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Raymond brings over 5 years of mortgage experience to the CanWise team. From Feb 2012 – Mar 2017 he worked in various mortgage related positions with CIBC including Mortgage Servicing Specialist, Mortgage Insurance Sale & Service Rep, Mortgage Renewal Specialist, and most recently he was a CIBC Mortgage Advisor working over the telephone banking channel. Raymond’s easy going approach will reduce the stress that can come with the mortgage process. He prides himself on providing each and every client the best experience possible.
  • Callum
    22 avril 2021

    Helpful and allowed me to take my time when thinking.

  • Callum
    22 avril 2021

    Helpful and allowed me to take my time when thinking.

  • Irene Doh
    9 décembre 2020

    Quick response and accurate information provided

  • Thuy Dinh-vanherk
    9 décembre 2020

    Raymond was very informative and helpful with all the questions and concerns I had with regards to my inquiry about mortgage renewals.

  • Peng Zhu
    9 décembre 2020

    responsive and informative

  • Alicja Kapusta
    5 décembre 2020

    Very helpful and amazing

  • Samuel Manashirov
    24 novembre 2020

    Great help

  • Jerry Lazurko
    24 novembre 2020

    I may be going with u

  • Verkeen Gorguy
    14 novembre 2020

    Very professional

  • Vik Dhawan
    9 novembre 2020

    Pleasent and to the point.

  • Prabhjote Singh Jhajj
    9 novembre 2020


  • Poonam Sharma
    6 novembre 2020

    I keep forgetting to reply his email which was response to my request. And Raymond kept sending me follow up emails until I replied.

  • Carlo Condarcuri
    5 novembre 2020


  • Ruth Lakas
    23 octobre 2020

    Agent was on the ball and kept me informed. Super appreciate it!

  • Parsa Beheshti
    18 octobre 2020

    Easy to talk to. Very straight forward in answering any questions.

  • Rachid Mbarki
    16 octobre 2020

    Raymond emailed me promptly and is working on getting me a good rate

  • Laura Muntz
    6 octobre 2020

    Never followed up after the initial email.

  • Mark Schaerf
    3 septembre 2020

    He seems nice and well organized.

  • Ilesh
    31 août 2020

    Good customer service.

  • Ruth Hack
    27 août 2020

    Raymond was knowledgeable and very friendly.

  • Manoj Gupta
    26 août 2020

    He gave me honest advise and answered all my questions.

  • Cc
    22 août 2020

    Persistance ti the right level

  • Michael Mechan
    19 août 2020

    Contacted me on time, followed up with helpful emails.

  • Pallav Simariya
    8 août 2020

    The agent provided information but was not energetic.

  • Andrea Phoenix
    7 août 2020

    Raymond was knowledgable and helpful.

  • Juanito Vargas
    5 août 2020

    Very good

  • Natalie Desjardins
    4 août 2020

    Was quick to contact me

  • Grahame Stap
    31 juillet 2020

    Our expirance was not good I am sorry to say It seemed that the person was to busy to call We recived only email suggesting we should Call. Not good at all Grahame

  • Vishal Verma
    25 juillet 2020

    Everything was fine

  • Dan Galenkamp
    22 juillet 2020

    Very prompt and tenacious in his follow-up.

  • Christine Frenette
    20 juillet 2020

    Great information was provided regarding my situation

  • Amarjyoti Dinda
    16 juillet 2020

    It was great interacting with Raymond. He was transparent, precise and reassuring. Made no tall promises, just asked for my exact circumstances and needs and offered a proper solution. Happy to refer Ratehub to people.

  • Karyn
    13 juillet 2020

    Raymond provided great options and was very professional.

  • Carl Sawatzky
    11 juillet 2020

    Professional, knowledgable, helpful

  • Kazi Hoque
    9 juillet 2020

    Provided great advice and input on best step suited for me

  • Danielle Mcki
    8 juillet 2020

    He was efficient to contact me, but I haven't heard from him since.

