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Will Butler is the President and co-founder of Butler Mortgage Inc.

Will Butler comes from a family of mortgage professionals and co-founded Butler Mortgage Inc. with his brother Dave. Will was the youngest person ever to qualify for the mortgage industry’s main certification: AMP (Accredited Mortgage Professional). His intimate knowledge of the Canadian mortgage industry and 13 years of experience as one of the highest volume mortgage brokers in Canada are strengthened by his passion for client education and commitment to client satisfaction.

Will’s step by step approach treats each client as an individual while harnessing his industry knowledge and massive mortgage volume production to deliver the very best rate solutions to all his clients. Whether he’s locating the lowest interest rate in Canada or handling difficult, complicated transactions Will is there to help his clientele. No voicemail, no recordings, call Butler Mortgage and Will Butler will find time to answer your questions personally.

“When you approach a huge bank to find the best mortgage solution; in the end the bank’s mortgage specialist is there to benefit their bank, they only work for one company, the client’s benefit is not their prime concern, that’s just logical. When you call me at Butler Mortgage I can quote from a host of Banks, Trusts, Credit Unions and Mortgage Lenders to find the very best, lowest rate solution to your mortgage needs. I represent you and I have to make sure I earn your business by getting you exactly what you want; not what a bank wants to sell you.”

  • Hatim Khajanchi
    13 février 2019

    not quick in responding as claimed

  • Hatim Khajanchi
    13 février 2019

    not quick in responding as claimed

  • Colin Connon
    15 janvier 2019

    Some work up front, but very good to deal with. Rates were what attracted me to Butler, expecting there to be some bumps - but they were very honest and didn't try and hidden fees. It was a really good experience. My only comment is on Rate hub itself. There is no option to shop for mortgages that don't have CMHC insurance. So I had to do a lot of calling and emailing prior. If the prices include a CMHC insurance free rate option - it would make the user experience stronger.

  • Kirsten Herron
    27 décembre 2018

    The broker I spoke with was excellent and gave me advice that I will follow.

  • Lisa Liidemann
    25 décembre 2018

    Very good

  • Salmina Ahmed
    22 décembre 2018

    Very prompt and efficient service

  • Pratap Odedra
    20 décembre 2018

    Overall good

  • Andy Gregory
    8 décembre 2018

    Honest in stating he could not get me the deal I was looking for and would be better off with current mortgage due to my property being a rental

  • Tarun
    7 décembre 2018

    5 star

  • Oscar Andrade
    3 décembre 2018

    They called me very fast and provided me all the answers I needed.

  • Harman Goraya
    27 novembre 2018

    Was good I prefer more email/text contact. Agent has provided a decent amount but still feels we require phone calls, which doesn't make me super happy.

  • Marc Abramovitz
    21 novembre 2018

    Got back to me really quick but couldn't offer me what was posted.

  • Nasreen Hai
    18 novembre 2018

    He was very professional and advised me on next course of action.

  • Shelly Cricenti
    15 novembre 2018

    Quick responsive service. Good communication.

  • Salman Khoja
    15 novembre 2018

    Wish there was more phone interaction

  • Jay Lee
    12 novembre 2018

    Very knowledgeable... effectively communicated to me all my options... made professional and timely follow ups with me...

  • Andrey Abramov
    2 novembre 2018

    Fast response

  • Alex
    2 novembre 2018

    The broker did put all efforts to find for me appropriate lender. I did not feel that the broker was interested in me.

  • Shannon Tennant
    31 octobre 2018

    Best rate, professional advice

  • Ms M Hovorka
    31 octobre 2018

    Excellent mortgage site

  • Mir Zakir Hossain
    31 octobre 2018

    Good broker. I think they should be very clear in the beginning of the process. Initially they entice you with a good rate. As you go closer to mortgage final stage, the rate changes.

  • Antonio
    30 octobre 2018

    good interaction

  • Muhammad Shakil
    25 octobre 2018

    Got all the useful information I needed for my quote

  • Lori Campbell
    25 octobre 2018

    Taking a while to hear from them

  • Munis Badar
    20 octobre 2018

    the rates advertised are different than what you get over the call

  • Serghei Belobrov
    19 octobre 2018

    The first interaction was great, but was never called back after the first discussion, something was not working on their end and I was told I will receive a call later, unfortunately was never called back

  • Jacqueline Russell
    19 octobre 2018

    I heard from someone else.

  • Shari Sweeney
    18 octobre 2018

    Fast, friendly service!!! Very quick call back time!!!

  • Ronson
    11 octobre 2018

    I was contacted promptly and have been well taken care off through the whole process.

  • Jennifer Purves
    25 septembre 2018

    Exceptional service

  • Martin
    18 septembre 2018

    So far so good. They are very competitive with there rates. We're got a great dealand they paid transfer fees!

  • Dylan Lees
    18 septembre 2018

    Very helpful and informative first contact.

  • Crystal Borg
    14 septembre 2018

    They were very quick to respond. And friendly

  • Andre
    13 septembre 2018

    Provided with a competitive rate, but I decided to go with another company.

  • Juan Romero
    13 septembre 2018

    Extremely fast response and lots of options and information provided

  • Makrem Hammami
    24 août 2018

    very good customer service

  • Manish
    22 août 2018

    Found the agents were inconsistent in pre and post application dealings on rates and their rationale

  • Catherine Bernard
    17 août 2018

    Provided the info we required but in the end, we did not use Butler.

  • Viki Makris
    17 août 2018


  • Glen Cherrett
    9 août 2018

    They were quick and efficient.

