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Anastasia joined the mortgage industry in 2012, and since then has worked in the roles of Fulfillment Specialist, Underwriter, and Mortgage Agent. Being familiar with institutional and private mortgage sectors, working with both homeowners and real estate investors, Anastasia is proud of her diverse knowledge and experience. She graduated Seneca College with a Bachelor Degree in International Accounting and Finance and joined CanWise with an intention to provide its customers with financing that is as stress free as possible. Anastasia believes in the value of educating the clients, navigating them through the sea of options, and helping them find the product most suitable for their personal needs and lifestyle

  • Carmen Manlongat
    14 juin 2019

    She was very nice and honest. Extremely client centred.

  • Carmen Manlongat
    14 juin 2019

    She was very nice and honest. Extremely client centred.

  • Megan Ireland
    29 mai 2019

    Dealt with Alanna. She was wonderful.

  • Ashleigh Shanahan
    24 mai 2019

    CanWise Financial was not able to help with our refinancing but were friendly and gave practical advice regardless.

  • Joyce Taylor
    9 mai 2019

    Anastasia got back to me very quickly and gave very practical advice. Very pleased with the service.

  • Chris Saumier
    12 avril 2019

    She was very courteous and had the answers to questions I needed answered. Very professional.

  • Emil Mihaileanu
    8 avril 2019

    The agent was knowledgeable and helpful but... Did a phone session on Friday with her and she marketed a rate of Prime -1.25. As requested I submitted all required documents over the week-end. However, after the weekend I was told that the rates changed and the rate for the same package would be Prime -1.1. This is why I have not pursued further cause if this changed over the week-end who knows what else will be changed. There are other very competitive brokerage firms that I have dealt with and never had such a problem. Sorry for the negative review but that's my experience.

  • Phillip Ustaszewski
    3 avril 2019

    So far so good. We are just at the beginning of the process so tough to go any higher in terms of rating.

  • Azeez Omotayo
    30 mars 2019

    Anastasia was patient and understanding. Provided me necessary information required. Highly recommend her.

  • Alexander Tsirulnikov
    16 mars 2019

    Overall, an extremely unsatisfactory experience. I went through filling all the information on the website, which took me a non-trivial amount of effort, only to learn in the end that because the amount I'm borrowing is below $100K, CanWise is not going to bother with my case. 8 could have been notified upfront, when I filled in the field specifying the mortgage amount. Second, shortly after registering online and scheduling a call for 1 pm, I received an email from Anastasia confirming the appointment but advising me that if I have the time before then I can call. Well, I did. 4 times. Left a message. No response whatsoever. Then 1 pm came. No call. Eventually, at 1:05, I called. The specified extension did not answer, again, but luckily I decided that at stage I don't mind talking to anyone at all, and chose 0. Who answered? Anastasia. And even though I had filled all the information online, she asked me to describe what I need. Then what's the purpose of the online application??? In any case, as I mentioned, I was quickly advised that she won't be interested in proceeding with my case. Bottom line, very frustrating and unprofessional experience!

  • Sergio Nogueira
    16 mars 2019

    very good

  • Wilton Cardoso
    13 mars 2019

    This is ok.

  • Vivek Vijayan
    8 mars 2019

    She was very informative and she helped by answering all my questions patiently and gave me all options she had available for my criteria. Very helpful!!!

  • Debbie Thibeault
    1 mars 2019

    Anastasia was very helpful and friendly. The application process was a breeze because of her help.

  • Emeka Christian James
    16 février 2019

    I do not feel comfortable in her words. Without going further I got discouraged. That I might not get approved. That’s how I felt after our first conversation on phone

  • Jason Pratt
    1 février 2019

    Terrible service from the representative I spoke to over the phone and no call back from the manager who was supposed to call me.

  • Khurram
    23 janvier 2019

    she provided complete details..