  • Dani
    7 juillet 2020

    the service was fine, and the response was rapid

  • Santhosh Nagaraj
    6 juillet 2020

    Raymond has been very responsive and helped me understand the steps easily, all in all it has been an uncomplicated experience.

  • Praveen K Nagaraj
    5 juillet 2020

    Great conversation

  • Mohit Bhatt
    22 juin 2020

    Call with Canwise agent was very usefull to understand my options, I was not eligible for the product which I inquired for but the call was very informative and agent was friendly and patient while hearing my questions.

  • Dilraj Pama
    26 mai 2020

    Raymond called me promptly and left a voicemail. I called him back and he was available for a chat right away. He was patient with my questions, explained things about mortgages that I didn't know about and gave detailed answers to everything. I liked how he wasn't pushy at all and only wanted to help me get the information I needed. It was wonderful connecting with Raymond.

  • Liron
    25 mai 2020

    Amazing service and professionalism with knowledge , experience and talent

  • Norman Duguid
    12 mai 2020

    Great interaction with Raymond and prompt follow up by him.

  • Tina Kierans
    10 mai 2020

    Didn’t decide to use him but they promptly got in contact with me

  • Amritpal Dhadly
    1 mai 2020

    Was very helpful

  • Kirsten
    1 mai 2020

    Great service!

  • Robert Wing
    23 avril 2020

    still working my mortgage

  • Anh Van Tran
    15 avril 2020

    Quick response

  • Dina Beygelman
    8 avril 2020


  • Carla
    31 mars 2020

    Fast reply

  • Neil Fernandopulle
    27 mars 2020

    Raymond was very clear in his explanation of the various options for us. He is quick to respond to my questions. Very impressed with him.

  • Elvire K.
    25 mars 2020

    Available and professional.

  • Alan Garcia
    22 mars 2020

    Very helpful!

  • Dave Mitchell
    20 mars 2020

    He was knowledgeable, did not pressure me, and did not waste my time trying to sell me anything.

  • Matthew Pereira
    20 mars 2020

    Helpful, polite, but to the point.

  • Patrick Willman
    14 mars 2020

    very helpful and informative

  • Steve Selina
    27 février 2020

    Excellent advise

  • Adam Abaida
    21 février 2020


  • Alexandre Barrette
    13 février 2020

    Very great customer service.

  • Joanna
    23 janvier 2020

    I was grateful for the excellent information I received.

  • Leonid Chagal
    21 janvier 2020

    Good agent

  • Eichelle
    16 janvier 2020

    Responded in a timely manner unable to actually talk because of timing.

  • Gordon
    15 janvier 2020

    Ray is very knowledgeable about the products and provided straight forward answers to my questions.

  • Varinder Kalsi
    4 décembre 2019

    Very good knowledge.

  • Roba Farah
    15 novembre 2019


  • Roba Farah
    15 novembre 2019


  • 9 novembre 2019

    So fantastic

  • Jasmine Drolet
    7 novembre 2019

    Very helpful and quick to reply.

  • Husein Kirefu
    6 novembre 2019

    could have resent sent his email instead of telling me to find it.

  • Anita
    12 octobre 2019

    Totally unsatisfactory. Won’t be using or subscribing to your service. He didn’t seem interested.

  • Ana Dasilva
    27 septembre 2019

    Still waiting on follow up.

  • Angela Toni Marson
    25 septembre 2019

    Thank you for contacting me. I appreciate the blind wall created by technology and the ease with which doing so, using tech sites creates new networks . From The Private Office of ATM Inc Angela Toni Marson Mrs. Perry Marson Angell International Relations Specialist Research and Professional Writing

  • Caine
    3 septembre 2019

    agent has tried hard to connect with me and provide information.

  • Srinivasan
    2 septembre 2019

    Very good support

  • Behrang Moazzez
    2 septembre 2019

    I would like to be provided with the mortgage terms in email. The agent explained it over phone though it would be nice to have it emailed to help with decision making.