  • Manishkumar Prajapati
    7 août 2018

    Good service

  • James Tam
    6 août 2018

    I spoke with David Pucci about mortgage rates and features. He was very informative and clearly explained things to me.

  • Stéphane Boisvert
    1 août 2018

    Quick and efficient

  • Nancy
    1 août 2018

    I was pleased to be able to speak with someone almost immediately. It's too bad they were not able to provide me with a mortgage.

  • Robert Salvador
    26 juillet 2018


  • Stephen
    26 juillet 2018

    Not bad

  • Aman Khan
    25 juillet 2018

    Great service. Clear answer and provided excellent advice.

  • Aman Khan
    25 juillet 2018

    Great assistance. Clear and helpful advice.

  • William Kettle
    24 juillet 2018

    after you get past the 500 admin fee guarantee required to even see the terms and final lender, they are reasonable.

  • Nick Rizzuto
    21 juillet 2018

    quick response / callback

  • Azmat Bhatti
    20 juillet 2018

    Great customer service and valuable info provided.

  • Ani
    17 juillet 2018


  • Michael Serafin
    13 juillet 2018

    They said apply today before rates go up. I applied and got an email that it will take 24 hours. 24 hours passed and nothing, needless to say they did nothing and interest rates were raised and they didn't lock my rate in. Now they owe me, but there is no ownership of the neglect from them. What kind of Kruger operation is this, I ask?

  • Tanya
    12 juillet 2018

    I attempted to get information quickly over the phone from the person from the office that contacted me they were unable to provide any real information and I was too busy to schedule callbacks at this time.

  • Raidan Al-Saqqaf
    11 juillet 2018

    Good responsiveness. Process ongoing. Promised rate not available for my case though.

  • Amit Kumar
    6 juillet 2018


  • Aaron
    5 juillet 2018

    Quick response. Easy application

  • Tea S
    28 juin 2018

    Promt call back and great service from David

  • Malcolm Nation
    27 juin 2018

    Very quick response time to inquiries.

  • Matteo Parente
    26 juin 2018

    Annoying customer service and rude. Will not go with them.

  • Michael Baker
    23 juin 2018

    Great rates and professional service

  • Jackie Elliott
    23 juin 2018

    Very honest about different rates available and how to get switched into a renewal with Butler.

  • Tim Mclees
    23 juin 2018

    Great rates and follow up with info. Although did not go with this broker.

  • Edward Mak
    14 juin 2018

    Provided better rates than the bank, helpful insight

  • Michael Off
    5 juin 2018

    Fast response. Questions for efficient

  • Chris
    5 juin 2018

    Quick to respond and easy to work with.

  • Neil
    5 juin 2018

    Terrifically impersonal... went looking for a good rate. Was told I don't qualify for a good rate, since I don't need insurance. The rates posted on ratehub aren't for the same mortgages. Very misleading.

  • Misbah Amin
    5 juin 2018

    Quick and cooperative

  • Angelo Fatoric
    1 juin 2018

    Service was quick and painless...I'll recommending there service to my friends and family.

  • Lauren
    31 mai 2018

    William contacted me quickly and answered all my questions and advised to stay with my current lender because I was recently self-employed. After I was quoted a lower rate offered by another bank, I was able to negotiate a better rate with my current lender.

  • Azimuddin Saiyed
    31 mai 2018

    So far no complaints waiting for the advisers to call.

  • Majda Shamas-din
    31 mai 2018

    Great rate

  • Lina Liu
    31 mai 2018

    Excellent service

  • Milos Radicevic
    18 mai 2018

    I'm still waiting to see the agreement document and have some doubts that the really good deal I was offered will actually come through.

  • Shannon Jensen
    17 mai 2018

    Only received quotes.

  • Rob Urban
    17 mai 2018


  • Somsarit Pittayanon
    16 mai 2018

    Easy to use.

  • Christian King
    15 mai 2018

    Awesome service

  • Anita Helmbold
    11 mai 2018

    They were not able to offer a mortgage in the price category listed.

  • Alex Stefanovic
    11 mai 2018

    They helpful but not very friendly

  • Shari Hu
    9 mai 2018

    quick service. fast response. Appreciate how easy it was. By far the best rates. Never go through a bank!!

  • Tony Tesone
    8 mai 2018

    Your web address was very easy to use, the rate I received was the best on the market, and Butler was easy to deal with. No complaints!

  • Patrick Sojecki
    4 mai 2018

    Agent answered all my questions

  • Leeanne
    3 mai 2018

    Hard to contact

  • Andrew Ardianto
    2 mai 2018

    best rate I know

  • Jun Shi-Boom
    2 mai 2018

    Butler mortgage was quick to respond and their rates were quite competitive. Ashley also sent me reminders to finish the application. Unfortunately we decided to go with pre constructioned condo, and we've got pre approval from other banks so we don't need the service right now. Will definitely contact Butler Mortgage later when looking for a mortgage when closing.

  • Dubert Gutierrez
    29 avril 2018

    Very helpful. Quickly realized they could not offer me a rate more competitive than what I already had.

  • PT
    28 avril 2018

    Communications gap leading to my ineligibility for a promotional interest rate (the regular rate was less than stellar), and a wasted hard credit check.

  • Ritesh Dewan
    27 avril 2018

    Very responsive team and quick in folding up the entire mortgage pre-approval. Looking forward to getting my house mortgage with them if they are able to offer competitive rate.

