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For more than 11 years Jay has helped hundreds of clients save thousands of dollars by helping them explore various mortgage options and choose the right mortgage products. For Jay, getting to know his clients and their financing requirements well is really important .Jay loves to create long term relationships with his clients, which helps his clients not only to get great mortgage products but also save during the life of the mortgage and their real estate investments. In the past, Jay has worked as a principal broker for one of the largest independent mortgage brokerages in Canada and has also been a successful entrepreneur and investor. Jay has graduated in Bachelor of Engineering, has completed certificate course in Financial Services Underwriting with Honours from Seneca College, Toronto and has also got an MBA from IIM Ahmedabad, India.

  • Miguel Calvin
    27 juillet 2019

    Friendly, concise, professional.

  • Miguel Calvin
    27 juillet 2019

    Friendly, concise, professional.

  • Adam Dubeau
    13 juillet 2019

    Thanks for your assistance

  • Bijay Son
    4 juillet 2019

    He offered me different options for my renewal mortgage.

  • Kostyantyn Kulagin
    4 juin 2019

    Fast "no" answer. No options/advise provided.

  • Pritpal Lubana
    5 mai 2019


  • Sam
    28 avril 2019

    He is a professional and very helpful

  • Jitendrakumar Patel
    20 avril 2019

    no comments

  • Bharat Goyal
    20 avril 2019

    good agent.

  • Mareka Rooney
    9 avril 2019

    Jay has been a pleasure to work with and has made the whole experience smooth from the beginning. His customer service definitely wins my business.

  • Dave Hughes
    7 avril 2019

    Asked for the same info multiple times. Didn't acknowledges responses to his queries.

  • Raghu Raman
    6 avril 2019

    Jay provided various details and suggested best options.

  • Zubair Mohammed
    24 mars 2019

    Amazing service. Jay is awesome and very knowledgeable. I can say unbeatable customer service. I will recommend them to all my family and friends.

  • Sally Elsadek
    21 février 2019

    Good info provided

  • Srikarthikeya Challa
    13 février 2019

    He is good an knowledgeable

  • Ludwig Dobmeier
    11 février 2019

    rate on line did not match rate quoted

  • Zohra Khan
    9 février 2019

    Great service and followed up.

  • Sandy Wong
    24 janvier 2019

    Respond in time but not very helpful in helping us with our quote and he did not ask much detail about situation. Got better service with another financial company

  • Brent
    20 janvier 2019

    Honest feedback

  • Rainnia Iwaszkiw
    12 décembre 2018

    Very thorough, clear, concise and provided me answers quickly

  • P Dhar
    10 décembre 2018

    Quick response, very well informed

  • Les Salik
    1 décembre 2018

    Knowledgeable and provided good advice.

  • James Grace
    6 octobre 2018

    Jay was quick to follow up -- however I had already decided on an other provider.

  • Tony Ghoman
    8 août 2018

    Great customer service. Honest and up front.

  • Tommy
    31 juillet 2018

    Professional in nature in terms of business knowledge..thank you for your time..

  • Ronnie
    30 juillet 2018


  • Michael
    26 juillet 2018


  • Shirley L Clark
    23 juin 2018

    Still waiting to hear back, he said 3 business days and I should have heard from him today but nothing

  • Martin Malette
    13 juin 2018

    Good job. Very professional.

  • Mukesh Puwar
    8 juin 2018

    very good

  • Anees Khan
    7 juin 2018

    Jay is very knowledgeable agent

  • Ettienne Zeelie
    2 juin 2018

    Very responsive and well informed.

  • David White
    16 mai 2018

    Very helpful and thorough. Responded quickly to everything.

  • Timish Shah
    4 mai 2018

    prompt response

  • Shannie Alvarez
    20 avril 2018

    Good info

  • Deepika
    16 avril 2018

    Agent was quite knowledgeable and gave us a generic advice. I really liked him.

  • Holli Burrows
    15 avril 2018

    Agent was responsive and approachable. Good experience, but opted to go with a local broker known to friends.

  • Darshan Patel
    15 avril 2018


  • Barb Racey
    15 avril 2018

    Quick response

  • Marsha Burton-amernic
    24 mars 2018

    Jay is Very knowledgeable and his advice was helpful, and he was not pushy.