  • Kyle Sprague
    29 août 2019

    Knowledgeable and understanding, he will keep in touch throughout the next few months on my schedule

  • Chris Tolsma
    20 juillet 2019

    Doesn’t return emails.

  • Marianne Mask
    20 juin 2019

    Looking forward to further information about current mortgage rates. Thank you for your prompt reply.

  • Sudhir Saxena
    15 juin 2019

    Excellent and prompt service

  • Bob Kaminsky
    15 juin 2019

    I havent had the chance to Contact and speak with Raymond

  • Sudhir Saxena
    15 juin 2019

    Excellent and prompt service

  • Saji
    12 juin 2019

    Great Customer service

  • Randy
    29 mai 2019

    Good communication of information requested in a timely manner

  • Linda Banh
    24 mai 2019


  • Ahmed
    9 mai 2019

    I like to deal with him

  • Mihir Desai
    4 mai 2019

    Good experience about their services

  • Mark Punzalan
    4 mai 2019

    Good worker

  • Mathnaraz Ramdhony
    2 mai 2019

    Knowledgeable.not persuasive.

  • Moris Shammas
    20 avril 2019

    So beautiful

  • Basel Mansour
    20 avril 2019

    I called his office 3 times with no answer, he tried to call me back, but all that I get is a voice msg

  • Girma Eshetu
    16 avril 2019

    had good experience

  • Kathy McDonald
    15 avril 2019

    We have not applied for a mortgage yet, however Raymond was very helpful in helping us determine our options and needs. We will get in touch with him when we decide we are ready to get the process going to purchase.

  • Ersin Saygiliu
    13 avril 2019


  • Frank
    13 avril 2019

    he feel worry about my search

  • Monica Eickmeyer
    6 avril 2019

    Very informative and polite. A pleasure to consult about my mortgage requirements .

  • Sean O'Tare
    30 mars 2019

    Ray was very helpful in understanding the whole process and explaining the differences between traditional banks and mortgage brokers. I felt no pressure, CanWise had very good rates, and I was planning on using them. I did not end up purchasing the property and Ray was absolutely okay with that and I’ll contact him in the future.

  • James Martin
    29 mars 2019

    Friendly, easy to understand.

  • Cindy Culig
    28 mars 2019


  • Mark Ng
    26 mars 2019

    Great service

  • Jason Tysoski
    26 mars 2019

    Raymond was absolutely great to deal with. He has great attention to detail, explains things in a very easy to understand way, has excellent communication skills and is always prompt in returning phone calls and emails. He's made our experience very enjoyable and my wife and I couldn't be happier. Thank you Raymond for all your help! We look to be clients of yours until we no longer require a mortgage!

  • Manjeet
    21 mars 2019

    Wonderful site. Great help to find the real Market rates and choose the best . Thanks

  • Nick
    20 mars 2019

    Very helpful and open

  • Adnan
    12 mars 2019

    very professional

  • Hannah
    8 mars 2019

    prompt response and follow up

  • Christian Stumpf
    16 février 2019

    Very attentive, supportive and client excellence oriented. Will definitely consider doing business with organization C.S.

  • Corey Shipp
    8 janvier 2019

    Raymond Munier has been great at returning my emails.

  • Sukhvir Kaur Sidhu
    6 janvier 2019

    Great knowledge and explanation

  • Ketan Patel
    5 janvier 2019

    In the discussion with agent for mortgage.

  • Erika Ladouceur
    30 décembre 2018

    Quick response

  • Paulo Andrade
    29 décembre 2018

    No comments

  • Ronald Cristobal
    27 novembre 2018

    very accommodating in terms answering questions ..

  • Suleiman Ocean Ihabe
    13 novembre 2018

    I love to be partner with you for mutual benefit.

  • David Collister
    1 novembre 2018

    I asked for information on a home equity line of credit. Raymond responded the next day to my request and advised me that few lenders were providing HELOC separately from a mortgage and suggested I follow up with my lender.