  • Emily Lim
    25 avril 2018

    He was thorough and quick with information

  • Ali Sajid
    22 avril 2018

    Immediate response

  • M. Juneau
    22 avril 2018

    They contacted me but no follow up with no information on my questions

  • M. Juneau
    22 avril 2018

    They contacted me, but their posted rate is not what is was really advertising. Deceiving.

  • Henry Quach
    19 avril 2018

    Great service

  • Christopher Stead
    19 avril 2018

    Quick response, 10/10 would use again.

  • Kim Thai
    18 avril 2018

    The best rates

  • Stephen
    17 avril 2018

    Quick response, however rates were no different then those offered by current financial institution. Also, repetitive text message follow ups even after replying that I wasn’t interested. Had to type “stop” like other text services but that info was not provided.

  • Yuka Stanley
    17 avril 2018

    I was very disappointed in their phone manner. When I said, "I am still shopping around, so....(trying to speak more)," the male agent on the phone said "okay yeah you are shopping around. that's fine. goodbye." Then hung up on me! Other companies still sent me information by email with the application when I ask them to do so.

  • Damon Thorne
    16 avril 2018

    Their response was quick in connecting me with a mortgage agent given my relatively short time frame.

  • Jon Luce
    16 avril 2018

    Honest and knowledgeable.

  • Suleiman Panjwani
    16 avril 2018

    Quick reply to my questions and very professional in handling the entire process.

  • Corey Easton
    15 avril 2018

    Average experience.

  • Mehdi Abedzadeh
    15 avril 2018

    The processing time was very fast, but the rate which was offered finally was not the same a the first offer.

  • Igor
    15 avril 2018

    Didn't get an application promised.

  • Christopher Brown
    14 avril 2018

    Complete waste of time

  • Mark Nickel
    9 avril 2018

    Barely interested in providing rate lock in.

  • Patrick Reilly
    27 mars 2018

    Things are going well and it's been straightforward

  • Andrew Wilson
    21 mars 2018

    Very quick response and helpful

  • Joseph Flamia
    20 mars 2018

    Easy to deal with

  • Abdul Hafeez
    20 mars 2018

    They were proactive and knowledgeable

  • Agnese Nunno
    20 mars 2018

    Very quick and efficient.

  • Rick
    13 mars 2018

    They follow up everyday .. i dont know why..

  • Paul Grunthal
    12 mars 2018

    Deatails of rate online changed when I spoke to a representative of the company.

  • Jason Ye
    7 mars 2018

    Very Helpful

  • Jamel Zako
    6 mars 2018

    The mortgage advisor got back to me promptly and answered all of my questions. They followed up with an an email. Not much more I could ask for!

  • Kelly Hammond
    6 mars 2018

    Response was quick

  • Don Knechtel
    3 mars 2018

    Would not listen to be because I own and have mortgages on 5 other properties

  • Ann
    2 mars 2018

    Butler Mortgage has been amazing!

  • Dinesh Bansal
    2 mars 2018


  • Bob Mcintyre
    24 février 2018

    Service was fine but I did not pursue the mortgage.

  • Abdullah Khan
    22 février 2018

    This wasn't William that I talked to but Cody Gagnon as the call taker asked me if I had talked to someone else before...i told her that Cody was handling my case few month ago. So she transferred there. Cody was quick, knowledgeable and very helpful.

  • Harmandeep
    21 février 2018

    Quick and Easy service

  • Dina Beygelman
    16 février 2018

    Very nice

  • Erwin Nasiglat
    16 février 2018

    helful and knowlegdeable

  • Debression
    15 février 2018


  • Kristyn Power
    15 février 2018

    Although I didn’t end up renewing my mortgage through them, I will be back next time.

  • Stephen Woo
    15 février 2018

    Really quick to respond and offered a great rate!

  • Miguel Quiquinta
    15 février 2018

    I was thrilled day 1 with the information provided

  • Maria Alvia
    12 février 2018

    My agent was Cody Gagnon. And he will as excellent, very knowledgeable/

  • Renjit Varghese
    10 février 2018

    Did not answer some of my questions but left for next step.

  • Charlene Lemiski
    10 février 2018

    Good customer service over the phone

  • Timarie-lee Marentette
    8 février 2018

    so so

  • John Bejermi
    8 février 2018


  • Tara-jean Wenc
    8 février 2018

    The Agent I spoke with was Steve Ferrin. If I could assign a negative rating I would. He did not return calls or email messages. When I spoke with the assistants and expressed my frustration and displeasure they basically made him take the call. He was extremely abrupt and rude. I was more of an inconvenience than anything else. Clearly my potential business was not required, because the opportunity to provide a service was apparently not wanted by Steve.

  • Anwar Hussain
    7 février 2018

    They were able to contact me

  • Jen Robson
    7 février 2018

    Agent is David Pucci. He has been clear and efficient wh CHbinpersonally appreciate when mortgage shopping.

  • Edwardo Van Hoof
    3 février 2018

    Good service. Over aggressive with daily emails and text messages.

  • Imtiaz Kiani
    1 février 2018

    It did not serve my purpose. I think the process could be more efficient and buttle mortgage can improve the processes in place. They should look at case by case situation. Buttler mortgage offered a great rate prime -1.25 that caught my attention which was attractive to me. I have commitment from another lender. I shared all the relavent information ahead of time but I did not get satisfactory answer. The application process had me submit and go through process and principle broker could not do the deal. I appreciate their process but they could have given me answer without me going through the whole process. Since I had provided all information and asked them to look over it and advise if you can make exceptions to the situation.

