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Daniel is a born and raised Albertan. His mortgage career began back in 2012, when he joined one of Canada’s top mortgage lenders before finding his calling as a mortgage agent! Experienced on both the legal and underwriting fronts of the mortgage transaction, Daniel brings his expertise to the CanWise team with a dedication and commitment to ensure you receive a smooth mortgage experience.

  • Brent
    14 décembre 2020

    Daniel was kind and responsive. Very helpful with everything.

  • Brent
    14 décembre 2020

    Daniel was kind and responsive. Very helpful with everything.

  • Matt Hughes
    5 décembre 2020

    Very helpful answering my questions. Straight forward and simple.

  • Hannes Rand
    25 novembre 2020

    Very helpful

  • Amy Jewett
    25 novembre 2020

    Great customer service

  • Milton Chan
    22 novembre 2020

    Very pleasant and easy to talk to, and answered all my questions and guided me in my first home buying experience!

  • Lynn
    10 novembre 2020

    we've only just begun but he seems very keen and asks all the right questions....

  • Daniel
    1 novembre 2020

    Well mannered and to the point. Services of CanWise aren't required at this time, but I appreciated the offer to help.

  • Robert Jané
    12 octobre 2020

    We had a fast response and the broker seems professional so far, but as we are still working through the process, I would be in better position a bit further along to give more comprehensive feedback.

  • Claude Malenfant
    1 octobre 2020

    I am an income property investor, I don’t think from my questions I can get the mortgage I want.

  • Amy Ciezki
    28 septembre 2020

    Daniel got in contact with me immediately after filling out online forms. He called and emailed right away, and was very professional and kind on the phone.

  • melvin shingar
    9 septembre 2020

    Very friendly and informative.

  • Tatiana Kochkarova
    5 septembre 2020


  • Laleh Farahanirad
    4 septembre 2020

    That was so informative and he tried to analyze th possibility of minimum rate to get a mortgage for us. I am satisfied.

  • Andrea Croft / Dave Froman
    26 août 2020

    Weren't able to help us due to the property we were looking at was $30,000, and we found out that your company doesn't do mortgages under $50,000.

  • Amy
    24 août 2020


  • Carlo C
    17 juillet 2020


  • Joan Delos Santos
    30 juin 2020

    Answered my questions vey well in a polite manner.

  • Nabil Rahmouni
    30 juin 2020

    Good communication at the start of the application but no feedback given after I applied.

  • Eric Venzon
    29 juin 2020

    Daniel is so professional.

  • Kipley Heffernan
    27 juin 2020

    Quick response and very helpful.

  • Kaitlyn Lawrie
    22 juin 2020

    Was quick to get back to me

  • Angella Woodman
    18 juin 2020


  • Veerpal Dhillon
    17 juin 2020

    Help me find the right price with mortgage.

  • Elizabeth
    29 mai 2020

    Contacted me very quickly

  • Tavia M Wilson
    25 mai 2020

    I was pleased with the politeness and the speed of which I was contacted. I was kept informed and was notified quickly when there wasn't anything that could meet my needs.

  • Mikaila Segi-hudym
    24 avril 2020

    Very accommodating and good at keeping in touch, explores all options in a challenging situation

  • Harbans S Kainth
    22 avril 2020


  • Ron Vinokoor
    21 avril 2020

    Excellent service, professional and friendly.

  • Jerrod Egan
    29 mars 2020

    Very easy to deal with.

  • Kevin
    21 mars 2020

    Daniel was very professional and helpful.

  • Arthur
    14 mars 2020

    Daniel responded back to my inquiry in a timely fashion. We were able to connect two days later and he followed up our conversation with an email which included a change in mortgage rates he had just received that day.

  • Bev Rutherford
    11 mars 2020

    Daniel is verry helpful. He has answered all my questions and returned my calls promptly

  • Sothy Long
    7 mars 2020

    Fast Response.

  • Kay-lynne Collier
    7 mars 2020

    Very professional and kind, looking forward to working with him further!

  • Jack
    6 mars 2020

    Very helpful

  • Jacqueline Arnold
    24 février 2020

    Very professional and had all the information I needed

  • David Degenstein
    24 février 2020

    Sent several emails to try and reach me

  • Sherry Poole
    22 février 2020

    I am working with setting up mortgage with Daniel and he seems easy to deal with.

  • Alex M
    20 février 2020

    Very well versed and knowledgeable. Followed up and answered all my questions quickly.

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