  • Hira Bhangu
    31 octobre 2018

    Looking good so far, Raymond has been very helpful and patient. My application was anything but simple but he has been very helpful in putting it together so that I can get the best rate possible.

  • Paula Lameiro
    19 octobre 2018

    He was Very knowledgable he is able to answer all my questions

  • Bobby Shergill
    16 octobre 2018

    Excellent customer service.

  • Joe Knysh
    13 août 2018


  • Gregory Crandon
    28 juillet 2018

    Was reviewing my application

  • Rochelle Stewart
    28 juillet 2018

    Very knowledgeable, tried his best to get a good rate for me. Very respectul and polite. Excellent soft skills.

  • Jessie McConkey
    25 juillet 2018

    It was ok

  • Schurter
    13 juillet 2018

    Was disappointed that there was not an opportunity to business in the first call but provided all requested information.

  • Jonathan Ruder
    4 juillet 2018

    Quick callback, professional demeanor and delivered what was advertised on the rathub site. well played

  • Felicia Billaney
    4 juillet 2018

    Rayman was excellent. He was very helpful he got back to me super fast with any questions I had I would definitely recommend him to any of mine who is looking to purchase a home

  • Freya
    29 juin 2018

    Help to solve my question professionally

  • Yan Fikh
    29 juin 2018

    very pleasant, but the offer was not accurate

  • Michaela Arias
    28 juin 2018

    Very knowledgeable

  • Alana Mcphee
    26 juin 2018

    Prompt service, but would be higher if he collected the threshold info first (such as the competing staff rate from TD) before bothering to collect my financial info.

  • Seqian Wang
    25 juin 2018

    Process went smoothly, got a call with the information. Would have preferred receiving the info in writing, but CanWise suggested to wait for when the actual mortgage process starts.

  • Emily Strong
    19 juin 2018

    Very helpful and quick to respond to any inquiries

  • Curtis Lee
    12 juin 2018

    Very knowledgeable, to the point no wasted time, not pushy.

  • Christine Evans
    8 juin 2018


  • Dhanesh Kumar
    31 mai 2018

    Advised aptly

  • Steve Lucyk
    27 mai 2018

    i don,t remember the persons name who i talked to but he was very helpful and kind

  • Jose Da Silva
    20 mai 2018

    Had lots of advice and rates to offer

  • Jose Da Silva
    20 mai 2018

    Had lots of advice and rates to offer

  • Matt Howard
    15 mai 2018

    very good and quick. nice speaking with you

  • Brent
    8 mai 2018

    He treated me with respect.

  • Jason Shapardanis
    5 mai 2018

    Very polite and knowledgeable

  • Syed
    1 mai 2018

    Good job

  • Jonelle Davies
    1 mai 2018

    Very good service

  • Omar
    27 mars 2018

    Very professional and approachable

  • Lucas Boluk
    21 mars 2018

    Questions answered

  • Medardo Ravago
    10 mars 2018

    Canwise give me a lower interest rate and it is awsome Thanks canwise

  • Shannon Binder
    9 mars 2018

    The agenda did not attempt to call me, at all. I only ever received two emails stating he was "sorry we had not connected yet'. After the second email, I called him. He was not in the office and I left a message with James, who couldn't seem to help me, either. I still have not heard from my agent....

  • James Mchattie
    28 février 2018

    Raymond was very forthcoming with information and wasnt pushy. I appreciated our conversation without pressure.

  • Maria Castillo
    22 février 2018

    Mr. Munier quickly responded to my inquiry which was actually very good. The dissappointing part was when I mentioned in my email that I was on CP. He just brushed off the idea and wrote that I have to wait for two years before Canwise can approve my mortgage and I have to re establish my credit first. I felt like being "scolded". Anyway, nothing was asked about how much our house is worth now and ho much we owe. I assume Mr Munier is a new mortgage agent. I don't think Canwise will get more customers if this is how agent will approach inquiries. It is a good experience and I have another company looking after us now.