  • Andrew Klaus
    30 janvier 2018

    Actual rate wasn't even close to what was posted on your site. Extremely disappointing

  • Athar Afzal
    30 janvier 2018

    The advertised rate is not the most accurate rate - as the rates should reflect conventional vs. 20% down vs. a higher downpayment

  • Lisete Barbosa
    24 janvier 2018

    Always available to answer calls. that's awesome

  • G.W
    24 janvier 2018

    They do not seem to be interested in the business. They were eager to end the call. The rate provided online and by the agent were completely different.

  • Michael Lundgard
    20 janvier 2018

    He was honest and frank.

  • Karen Tsang
    19 janvier 2018

    Quick service and response times.

  • Forbes Miller
    16 janvier 2018

    I received a call within the same day and over next two days a proposal was finalized. I am very pleased with the results.

  • Zhihong Weng
    13 janvier 2018

    Mentioned the renewal rate, but still got the new purchase rate quote

  • Robin B. May
    10 janvier 2018

    A pleasant conversation. However I am convinced that meeting in person allows for better understanding.

  • Robert
    28 décembre 2017

    Friendly service but I didn't hear back within 24 hours after submitting my application (which was promised in the acknowledgement of receipt).

  • Thomas Tiede
    27 décembre 2017

    Very quick reply, good talk, arranged for discussion closer to renewal date

  • Fares Bounajm
    12 décembre 2017

    David Pucci was extremely helpful, knowledgeable and honest.

  • Bernadette Yan
    12 décembre 2017

    Just average service taking required info

  • Faraz Hussain
    12 décembre 2017

    Excellent interest rates, great customer service.

  • Lanny Lee
    9 décembre 2017

    I received a callback the same day and the agent/rep asked me when my mortgage was up for renewal, which was just over 6 months away. She told me what was the best rate I'd qualify for considering the amount outstanding and why, then promised to call me back 4 months before the actual renewal date so that I could lock in the best available rate then. All in all a straightforward painless interaction. Couldn't ask for more.

  • Irena
    8 décembre 2017

    Advertised rates were not available to me

  • NG
    7 décembre 2017

    Received fast response and responsive to questions. I had a good experience.

  • Kevin Knight
    7 décembre 2017

    called back right away, provided all info required and offered to call back and set up " alarm" when my mortgage comes due!! excellent service

  • Sherri
    1 décembre 2017

    Nit overly helpful

  • Benjamin Choi
    30 novembre 2017

    Fairly easy to fill out application online. Easy to get in touch with an agent.

  • Ryan Bosch-friedrick
    23 novembre 2017

    Quick response, easy forms

  • Matthew Gordon
    22 novembre 2017

    Agent was friendly and courteous, but contacted me after a couple of days and by that time I already had a great offer from True North Mortgages that butler couldn't beat

  • HP
    18 novembre 2017

    I am quit happy with the service. I have got the call as soon I requested quote on ratehub.

  • Matteo Fontana-arnaldi
    18 novembre 2017

    Fast response and gave all information.

  • Diane Dinelle
    17 novembre 2017

    Quick to return to me. Even though I haven't proceeded as yet with the application.

  • Kevin Bazinet
    16 novembre 2017

    Phone call was missed.

  • Borka Vlacic
    12 novembre 2017

    fast response, but I was late..

  • Camron Rahmanian
    11 novembre 2017

    They were not able to help me

  • Kevin
    31 octobre 2017

    I emailed the lender asking about fees so I could determine the total cost of borrowing. I received two email responses asking me for a phone number so someone could call me to collect personal information before telling me what the fees would be. I responded that I was not interested, at that time, in speaking to a broker or in providing any personal information; all I wanted to know was, in addition to interest, what fees would be charged in connection with a mortgage. I received no response, so I have no idea what the lender's fees would be; and I have moved on to other options for my financing.

  • Panna Podder
    28 octobre 2017

    very quick. responsive.

  • Uswald Apas
    27 octobre 2017

    Thank you

  • Fraydie Bonan
    25 octobre 2017

    They called me immediately and emailed me an application but still have not got back to me since I filled it out a week ago.

  • Carolyn Adams-smith
    24 octobre 2017


  • Norman
    21 octobre 2017

    Good phone call with Mr. Butler

  • Shashi
    19 octobre 2017

    very fast response

  • Domenica Semplicio
    19 octobre 2017

    Quick response to emails.

  • Justin
    19 octobre 2017

    did not call at right time...call at 8AM Toronto time but only 6AM at my time

  • Janm
    18 octobre 2017

    Helpful and provided valuable information!

  • Michael
    18 octobre 2017

    Quick call back. Knowledgeable. I didn't like that a secretary made the call and then I had to wait to be transferred to the agent. Just have the agent call me-my time is valuable and you're trying to get my business. Don't make me wait.

  • Raisa
    13 octobre 2017

    We have met with an agent last night and had a good impression

  • Janet Stryker
    11 octobre 2017

    Great on the phone.

  • Faris Rashid
    11 octobre 2017

    The rates presented in the website have restrictions and does not apply to all mortgages like rental property or renewal

  • Anthony Sikora
    7 octobre 2017

    They responded quickly. The posted rate is not what they could offer me. It said 2.10% but they quoted me at 2.30%.