  • Lindsay Langlois
    9 janvier 2019

    Our advisor was kind and helpful if you asked the right questions. We received automated emails which didn't necessarily pertain to us and made the experience a little confusing. I would have liked a little more info but didn't necessarily know the right questions to ask, so I had to go back a lot and ask them after speaking with other mortgage lenders. Our agent was more than willing to answer them all for us though.

  • Sharada Upadhyay
    11 décembre 2018

    I got a very quick response . I was expecting the agent to call me in one or two days, but she called me very quick. She was through and was ready to help even when I was calling from A different province.

  • Sabine Redden
    1 décembre 2018

    The agent who contacted me was very professional. She emailed me every few days to remind me that she will be available to be contacted. Once I contacted her, she made sure to explain the mortgage options in detail. I did not feel pressured to make a decision right away, and was left with the knowledge that I can reach out to the agent at any time when I am ready to do so.

  • Nada Khan
    26 novembre 2018

    Immediate response and attentive to questions and concerns

  • Navid Nazari
    16 novembre 2018

    Left her couple of messages although she did not get back to me

  • Ravi Guntur
    3 novembre 2018

    very good.

  • Jonathan Giesbrecht
    18 octobre 2018

    Quick response. So far process is going well. Curious to see if rate offered follows through.

  • Shari Sweeney
    6 octobre 2018

    She is very thorough and she listen to what the client is saying.

  • Bonnie Cavanagh
    7 août 2018

    Very quick response to my emails. Answered all my questions.

  • Mohammed
    29 juillet 2018

    Excellent communicator

  • Sean Williamson
    11 juillet 2018

    She can't use email. I reply she doesn't read and then send emails.

  • Celia Ryan
    17 juin 2018

    Very helpful and prompt in responding

  • Carmen Yung
    16 juin 2018

    Anastasia is knowledgeable and very prompt with following up.

  • Grace Fiorucci
    13 juin 2018

    Very friendly and knowledgeable, answered all my questions very effectively.

  • Jeff
    6 juin 2018

    friendly and patient, but I ended up going with another lender

  • Grant Baxter
    15 mai 2018

    Took 3 phone calls to finally get in-touch.

  • Cindy
    12 mai 2018

    Not able to help me because I’m on ODSP. Even though I have a large down payment. Cmhc says I do not need insurance be cause of large down payment. Yes I am allowed to own my own home. This purchase is my third home since I was 45 years old. Never had declared bankruptcy in my life. This is very disappointing.

  • Marzieh Oveisi
    6 mai 2018

    I choose randomly

  • Adrienne David
    26 avril 2018

    Prompt reply to my email, efficient and knowledgeable service!

  • Khanh Tran
    24 avril 2018

    Great and fast response

  • Jacques Mailloux
    21 avril 2018

    got in contact quickly seemed friendly never actually spoke with her

  • Angela Tozer
    19 avril 2018

    She was fantastic, very informative, very helpful, not at all pushy, answered all my questions and very polite but friendly customer service attitude. She is an asset to your company

  • Iryna
    18 avril 2018

    Anastasia felt very knowledgeable and provided all the options available.

  • Matt S
    15 avril 2018

    Took several days to get back to me. Friendly, explained their business platform. Wanted to communicate via phone as opposed to email. I went with a bank instead, Anastasia was understanding and polite when I informed her of this. I would consider them again for a future mortgage.

  • Kyle Parauik
    15 avril 2018

    Anastasia was a pleasure to deal with. She was quick to respond back.

  • Mark Forgione
    23 mars 2018

    She has been excellent, pleasure to deal with!

  • Jasmine
    16 mars 2018

    excellent servixe

  • Evelyn Peng
    15 mars 2018

    Anastasia is professional and responsive. I will be recommending her to friends and family.

  • sSunil Gandhi
    14 mars 2018

    Anastasia was very professional, provided all required info in a timely manner and gave her honest opinion.She does not mind taking the time to research the item and provide options available.Thank you Anastasia!!

  • Imtiaz Ahmed
    14 mars 2018

    Very helpful and nice lady. Always ready to help.

  • Kia Mersereau
    13 mars 2018

    She was very helpful giving us information sbout a mortgage!

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