  • Sondra Bedding
    21 février 2018

    the agent was polite and forwith

  • Devin Kaulback
    17 février 2018

    Reached out quickly.

  • Jennifer Goodyer
    10 février 2018

    Raymond was very knowledgeable, helpful and followed up quickly.

  • Adam Smith
    2 février 2018

    Quick to get back to me. Knowledgeable and informative

  • Lauren Spina
    30 janvier 2018

    Good performance

  • Parvinder
    28 janvier 2018

    Its fair

  • Chad
    25 janvier 2018

    Didn’t hear back maybe they didn’t get my email

  • Ryan Gray
    20 janvier 2018

    SteveDyment is amazing!

  • Tiffany
    18 janvier 2018

    I was contacted via email to set up a date to discuss remortgaging, I responded with an email and gave two days that I was available for an phone appointment (and so that hopefully one of those two days would work with his schedule as well) Its now been a week and I haven't heard back from him yet...I will try contacting him again incase my email was missed somehow.

  • Stephanie Pascual
    18 janvier 2018

    Good service. Follows up on inquiries quickly and he was knowledgeable. I just found having to do things electronically such as sending forms etc a challenge to those who are not up to date with technology. As opposed to a bank where i can meet with people and sit and fill up a form.

  • Juned
    14 janvier 2018


  • Kingsley Ojukwu
    13 janvier 2018

    Very helpful and knowledgeable.

  • Bahira Abdulsalam
    6 janvier 2018

    Great experience

  • Dongxu
    27 décembre 2017

    Raymond is helpful and replied emails very fast

  • Joy
    27 décembre 2017

    Great follow through

  • Daniel Caya
    22 décembre 2017

    Devoted trying to find what fits my situation best

  • Lalit Bhatla
    21 décembre 2017

    He was quick and knowledgeable and tried his best to answer all my questions. I am going with him for my mortgage renewal.

  • Dave Morin
    18 décembre 2017

    quick communications and very professional. Didn't end up switching but perhaps next time if the rates have a bigger difference in my payments

  • Marilyn Rankin
    11 décembre 2017


  • Maria Da Silva
    10 décembre 2017

    very good

  • Deborah Jasinski
    8 décembre 2017

    Super friendly and accommodating to my crazy schedule

  • Behnam Bina
    1 décembre 2017

    Quick and helpful

  • Ali
    1 décembre 2017


  • Peter T Makaveev
    24 novembre 2017


  • Don Thompson
    23 novembre 2017

    Gave me solid advice related to my mortgage options. Can't do corporate stuff, but he was honest about what he could do. Certainly would contact again.

  • Rob Kirkwood
    23 novembre 2017

    Solid. Didn't feel like I was being pressured.

  • Heather Brown
    23 novembre 2017

    He seemed very friendly. I was just disappointed in the rates he could offer me.

  • Hamed Sabetrasekh
    5 novembre 2017

    It's great to know how much your mortgage gonna be and also all the company that providing to you. Thanks ratehub to provide such a great thing like tgis very useful

  • Claire Taylor
    3 novembre 2017

    Raymond was helpful, thorough and knowledgeable. I appreciated his insight.

  • Andrea Pryer
    31 octobre 2017

    nothing to add

  • Gary Morgan
    28 octobre 2017

    very pleasant and polite

  • Gary Morgan
    28 octobre 2017

    very pleasant and polite

  • Donna Saleh
    15 octobre 2017

    Raymond was very prompt and offered and explained different scenarios.

  • Chris Ridgen
    12 octobre 2017

    Great interaction . very fast response, shared some great information with me

  • Andrew Koutsandreas
    5 octobre 2017

    Quick response, answered all my questions in timely manner. Professional service

  • Brian Calleja
    5 octobre 2017

    He is pleasant to talk with and knowledgable.

  • Neil Ferguson
    2 septembre 2017

    Very nice and intelligent

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