  • Weiquan
    5 octobre 2017

    Great profrofessionism

  • Thomas Bodor
    5 octobre 2017

    They were very quick and helpful in with the application process. They found me a great rate through a lender. However, once my application got approved, I then was left to communicate with a mortgage agent. There was a lot of back and forth and I found myself repeating and giving the same information & documentation to her. I am now a little bit concerned as my closing date is approaching, and it takes so long to hear back from her and get confirmation.

  • Unknown
    5 octobre 2017

    I had a decent experience with them but I decided to go with another broker, as Butler Mortgage was not comfortable sharing information about lenders during the initial discussion.

  • Arslan
    5 octobre 2017

    Profecient and Excellent service great follow up

  • Courtney Boermans
    21 septembre 2017

    They got in contact really quickly and were very helpful.

  • Obaidul Mirza
    20 septembre 2017

    Good Service

  • Ian Barr
    20 septembre 2017

    Agent got back to me quickly and addressed all questions I had.

  • Muzammil
    16 septembre 2017

    We were unable to close the deal however the service provided by David pucci was great.

  • Nadia Benson
    15 septembre 2017

    Very knowledgeable and professional

  • Jean
    13 septembre 2017

    Very informational

  • Shane Gale
    9 septembre 2017

    Was never contacted by the broker

  • Anupam Agrawal
    7 septembre 2017

    Service is good

  • George
    6 septembre 2017


  • Barkha R Saini
    31 août 2017

    good service provider.

  • Vijay
    20 avril 2017

    Fast, efficient service with best rates!

  • Christine Korslick
    20 avril 2017

    Very fast and friendly service!

  • Carmen Loh
    14 avril 2017

    Great rates offered

  • Sadaf Naz
    13 avril 2017

    I had a good experience

  • Kumar
    9 avril 2017

    Explained very well by the experienced mortgage advisor..

  • Daniel Rochon
    5 avril 2017

    Fast service and very professional

  • Marina
    31 mars 2017

    Positive and helpful agent

  • Mona Panchal
    29 mars 2017

    Thought the customer service was excellent. Rates good.

  • Joey Kim
    27 mars 2017

    Easy and fast communication.

  • El Mehdi Keramane
    25 mars 2017

    Couteous and professional service.

  • Amit Sinha
    21 mars 2017

    Prompt service, easy to contact. Good knowledgeable financial advisors.

  • Wonkyun Bang
    15 mars 2017

    prompt response

  • Rene E. Gutierrez Vega
    12 mars 2017

    Cheap price, answered my questions on point and straightforward process.

  • Arun Dhanda
    10 mars 2017

    Provided the best rate so far

  • Reine Fokou
    9 mars 2017

    Quick and easy

  • Kshipra
    4 mars 2017

    Good service

  • Daniel
    4 mars 2017

    see you in two weeks

  • Alex Vladutu
    3 mars 2017

    Great service

  • Ryan Collier
    3 mars 2017

    Fast responses time, clear communication. All questions answered.

  • Moira Klein
    1 mars 2017

    Prompt response to my queries!!!

  • Scott Truman
    26 février 2017

    Very fast response time; was contacted instantly. Polite and professional.

  • Toni Giannidis
    17 février 2017

    So far so good. I got all of my questions answered so far.

  • Zaheer Ahmad
    14 février 2017

    The guy explained this process pretty clearly.

  • Chad Hayes
    14 février 2017

    Efficient and responsive.

  • Anju
    7 février 2017

    Good customer service and information

  • Leanne
    5 février 2017

    They were good helpful; informative

  • Arun Pandey
    4 février 2017

    Quick response.

  • Soumya Saha
    4 février 2017


  • Mihai Ardelean
    27 janvier 2017

    Great customer service

  • Andrew Clark
    25 janvier 2017

    very quick response time

  • Rishav Palta
    24 janvier 2017

    The information provided was very clear and up to the mark. I would love to come to this site again when required.

  • Jamie Figursky
    16 janvier 2017

    Very good

  • Jeremy
    12 janvier 2017

    Was a quick callback and follow up. Very happy

  • Ilona Monahan
    27 décembre 2016

    Called back within an hour. Very courteous lady could answer all my questions.

  • Me
    27 décembre 2016

    Swift reply. Exploring different possibilities.

  • Dhar Solanki
    22 décembre 2016

    Timely follow-up. I am in process for getting mortgage.

  • Beth
    2 décembre 2016


  • James Van Dillen
    1 décembre 2016


  • John Rizzuto
    1 décembre 2016

    Your rates were good

  • Ali
    30 novembre 2016

    Quick and efficient

  • Leonardo
    26 novembre 2016

    Great service

  • Thomas Rawson
    24 novembre 2016

    William was very professional and very helpful. Not at all pushy but gave me very informative help.

  • Sue Wheeler
    22 novembre 2016

    Provided info I needed

  • Mia
    16 novembre 2016

    I ended up not using this agent but the rates he provided were very competitive.

  • Michelle Ting
    15 novembre 2016

    Received a call back promptly

  • Chirlene Lee
    12 novembre 2016


  • John
    5 novembre 2016

    Responded quickly

  • Mina
    3 novembre 2016

    Great service

  • Elliot Godden
    25 octobre 2016

    Great people

  • Hayan Alshawaf
    20 octobre 2016

    Very professional

  • Hanqi
    11 octobre 2016

    The response is quick.

  • Andy Pocrnic
    5 octobre 2016

    Professional and responsive.

  • Sheila Beaudry
    4 octobre 2016

    Was ok

  • Derek Savard
    22 septembre 2016

    Very professional

  • Mark
    21 septembre 2016

    Very great service

  • Marko Bubic
    21 septembre 2016

    Very quick to get back to me and put an offer together. Excellent rates.

