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Randheer started his financial career at CIBC where he spent 4 years as a Financial Advisor and Mortgage Consultant. He provided clients with exceptional service in investments and mortgage options. Randheers’ knowledge, well-rounded skill set and passion allows him to understand clients and provide them recommendations that are tailored to their needs. Randheer's promise is dedicated and personalized service to make the mortgage process easy and stress free.

  • Jordan Radigan
    17 juin 2019


  • Jordan Radigan
    17 juin 2019


  • Aman
    6 juin 2019

    Doing his best to help the customer

  • Iraklis Karailiadis
    5 juin 2019

    Thanks so much for explaining everything!

  • Yosha Mendis
    4 juin 2019

    Didnt really ans q. Many unrequested follow up emails.

  • Aliaksandr
    1 juin 2019

    He works very quick

  • Sazzad Hossain
    1 juin 2019


  • Vittorio Rotondi
    27 mai 2019

    Very professional and patient.

  • Jusie
    24 mai 2019

    I haven't had a chance to talk to the broker as I already signed up my renewal deal with my current lender.

  • Anis Aboumsabih
    22 mai 2019

    Randheer is helping me professionally in getting my mortgage renewed with canwise.

  • John Britto
    17 mai 2019

    Quick processing but still on hold for the pre approval..

  • Neethi Ganesh
    12 avril 2019

    Randheer is a professional broker who knows his products well and explains well. Patient in dealing with the prospective clients.

  • Aval Thind
    8 avril 2019

    very informative

  • David Toeg
    23 mars 2019

    Provided me with great guidance given my situation. Was professional and knowledgeable.

  • Livio Ciaralli
    13 mars 2019

    Just getting into the game. Randheer will certainly be included when we go look for a mortgage.

  • Samir Ibrahim
    9 mars 2019

    Randheer was knowledgeable, responsive and provided excellent guidance as we navigated our way through the mortgage option that were available.

  • Afshin Rahimi
    8 mars 2019

    He was very helpful

  • Maria Onisoru
    27 février 2019

    Very knowledgeable and professional. Prompt response and very helpful.

  • Andrea
    27 février 2019

    Explained everything well and answered all follow-up questions I raised promptly. Definitely knew his stuff!

  • Lisa
    26 février 2019

    Randheer is very friendly and professional. He answered all of my questions.

  • Darlene Younan
    29 janvier 2019

    He answered all my questions and provided clear and consice info on every aspect I look forward to talking to him in the near future regarding this mortgage journey

  • Joy U.
    2 janvier 2019

    I give 4 star of how quick they respond to you. I am still trying to get in touch with the agency but due to infexible schedule I couldn't give them a call as the don't are close after 5 PM :(

  • Darcie Scollard
    27 novembre 2018


  • Chris Orford
    2 novembre 2018

    Randheer replied to my request for information very promptly. He was very knowledgable &helpful.

  • Vu
    5 octobre 2018

    Randheer is very knowledgeable, well explained of different mortgage options. He followed through with our conversation even after I told him I was going to contact him but I was too busy. But Randheer wasn’t too aggressive to reach me like the other brokerages who constantly emailing me every day, which I like about Randheer who gave me some times to sort my end first.

  • Chris Ryan
    27 septembre 2018

    Very patient as well as knowledgeable.

  • Kyle Kusiak
    25 septembre 2018

    Unneccessary followup; I advised I would get back to Randeer in due course. No options provided in writing.

  • Christina
    22 septembre 2018


  • Vinny Chan
    28 août 2018

    Responded quickly

  • Daniel James Frank
    9 août 2018

    Quick and knowledgable. Great use of my time.

  • Jason Shabtai
    7 août 2018


  • Anne Kaszuba
    28 juillet 2018

    Having trouble connecting...

  • Mark Sarafin
    26 juillet 2018

    Emailed me promptly and was courteous and professional.

  • Kayli
    25 juillet 2018

    Easy to understand the process as a first time homebuyer, doesnt push u to make a decission and very knoledgeble

  • Anna & Peter Lewandowski
    11 juin 2018

    Very well informed person with great customer relations skills,

  • Naman Agarwal
    31 mai 2018

    Super helpful, smooth process.. helped in dealing with all complications with the bank and I got the best rate possible in the market for my scenario!!

  • Svetlana Radakovic
    19 mai 2018

    Very informativ, professional, answer on all my inquires.

  • Vu Le
    9 mai 2018


  • Sudesh Samaroo
    9 mai 2018

    He was very good in contacting me and was interested in getting my information.

  • Vu Le
    9 mai 2018


  • Jeff Urwin
    5 mai 2018

    very helpful

  • Liliane Létourneau
    29 avril 2018

    Called and emailed immediately but only left a long distance number to reach them. Why is there no toll free number or local agent I can reach?

  • Amanda
    21 avril 2018

    Rates discussed were higher than posted on the site

  • Robert Mcgregor
    19 avril 2018

    Got call promptly and had answers provided.

  • Elena Caria
    17 avril 2018

    Very helpful Knowledgeable and thoughtful of our needs

  • Tiffany Richards
    15 avril 2018

    He followed up with me quickly via phone and email. He was able to answer basic questions I had over the phone.

  • ryan gamberta
    27 mars 2018


  • Jessica Woodcock
    25 mars 2018

    Knowledgeable and quick to reply

  • Abhishek Narayanpur
    8 mars 2018

    Very knowledgeable and to the point. Had a short call and discussed only the stuff that matters. Really appreciate that he did not waste my time and provided all the info i needed in a short call. Got to wait and see if the swith over paper work is as easy as talking to the agent.

  • Jacky Chan
    3 mars 2018

    Agent was helpful and explained key points clearly.

  • Keith Barker
    1 mars 2018

    Very thorough and helpful

  • Julie Lembo
    24 février 2018

    Mr Warha was very helpful and informative. A pleasure to deal with.

  • Agostino Scattoloni
    23 février 2018

    Provided a good rate and informed me of the mortgage conditions.

  • Daniel Vogel
    22 février 2018

    Very professional, clear, friendly, and helpful. Fast service.

  • Tatiana Brezven
    16 février 2018

    very great guy, knows what he is doing

  • Shamim Khan
    12 février 2018

    I do not remember the name of the agent but I think he sounds like one above. he did not solve my issue but a very knowledgeable agent.

  • Owain Jones
    2 février 2018

    Randheer's communication was very clear and quick to the point of the information I was looking for.

  • Fernando
    25 janvier 2018

    Sounded trust Worthy

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