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Eric has an honours bachelor of commerce degree with a specialization in finance. He has held multiple positions at the big 5 banks including 4 years at CIBC as a mortgage specialist. Eric's promise is dedicated and personalized service to make the mortgage process easy and stress free.

  • Jan Belik
    29 septembre 2020

    Eric was quick to contact, pleasant and was able to answer all my questions

  • Jan Belik
    29 septembre 2020

    Eric was quick to contact, pleasant and was able to answer all my questions

  • Alim Mawani
    19 septembre 2020

    Playing phone tag. Still haven't received a call yet from him.

  • Khalid Sabihuddin
    14 septembre 2020

    Great conversation, transparent, open, and direct. Very helpful guidance was provided. Appreciated the candour and will definitely be impactful in future decisions to choose CanWise Financial for financial products.

  • Abdul
    9 septembre 2020

    Eric is a polite and professional mortgage agent. I wish him further success in his work.

  • Erin Lundgren
    19 août 2020

    Was prompt in responding to messages

  • Souhaiel
    14 août 2020

    He's a good listener

  • Jim
    14 août 2020

    Eric was very timely with a callback and helpfully Laos our a couple of good options for my consideration.

  • Vedasto Asis
    14 août 2020


  • Dulal Saha
    13 août 2020

    Eric is very responsive on following up with the clients. He provides all the details that needed to start looking a property and apply for mortgage.

  • Sergio Cinti
    30 juillet 2020

    Not very helpfull

  • Loretta Cheung
    27 juillet 2020

    Good follow-up

  • Stacey Hayes
    24 juillet 2020

    Agent was very friendly, easy to understand and was willing to answer a lot of questions. Eric seemed very eager to get what was best for me, not what was best for his pocket, which makes the process so much easier!

  • Jennifer Woronchak
    23 juillet 2020

    Eric has been very patient and answered all my questions completely. He was very pleasant to speak to.

  • William Ding
    23 juillet 2020

    Nice, knowledgable

  • David Batky
    22 juillet 2020

    Very knowledgeable, understanding and available to answer my questions whenever I need him. Great agent!

  • Alex Laporte
    19 juillet 2020

    Prompt, professional.

  • Ka Tsun Mak
    15 juillet 2020

    Both of us were busy, but we were persistent to reach one another. Good follow ups.

  • Marjan
    13 juillet 2020

    Love the service

  • Grant Kilpatrick
    12 juillet 2020

    He responded to me but I was premature in seeking a mortgage help.

  • Lydia Kuratnik
    12 juillet 2020

    Good competitive rates, broker was very personable, followed through quickly

  • Usama Nasir
    6 juillet 2020

    That was a great experience

  • Delia Frias
    1 juillet 2020

    Good Follow up

  • Hang
    24 juin 2020

    Really Friendly

  • Craig Flichel
    16 juin 2020

    Very quick to respond to all inquiries and helpful in dealing with current mortgage provider.

  • Richard Robins
    12 mai 2020

    Was very polite and friendly to deal with. Knowledgable and answered all my questions.

  • Eric isaac
    12 mai 2020

    He was honest and should an opportunity arise to use his brokerage, we will revisit.

  • Erik King
    6 mai 2020

    Very persistent

  • Phil Brown
    22 avril 2020

    Very pleasant to deal with, no BS and a very open and frank discussion.

  • Chowdhury
    19 avril 2020

    Eric is good,

  • Caroline Paradis
    10 avril 2020

    Broker was very knowledgeable and courteous. He gave some insights that helped me make my decision. Great service!!

  • Dan Hughes
    8 avril 2020

    Eric was honest and provided excellent advice.

  • Alex Jamroz
    4 avril 2020

    Great advice,thank You Eric for answering on all my concerns.

  • Corey Geddes
    31 mars 2020

    This far it has only been preliminary "introduction" pretty much. So far professional and courteous.

  • Janina
    30 mars 2020

    Very helpful, patient professional and knowledge.

  • David Jones
    22 mars 2020

    Good job Eric.

  • Tanya Busby
    14 mars 2020

    Initial response was good. Then emailed but have not heard back.

  • Jeffrey Kendrew
    8 mars 2020

    He responded fast, but it felt like a canned email.

  • Serge Portnoy
    20 février 2020

    Was very helpful

  • Mark Kearney
    16 février 2020

    Very helpful and knowledgeable

  • Bill Legate
    4 février 2020

    Very happy with the service

  • Raul Chis
    29 décembre 2019

    Very professional and interested in providing with advise.