  • Charles
    21 septembre 2016

    Good service they returned my call very quickly

  • Ye Liu
    16 septembre 2016

    They responded to my request very quickly.

  • Khalid
    15 septembre 2016

    I was very impressed.

  • Michael Nikiforov
    11 septembre 2016

    Great service, very prompt response!

  • Jona
    1 septembre 2016

    They responded within 24 hours and really tried to give me options.

  • Scott Graham
    31 août 2016

    Quick follow-up and informative correspondence. Ended up not using their service but good to know it's there and helpful.

  • Tony Rubino
    27 août 2016

    Quick response and knowledgeable. Pleasure to deal with them.

  • Brian Berndt
    24 août 2016

    Prompt response

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    23 août 2016


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    17 août 2016

    Great experience. Friendly knowledgeable staff. Received very good service.

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    17 août 2016

    Great web site

  • David Li
    12 août 2016

    Great Service

  • Andrea
    5 août 2016

    This site has so many great planning tools. It even helped find a mortgage broker that could give a substantially lower rate than anyone else I spoke with.

  • Christopher Zaremba
    5 août 2016

    Friendly and helpful thus far.

  • Vaqar Ali
    22 juillet 2016

    Awesome experience

  • Rajankumar Patel
    21 juillet 2016

    Good mortgage rates

  • Catharine
    12 juillet 2016

    Honest, quick advice.

  • Jesy
    12 juillet 2016

    Lowest rates available

  • Ross
    6 juillet 2016

    The response was quick and professional.

  • Vlado
    5 juillet 2016


  • Ryan
    2 juillet 2016

    Great rate. Communication (ie. Response time) could be better.

  • Chris
    30 juin 2016

    They are professional and response request quickly.

  • Chris
    29 juin 2016

    they called me back

  • Ray
    28 juin 2016

    Good fast response

  • Suzie Bikaw
    25 juin 2016

    Quick response

  • Paul Berryman
    22 juin 2016

    Got back to me on a timely basis

  • Hubert Wong
    14 juin 2016

    Friendly service, relatively quick. Decent communication. Opted not to pursue due to change of direction personal.

  • Faye Kinsman
    9 juin 2016

    Very informative and got back to me very quickly

  • Sarabjeet Matharu
    6 juin 2016

    The agent was helpful and forthcoming regarding my options. He didn't try to force the sell but actually tried to help me with my mortgage renewal options.

  • Christopher
    3 juin 2016

    Very Helpful and informative!

  • Abdullah
    3 juin 2016

    Very prompt

  • Denise
    26 mai 2016

    not sure yet still in the process waiting on a reply but had a really nice conversation with Ashley Shamess

  • Mary Rose
    26 mai 2016

    William was helpful and answered my questions

  • Valerie
    26 mai 2016

    Even though I couldn't get a mortgage but Ashley and Pam were both very helpful and courteous. Great customer service.

  • Frederic Chartrand
    26 mai 2016

    very good service, very good rates

  • Solly
    24 mai 2016

    I received a follow up in less than an hour with full details

  • Mary
    19 mai 2016

    Excellent service!

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    14 mai 2016

    Great customer service and rates

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    12 mai 2016

    They provided very good service.

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    11 mai 2016

    They got back to me really quickly.

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    5 mai 2016

    Great services!

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    4 mai 2016

    Very knowledgeable

  • Jennifer Chan
    29 avril 2016

    Very prompt response and informational.

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    28 avril 2016

    Very quick response to my request.

  • Bingzhi Wang
    27 avril 2016

    Explained my question clearly.

  • Adrian
    23 avril 2016


  • Dhiren Tailor
    22 avril 2016

    Good follow up, simple pre-approval process

  • Ivy Dao
    21 avril 2016

    Prompt response.

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    19 avril 2016

    I received an email very fast and the website is great!

  • Cathy Vint
    4 avril 2016

    good job

  • Quynh
    1 avril 2016

    Agent was honest and attentative

  • Chris Blake
    30 mars 2016

    very quick call back and accurate information provided

  • Maria Hristova
    29 mars 2016

    Received a call same day but unfortunately they did not have the same rates for rental properties as they do for owner-occupied. It would be good to have those listed as well.

  • Maya Baum
    26 mars 2016

    The broker contacted me immediately. The application is in process of an approval.

  • Katie Dorans
    26 mars 2016

    Great service

  • Aman Mangat
    26 mars 2016


  • Claire Perks
    24 mars 2016

    Really nice. Answered all my questions. Very informative.

  • Karen David-richardson
    11 mars 2016

    Very professional

  • Lyuda Krupin
    9 mars 2016

    I worked with Andrew and he is great!

  • Arvind Kumar
    7 mars 2016

    Very fast service

  • Stephen
    3 mars 2016

    The rate seems very competitive.

  • Ethan Douglass
    1 mars 2016

    He was very informative

  • Daniel Tersigni
    26 février 2016

    Great rate, prompt replies, minimal confusion over required documents (asked for partner's information when it was not necessary).

  • Vince Tesone
    20 février 2016

    Easy to deal with, go above and beyond to earn your business

  • Mike Wieth
    18 février 2016

    Friendly, quick with the facts, knowledgable, staff great on follow up.

  • Zia Shaikh
    16 février 2016

    Very educating conversation

  • Ida Kos
    3 février 2016

    He was very informative and he made me think of something I had not realised.

