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Kevin has over 6 years of experience working in the financial industry. He has a Business Degree from Ryerson University where he majored in Finance. After graduating, he moved onto the role as an associate for an investment service company and dealt with day to day trades as well as hedge fund applications. After 2 years, Kevin decided to move onto CIBC where he spent the next 4 years as a financial representative and mortgage specialist. He provided clients with exceptional service in investments and mortgage options. Kevin’s knowledge, well-rounded skill set and passion allows him to understand clients and provide them recommendations that are tailored to their needs. He prides himself on being able to assist homeowners with sound advice, while making the mortgage process seamless, informative, and easy to understand.

  • Marie Hoy
    26 mars 2018

    Kevin was prompt and accommodating.

  • Marie Hoy
    26 mars 2018

    Kevin was prompt and accommodating.

  • Marjolaine Eckert
    25 mars 2018

    Very informative

  • Brian Marlow
    17 mars 2018

    well diverse and knows his stuff

  • Sandra Milich
    8 mars 2018

    Honest and friendly

  • Andrew Lafleche
    6 mars 2018

    He was transparent with what he was able to do for me. No bullshit.

  • Maria Hu
    6 mars 2018

    I am a realtor for 35 years, always had to enquire and self compare from each individual source. This Ratehub is the most sensible idea in today's fast, inquisitive, ever competitive & transparent market worldwide. Excellent !!

  • Darion Ducharme
    4 mars 2018

    Amazing!! Thanks!

  • Sydney Haley
    3 mars 2018

    Kevin connected with me very fast. He gave me all the nessessary information over the phone. I was a little bit bothered that he could not give me the rate in writing (for whatever reason) and it was very evident he was motivated to sell this mortgage - endless calls/emails. To be 100% honest I was annoyed by the amount of calls I received. I’m sure the nature of his calls had good intentions - like securing a mortgage. However, I would have called back and connected with him at my convenience and/or when a desirable rate came up.

  • Ken Kang
    14 février 2018

    very kind.

  • Dianne Cormier
    7 février 2018

    Kevin contacted me within hours by phone & email. He was professional & efficient. The Ratehub was a disappointment. The listed rates were not accurate.The 2 lending institutions that I was interested in had inaccurate rates listed.

  • Daniel S
    5 février 2018

    Very prompt in communication and available to explain all my concerns.

  • Aditya Chourasiya
    21 janvier 2018

    Should’ve taken longer to describe the process instead of handing over the non disclosure documents upon first call. Overall okay experience.

  • Imad Didi
    19 janvier 2018

    Good service

  • Kashif Ahsan
    10 janvier 2018

    nice service

  • Russell
    5 janvier 2018

    Great insight. Only thing i would advise is to tighten up on the follow up process. Between the time i was contacted by him and the time i am writting this i have learned that i qualify for early renewal. So there will be no penalty. I have since been in contact with another broker and 2 banks, but i value the information Kevin gave me so i will give him a fair shot before i make a decision.

  • Ronaldo Goncales
    4 janvier 2018

    He has given a lot of atention

  • Lynn
    30 décembre 2017

    Prompt reply to my email. Very informative with clear and concise feedback.

  • Greg
    24 décembre 2017

    Kevin was very attentive and was available to answer any questions we had about terminology and other unknowns. He got us a great rate in a short time, and ended up saving us thousands of dollars. He was honest and upfront about what he could deliver and he delivered.

  • Sandra Bimson
    23 décembre 2017

    Quick and efficient and I was very happy with the rate I got.

  • Barry Bond
    23 décembre 2017


  • Narjis Zaidi
    21 décembre 2017

    He was good but was not able to get us the mortgage

  • Jim Armstrong
    14 décembre 2017

    Very knowledgeable

  • Denise Agard
    7 décembre 2017

    Seemed disorganized. Kept sending emails to set up initial meeting even though we had already spoken.

  • Kathleen Russell
    11 novembre 2017

    Broker gave excellent advice and was extremely helpful and prompt on all services.

  • Andree Ansaldo
    1 novembre 2017

    Very tenatious

  • Elias Dabbagh
    1 novembre 2017

    Kevin provided a great service and was very upfront, told us what to expect and what we need to prepare in advance before proceeding.

  • Juan Martel
    28 octobre 2017

    Excellent service. Kevin is very knowledgeable and gave me lots of options and information. He followed up promptly and made this task a great experience!

  • Jeff Harris
    28 octobre 2017

    Very informative and nice.

  • Abdulmuhdi Enshassi
    22 octobre 2017

    Good Service.

  • Michelle Nilson
    11 octobre 2017

    No additional comments

  • Danny
    8 octobre 2017

    Kevin contacted me through Email and Phone and did a good job trying to help me with mortgage related products.

  • Shalinbhai Joshi
    14 septembre 2017


  • Egbe Aibangbee
    13 septembre 2017

    The agent understand what his talking about and the market.

  • Diane Brunet
    12 septembre 2017

    Readily available. Very knowledgeable and professional.

  • Gerald & Joan Barker
    10 septembre 2017

    seemed hesitant at first but more confident as time passed

  • Sharif Barakzai
    3 septembre 2017


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