  • Geetansh Malhotra
    12 décembre 2019

    ver fast response

  • Michael Taylor
    28 novembre 2019

    Person called and was nice and friendly

  • Alireza Katebi
    27 novembre 2019

    Eric called me very quickly after submitting my request for the quote and gave me really good details/info about the current rates and my different options after asking some questions regarding my current mortgage,etc... The customer service was great and passed my expectations.

  • Christopher Shaw
    20 novembre 2019

    Good, unbiased commentary. No pressure whatsoever.

  • Ken Gardner
    13 novembre 2019

    Provided excellent advice

  • Myrna Armstrong
    18 octobre 2019

    Was easy to use and a mortgage broker reached out to me same day.

  • Nikk Uchil
    1 octobre 2019

    didn't feel like I would get the best service

  • Peter Cybart
    30 septembre 2019

    Readily available to answer any questions. Professional and courteous.

  • Nitin Kakkar
    14 septembre 2019

    Unavailable to call at my number

  • Art Chasovskykh
    12 septembre 2019


  • Eric Labbe
    5 septembre 2019

    Friendly and quick to answer my questions. Definitely great customer service.

  • Maja Raseta Kozaric
    31 juillet 2019

    excellent service

  • Cheryll Wood
    17 juillet 2019

    Follow up was prompt and our call provided helpful information. I’m getting a follow up call in about a month in order to avoid penalties.

  • Milena Pamporova And Kiril Pamporov
    13 juillet 2019

    Prompt responses, courteous, precisely needed information, helpful.

  • Filomena Incitti
    6 juillet 2019

    Service has been excellent. My agent has responded to my emails and calls immediately with straightforward advice. Above and beyond what we've received from our bank.

  • Dave Jackson
    14 juin 2019

    Great service. Very attentive!

  • Oshin
    31 mai 2019

    Didn’t expect to receive such slacking customer service. After all the efforts I’ve put in to upload all the files even more files. I will be deleting all the files that I’ve uploaded.

  • Jason
    29 mai 2019

    Very helpful in answering my questions about the various products and rates.

  • Sagar Kothari
    28 mai 2019

    Reached out in timely manner

  • Kevin Lei
    23 mai 2019


  • Adam Bielinski
    27 avril 2019

    Eric was a pleasure to deal with. Very professional and well mannered. Quick responses to my emails and questions. Even kept up with my questions during the weekend! Thank you Eric!

  • Pradeep Sadhwani
    18 avril 2019

    Good experience

  • Mark Lefebvre
    6 avril 2019

    Polite but not overbearing

  • Valerie
    21 mars 2019

    Eric was a great, professional agent. He called me the next day and discussed the best options for me. He is patient and follow up with me frequently.

  • Barb Johnston
    17 février 2019

    Contacted me right away via e-mail. I did not actually set up any type of conversation as we decided on staying with our current provider. His e-mail was very pleasant and I would definitely consider this company in the future.

  • Sarah Fennema
    25 janvier 2019

    I thought his name was Derek, but I don't see a Derek in the list so I chose the next closest sounding name. He has followed up with 2 phone calls but no emails so I can't say for sure.

  • Hubrecht Quist
    25 janvier 2019

    Eric was very helpful!

  • Tracy Sarmiento
    17 janvier 2019

    Excellent service. Very receptive and timely.

  • Lance Denison
    12 janvier 2019

    Smooth transaction

  • Trishenpal Litt
    4 janvier 2019

    Very responsive. Addresses all my concerns and question very quickly.

  • Kelly Haggart
    24 novembre 2018

    Prompt service

  • Iman Khabirinejzad
    21 novembre 2018

    Great conversation. Fast , clear, helpful

  • Tatevik Babayan
    18 novembre 2018

    He was very professional and quick to get back to me

  • Danuta
    3 novembre 2018

    I try to get information about my situation to get some mortgage.

  • Adnan Nadri
    16 septembre 2018

    Very Professional with sound knowledge and friendly attitude. Process went smooth

  • Nick
    22 août 2018

    Eric was responsive and always followed up. Was a great help throughout the process!

  • Barbara Fournier
    12 juillet 2018

    Gave good service and answered all may question

  • Merilou Nero
    30 juin 2018

    Eric has been a pleasure to deal with. He's knowlegable and efficient.

  • Paul Mellor
    30 juin 2018

    Eric was very professional and presented me with a very competitive rate/deal right away. So far I'm very happy with the progress (hasn't closed yet). Thanks Eric!

  • Taylor Littlejohn
    21 juin 2018

    Eric was great, super responsive and was extremely helpful getting everything going for my mortgage. He went above and beyond to work with the lender to help me out, would recommend!