  • Jim Mccurdy
    2 février 2016

    Great service

  • Jim Mccurdy
    2 février 2016

    Great service

  • Stacy
    27 janvier 2016

    Still working with the agent, so far he's been great.

  • Jim G
    12 janvier 2016

    Great response time. They contacted me within 24 hrs. The person was very professional. Great customer service.

  • Chinonso Okenwa
    7 décembre 2015

    The service was excellent and they were very responsive. I would change a few things however in the approach. They should be crystal clear on the requirements to avoid any surprise fees.

  • Joseph El-choueiri
    3 décembre 2015

    I received a phone call right after I submitted my request on ratehub...we initiated the mortgage but have not received any reply or confirmation

  • Bill Montgomery
    25 novembre 2015

    The agent was very helpful and pleasant and went the extra mile to help me.

  • Mario And Kelly Jean
    24 novembre 2015

    Got back to me within an hour of pressing the apply button. Although the process isn't completed, their agents appear very professional and courteous.

  • Pasquale
    19 novembre 2015

    Great service, fast response

  • Omid
    18 novembre 2015

    It was useul

  • Hussain
    14 novembre 2015

    Very good experience with Butler Mortgage so far.

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    12 novembre 2015

    Quick replys and competitive rates.

  • Leong T K
    12 novembre 2015

    Prompt service to phone call enquiry.

  • Judy Tran
    12 novembre 2015

    Received a prompt response

  • Martin Barclay
    2 novembre 2015

    Easy to talk to lots of options

  • Penny Devincenzo
    30 octobre 2015

    I sent the email and someone called me with-in minutes

  • Jeff Schaafsma
    22 octobre 2015


  • Cathy Avery
    13 octobre 2015

    Very quick response to my enquiry. Thanks for the info!

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    7 octobre 2015

    Fast and helpful customer service

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    7 octobre 2015

    Great experience and customer service. Response time was ontime.

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    6 octobre 2015

    Got back to me quickly.

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    26 septembre 2015

    Excellent Rate

  • Anirudh
    21 septembre 2015

    Provided accurate and precise information. The nderstood the client requirements very clearly.

  • Warren Kawaguchi
    16 septembre 2015

    provided best rate options but suggested I go to my current lender to negotiate rather than just make the switch

  • Prakash
    14 septembre 2015

    I have received the immediate call back on the same day and offered the rate that what I am looking.

  • Lawrence Chai
    28 août 2015

    Helpful and honest about my mortgage needs.

  • Ben Sharp
    27 août 2015

    Prompt, well rehersed, didn't beat my banks rate by enough.

  • Charlene
    21 août 2015

    I dealt with Steve Ferrin. He was polite and well versed in Mortgages. I had many questions and he answered them without hesitation and in terms I could understand. Setting up my mortgage has been simple and rewarding. Not only do I feel I got the best rate possible, I feel he really did his best to understand my needs and provide me with the product that is best suited to my situation. Excellent service, highly recommended broker.

  • Lou Yordanou
    18 août 2015

    Got a great mortgage

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    15 août 2015

    Fast, easy and great rates

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    15 août 2015

    Everything is Good so far

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    14 août 2015


  • Leeanne Backus
    6 août 2015

    Fast and easy process. The agents were super helpful and nice when searching for a mortgage that works for me.

  • Lloyd Utke
    29 juillet 2015

    Pleasant and knowledgeble person to speak with

  • Larry
    24 juillet 2015

    They responded speedily and did not falter. Unfortunately their product did not fit my needs. Good communication though and very respectful and supportive.

  • Alpesh
    24 juillet 2015

    Received response next day. Very friendly and professional service.

  • Hilson Qua
    24 juillet 2015

    He called at the earliest time possible. Also he is knowledgeable with the subject I asked for. Superb!

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    24 juillet 2015

    Good approach and fast action

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    23 juillet 2015

    Very helpful for getting a Mortgage. Highly recommend.

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    17 juillet 2015

    Good and professional

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    17 juillet 2015

    The mortgage agent was quick in getting back to me about my inquiry.

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    17 juillet 2015

    Excellent JOb

  • Fotis Ramosz
    8 juillet 2015

    Informative conversation, the gentleman told me about some of the pitfalls of mortgage Renewals and penalties.

  • Tony Tesone
    2 juillet 2015

    Explained everything well. Very friendly. Easy to talk to.

  • Antonella Armenti
    26 juin 2015

    Good experience. Prompt service. Excellent value.

  • Aditya Karnik
    23 juin 2015

    Quick response within the same day!

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    17 juin 2015

    Got good advice I've got 4 mortgages I've got .70 - prime open variable it's a rental.

  • Dhiren Kataria
    16 juin 2015

    Quick followup.

  • James Hargan
    11 juin 2015

    Quick response. Personal call upon pre-approval. No complaints.

  • Dale Taylor
    9 juin 2015

    Prompt service.

  • Whitney
    6 juin 2015

    They were very efficient and contacted me right away. Very helpful. Services were top notch!

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    3 juin 2015

    Received a call very promplty

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    21 mai 2015


  • John Sintal
    19 mai 2015


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    15 mai 2015

    They're good!

  • Craig Morrison
    14 mai 2015

    almost immediate response, seemed very knowledgeable

  • Andrew Plater
    5 mai 2015

    The initial reply from Butler Mortgage was very prompt and the personnel I interacted with were all courteous and professional. Any answers to my questions and information were provided in a prompt and thorough fashion. I would definitely use Butler again and recommend them to any of my friends and colleagues at this point (I haven't yet completed the mortgage renewal process).