  • Joanne
    24 mars 2018

    Jay was responsive with a call back and when we spoke he was clear and to the point. I appreciated that. Although we cannot do business today, I will keep ratehub and Canwise on my list to contact for my next mortgage.

  • Jason goldstein
    17 mars 2018


  • Alexina Crothers
    16 mars 2018

    Wasn't super helpful

  • Devendra Saha
    12 mars 2018

    Very good

  • Gwyn
    9 mars 2018

    Got a quick response

  • D.
    8 mars 2018

    He got in touch with me right away, by email.

  • Mary Pareta
    7 mars 2018

    Was quick to respond and diligent in his follow up

  • Emily
    6 mars 2018

    Quick response

  • Ryan Lanyon
    4 mars 2018

    I was surprised how honest and helpful the service was through a website

  • Arden Guler
    24 février 2018

    Quick response and call back

  • Erez Koelewyn
    13 février 2018

    The Agent was courteous, knowledgeable, and to the point. Just what I would expect.

  • Jennifer
    6 février 2018

    Was helpful

  • Kadie E Gorman
    1 février 2018

    Took time to explain and was no pressure. Very knowledgeable. Appreciated his care

  • Rohit
    31 janvier 2018

    He was very knowledgeable and polite. Great to deal with

  • James Beland
    31 janvier 2018

    Excellent service. Quick to respond. Friendly and professional. Was able to provide excellent rate but went with another broker as he was able to do just a bit better.

  • Michelle
    25 janvier 2018

    Jay was very informative and helpful.

  • Michael Mckay
    25 janvier 2018

    Exceptionally helpful. Went through multiple scenarios even though I wasn't committing to any purchase/product. Willing to explain differences between options to help me form my own decision.

  • Nawras
    24 janvier 2018

    Very informative and knowledgeable, gave me advice on what to do when it's to renew my mortgage.

  • Catherine
    24 janvier 2018

    Helpful and not pushy

  • Alicia Macdonald
    22 janvier 2018

    Jay was great to deal with.

  • Sonja Swanson
    21 janvier 2018

    He was polite and helpful on the phone.

  • Alastair Scott Walker
    14 décembre 2017

    He phoned and responded to emails.

  • Warren Pineau
    12 décembre 2017


  • Nathan
    6 décembre 2017

    Jay was very helpful in getting us the best rate available. Would absolutely recommend! He saved us half a percentage point or more on our rate compared to the bank we had our mortgage with.

  • Shamim
    6 décembre 2017

    What a guy! He completely understood our circumstances and was exceedingly helpful

  • Anna
    6 décembre 2017

    Informative and helpful answering my questions. Followed up with an email detailing our conversation and the "next steps" in the event our offer was accepted. Thanks!

  • Ron
    4 décembre 2017

    Quick to reply

  • Nigel Pronger
    30 novembre 2017

    Great service. I will recommend to others

  • Fahim Khalid
    24 novembre 2017


  • Jerome Arthur
    22 novembre 2017

    Jay was good. He was always willing to answer the phone when I called

  • Amir
    11 novembre 2017

    I prefer a face to face conversation

  • Eric Renteria
    2 novembre 2017

    Good service

  • Wendy Kimpfell
    1 novembre 2017

    very helpful, answered all my questions

  • Scott Watkins
    28 octobre 2017

    Response within a day. No pressure, great rates!

  • Scott Watkins
    28 octobre 2017

    Response within a day. No pressure, great rates!

  • Hugh Zhao
    28 octobre 2017

    answer quickly

  • Tommy Wong
    21 octobre 2017

    Professional and response fast

  • Russell Ong
    21 octobre 2017

    Just didn’t have enough time to get approved before mortgage term expired.

  • Gary Faykes
    21 octobre 2017

    Very pleasant

  • Jatinder
    5 octobre 2017

    Good service

  • Ameet Gulabivala
    20 septembre 2017

    Good professional advise. Print response. Very quick with doing what he said he would do.

  • Evangeline Talos
    18 septembre 2017

    Great service!

  • Mohamed Abed
    16 septembre 2017


  • Brian Reiber
    15 septembre 2017

    Thanks for reviewing our application. In the end we found a better rate elsewhere but we appreciate your efforts.