  • Willow
    19 mai 2018

    agent suggested I first go to td bank to see if I would qualify for a mortgage on my existing home

  • Nathan Funk
    11 mai 2018

    Knowledgeable, pleasant, too the point. Didn't waste time. All great attributes.

  • Todd Barrettmn
    11 mai 2018


  • Thelma
    5 mai 2018

    Great client service. Did not finalize mortgage with them but it was an exciting offer. 😏 you can't lose with Canwise!

  • Alireza
    2 mai 2018

    Eric was very patient to answer all of my questions and find me a great rate. Thanks!

  • Kaitlyn Young
    24 avril 2018

    Will be calling us back when we can lock in our rate

  • Shanavas Naduvilaveetil Sayeed
    21 avril 2018

    CanWise (Eric )was very prompt in confirming best deal with cash back incentive. Appreciate his professionalism.

  • Syed Shaukat
    16 avril 2018

    They contacted me first thing in the morning In few minutes they approved me. They are the best brokers , highly recommended

  • Ryan
    15 avril 2018

    Great follow up!

  • Warren Senkowski
    15 avril 2018

    Eric gave great information about mortgage rates and options

  • Henwood Derek
    17 mars 2018

    Very prompt

  • Ryan Presse
    25 février 2018

    Was helpful.

  • Mircea Budaca
    25 février 2018


  • Jeff Reznik
    14 février 2018

    Super easy to work with and excellent customer service! Eric was quick to respond to all my inquiries and got me a rate I'm very happy with. Thanks for helping us obtain our first mortgage!

  • Mark Rzadkowski
    3 février 2018

    Great info but takes a bit of time to get back to me.

  • Joshua Lau
    31 janvier 2018

    He was helpful getting info and good follow-up

  • Hirad
    30 janvier 2018

    Great service Hope to have this done sooner

  • Sumit
    25 janvier 2018

    Quick response and informative

  • Gurjeet Dosanjh
    18 janvier 2018

    Eric followed up with emails.

  • Jessie Tinoco
    18 janvier 2018

    Eric was knowledgeable and answered all my questions.

  • shannon stangen
    16 janvier 2018

    Polite and eager to help.

  • Rami Courtemanche
    10 janvier 2018

    Very courteous and knowledgeable.

  • Ahish Dandekar
    3 janvier 2018

    Pleasure to do business with Eric. Looking forward for next steps of mortgage process.

  • Narendrakumar Patel
    28 décembre 2017

    quick respose

  • Scott Shannon
    24 décembre 2017

    Efficient and to the point I like liked it

  • Mustari Khatun
    16 décembre 2017

    I think Ratehub.ca is Canada's leading financial product comparison website. ‎

  • Craig Holmes
    12 décembre 2017

    You were not able to help me because your rates are not competitive on rental properties.

  • Kyle Edwards
    26 novembre 2017

    Helpful agent to discuss my options.

  • Jason Lefrancois
    25 novembre 2017


  • Diane Chamilliard
    25 novembre 2017

    very informative in regards to questions asked. will consider in future.

  • Chris Bourcier
    22 novembre 2017

    Good first chat will see down the road how it goes

  • Anastasia Rykova
    17 novembre 2017

    Didn't quite understand some of my concerns and we had a bit of a miscommunication, but Eric was still very informative and gave me all the information I needed. He offered to help me throughout my research and made himself available whenever I might have a need for mortgage-related questions.

  • Carmen Burnaru
    10 novembre 2017

    Eric responded to my request very quickly and although the product I requested could not be provided by CanWise, he was very polite.

  • Allan
    25 octobre 2017

    quick, personable, patient, answered all questions!

  • Gaston Bogusz
    10 octobre 2017

    Informed me on the requested product and limitations it had

  • Michelle Doherty
    5 octobre 2017

    Very helpful and efficient.

  • Terri Groh
    5 octobre 2017

    Eric was very polite, helpful and diligent. He tried very hard to get us the best rate. However, I was shopping around and once my bank realized this, they offered the same rate and dropped any fees. So I went with them because it was less hassle to reapply . I will and have already recommended your company to others. Thank you.

  • Gurpreet Singh
    22 septembre 2017

    Excellent communication and able to understand the client's requirements. Provide timely and accurate response.

  • Razia Mavani
    13 septembre 2017

    Eric is very professional & thorough! Very happy with my first experience using a broker.

  • Xiangfei Liu
    11 septembre 2017

    Very patient and knowledgeable

  • Gudrun Fritz
    9 septembre 2017

    Excellent response time and very diligent and effective agent.

  • 7Nikolai
    9 septembre 2017

    Very good communication skills. Answered most of my questions. Keep.it up

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