  • Sawaran Singh
    2 mai 2015

    professional approach. excellent product knowledge

  • John Armstrong
    1 mai 2015

    so far so good

  • Jenny-lee Harrison
    29 avril 2015

    Fast, friendly and efficient service!

  • Dmytro
    22 avril 2015

    awesome fast service

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    22 avril 2015

    They are very fast in taking decision

  • Jeff Rolheiser
    16 avril 2015

    Bill was informative and efficient

  • Timish
    15 avril 2015

    Understands my need and gives correct advice. Provided different options on mortgage Offered best available rate

  • Gordon Chow
    9 avril 2015

    quick communication, no issues

  • James Ellul
    24 mars 2015

    Very informative. Great to talk to.

  • Gurbax
    14 mars 2015


  • Kamlesh
    27 février 2015

    I was happy with rates and services

  • Mohamed
    26 février 2015

    Excellent service

  • Alex
    21 février 2015

    great advice received

  • Jeff Cornwell
    20 février 2015

    He was straight-up and answered my question

  • Tatiana
    18 février 2015

    awesome service

  • Inna
    13 février 2015

    This was quick conversation, but they gave me good rate and told me what kind of documents I have to send to them for renewal

  • Rachel Li
    6 février 2015

    Very responsive to my questions and actively following up for status update.

  • Marlene Andrews
    3 février 2015

    He got right back to me with a comment.

  • Odette
    31 janvier 2015

    They contacted me right away, which was great!

  • Ivan Young
    20 janvier 2015

    accurate information, easy to understand and tailored to my needs

  • I Milkovic
    15 janvier 2015

    Very quick call back, Responsive and quick Quote. Excellent experience. Ivan

  • Rowena Monte
    17 décembre 2014

    Response to your call right away

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    16 décembre 2014

    Got back to me when he said he would.

  • James
    14 décembre 2014

    Very honest advices, fast response, excellent service.

  • random
    9 décembre 2014

    Very helpful in explaining the terms

  • Jessie Bullock
    27 novembre 2014

    I was promptly called after requesting a call from Butler. Mr. Butler was very helpful and I was later in contact via email - again, I received immediate responses. Overall they seemed to be very on top of things and knowledgable.

  • Josh Morgan
    27 novembre 2014

    got back to me quick gave me good advice I would recommen them to other people

  • Joshua Michaluk
    25 novembre 2014

    Very easy to deal with

  • Shelley Walklin
    21 novembre 2014

    Very personable and informative

  • Colette Mageau
    20 novembre 2014

    They contacted me right away and sent me the paper work, unfortunately I have not had time to follow up yet.

  • Marsan Pe Benito
    4 novembre 2014

    He has been very helpful and explained even in details

  • Gertrud Hougesen
    3 novembre 2014

    The website was easy to access. The service was excellent with followup via phone call and response via e-mail afterwards.

  • Florin
    30 octobre 2014

    I was called fast.

  • Sarah Todd
    29 octobre 2014

    Butler Mortgage sent me an email letting me know that an agent would call me within the hour. When William called he was friendly and informative. I would definitely recommend giving them a call to see what they can do for you.

  • Pritam Deenoo
    27 octobre 2014

    someone contacted me immediately

  • Allison
    22 octobre 2014

    They response quickly.

  • Lori Artemenko
    17 octobre 2014

    Quick efficient and knowledgeable

  • Valerie Layes
    17 octobre 2014

    I spoke with Jeremy and he was very informative, polite and patient. He sent me the information I needed right away and was not a t all pushy. I will and have recommended this site :) Keep up the great work!! Val

  • Saba Sheikh
    13 octobre 2014

    Service was ok.

  • Kalpesh Parmar
    6 octobre 2014

    Best Mortgage

  • Darren Martin
    1 octobre 2014

    I ended up not using them but they were friendly to talk to over email and phone.

  • Mohammed Hashim
    1 octobre 2014

    he was great and gave fantastic advice!

  • Bernard Leung
    30 septembre 2014

    Courteous and prompt.

  • Ashleigh Barnwell
    18 septembre 2014

    Broker was very helpful but unfortunately I had already finalized with another bank.

  • James Ha
    17 septembre 2014

    Very helpful and responsive to questions.

  • Robert Puotinen
    16 septembre 2014

    The Butler Mortgage Group has gone out of it's way in helping me to achieve my goals.He understood my needs, as well as the challenges, and has worked hard to overcome all hurdles.Very pleased with the customer service at Butler. Robert

  • Helio Marques
    11 septembre 2014

    William was very informative.

  • Robert Keough
    10 septembre 2014

    Fast and courteous service.

  • Sharon Paling
    9 septembre 2014


  • Brian Leblanc
    9 septembre 2014

    Very pleasant and effective agency and staff.

  • John Budge
    1 septembre 2014

    Knowledgable and courteous

  • Dongjie Li
    29 août 2014

    friendly, helpful and fast.

  • Riley Danroth
    29 août 2014

    Helpful and great to deal with.

  • Dave Dietrich
    29 août 2014

    Jeremy Mills responded to my inquiries quickly and professionally. I highly recommend his high quality of personable attention to all customers seeking great rates with equally great service.

  • AG
    28 août 2014

    Very professional

  • Aurang Zaib Siddiqui
    27 août 2014


  • Ramez Gendy
    26 août 2014

    Good advise, not biased to his own benefit

  • Lingyu Xu
    26 août 2014

    Quick and clean.

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