  • Roy Co
    14 septembre 2017

    Quick follow up and gives you the straight goods. No deceitful upselling.

  • JHA
    14 septembre 2017

    Agent seems not too keen on my account as I see no effort on his part to really help. I was looking for renewal of my $300k mortgage.

  • Martyna Kopplinger
    1 septembre 2017

    I only initially asked for preliminary rates I could potentially qualify for and received a quick and professional response.

  • Jesse
    29 juin 2017

    Very informative and honest.

  • Sergey Popov
    16 avril 2017

    Jay is good at explaining things to a 1st time buyer.

  • Juan Damasco
    15 avril 2017

    Quick response and good info

  • Kiran Menon
    31 mars 2017

    Very helpful. I will do trades with him again.

  • Nicole
    31 mars 2017

    Got back to me quickly. My renewal is not due for more than the 4 month period so he said he'd get back me closer to the 4 month date so the mortgage rate can be guaranteed.

  • Catherine Cheung
    25 mars 2017

    Very helpful with providing me info up front (I provided him with very limited info).... Great follow-up phone calls to address my questions

  • Leslie Major
    11 mars 2017

    very helpful and responded immediately to my request for a rate quote

  • Mike Fung
    28 février 2017

    professional, attentive, polite

  • Brenden Chiarello
    23 février 2017

    Very professional and helpful.

  • Joanna perez
    16 février 2017

    The service was really good thanks to Jay that assisted me very well.

  • Jen
    11 février 2017

    Very helpful and knowledgable

  • Jaydeep Dave
    8 février 2017

    Overall Good Details given

  • Amogh Agrawal
    3 février 2017

    pretty clear knowledge.

  • Sondra
    28 janvier 2017

    Was polite in listening and answering my concerns.

  • Dustin S Wallace
    28 janvier 2017

    Jay was very polite helpful and knowledgeable

  • Lindsey Aull
    20 janvier 2017

    Great customer service

  • Mark Baker
    15 janvier 2017

    Quick response, seems willing to help.

  • Sheila Sundell
    13 janvier 2017

    Not pushy, very friendly and helpful

  • Bryan Crosby
    7 janvier 2017

    Jay was very quick and responsive in returning my inquiry. I had a pre-approval in 2 days.

  • Bobbie Kalsi
    5 décembre 2016

    Easy to talk to. Courteous professional polite. Listened and advised.

  • Kurtis Kube
    29 novembre 2016

    Jay has been good. Available and willing to answer questions. Only comment is that this is our first mortgage in canada and it would've been nice to be walked through things a little more thoroughly. It's always better to feel coached through the process.

  • Barry
    29 novembre 2016


  • Nigel Martin
    25 novembre 2016

    Jay got back to me about current rates and has been helpful in making an informed financial decision.

  • Norm Atha
    24 novembre 2016

    He was honest.

  • Dan Zupancic
    20 novembre 2016

    Good follow up.

  • Raymond Tam
    16 novembre 2016

    Very informative and reassuring. Quick responses and good service.....oh yeh, found us a great rate for what we needed.

  • David Graves
    16 novembre 2016

    Fast and courteous

  • Adile Chavush
    12 novembre 2016

    He contacted me by phone and via e-mail promptly and with a very professional manner. I will contact him again in the future, I told him.

  • Masroor Khan
    18 octobre 2016

    Great site for my common issues

  • Daniel
    8 septembre 2016

    Jay is prompt to respond and pleasant to speak with.

  • Peter
    1 septembre 2016

    Good service and great communication.

  • Ossama Abouassi
    27 août 2016

    Jay was very helpful with all my questions

  • Lee Waddell
    5 août 2016

    Jay was a great help! Unfortunately I got my maturity date wrong and didn't need the quote! I will definitely be back!

  • Leslie Scharf
    17 juillet 2016

    Very knowlegable and friendly. Answered all my questions very professionally. Would not hesistate dealing with him in the future.

  • Max Kostromine
    24 juin 2016

    Very prompt communication and straightforward approach. Highly recommended.

  • Amrish
    19 juin 2016

    He was fairly talented and patient, answered all my questions.

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