

    Very courteous and gave suggestions for my consideration. I do like to crunch numbers and review these numbers prior to finalizing any decisions. It would be helpful to see the various scenarios discussed in an Excel spreadsheet or something showing the final numbers so that a final decision can be reached sooner.

  • Dennis He
    11 juin 2019

    Friendly and helpful

  • Erik Dorff
    6 juin 2019

    Prompt clear service.

  • Erik Dorff
    6 juin 2019

    Prompt clear service.

  • Vibhu Goel
    4 juin 2019

    i was impressed with their knowledge and customer service - they called back on time

  • Victoria Fellows
    26 mai 2019

    good emails

  • Melissa Garrett
    17 mai 2019

    Agent emailed several times but was unable to provide any useful information. I prefer to communicate over email but he just insisted company policy is to provide rates over the phone

  • Ruth Kehoe
    7 mai 2019

    Although he was not available at the moment, he did indicate he would call me back momentarily.

  • Ruth Kehoe
    7 mai 2019

    Although he was not available at the moment, he did indicate he would call me back momentarily.

  • Suresh Vishnu
    4 mai 2019

    Does not respond to queries. Ignores questions

  • Vince Bourque
    27 avril 2019

    Very knowledgeable and helpful

  • Bonnie Eby
    17 avril 2019

    Ronit quickly responded to my inquiry and advised me of my options.

  • Jackie Braunisch
    14 avril 2019

    Very professional and helpful .

  • Nancy Merchant
    12 avril 2019

    He was very knowledgeable and gave me proper in depth information and options about refinancing the mortgage

  • Graeme
    3 avril 2019

    No one called us

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