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Monthly transactions by type
Monthly transactions by type
Bank account Purchase Interest Rate Transactions Additional fees Estimated monthly cost
0.05% Interest rate tiers
If balance is Rate
$0 - $1,000 0.05%
$1,000.01 - $5,000 0.10%
$5,000.01 - $10,000 0.15%
$10,000.01 - $25,000 0.25%
$25,000.01 or more 0.50%
tiered interest rate
Interac e-Transfers
$0 Open account
% Interest rate tiers
If balance is Rate
tiered interest rate
Interac e-transfers
Open account

PC Financial No Fee Bank Account

Similar to other online banks, PC Financial has only one chequing account offering. The PC Financial No Fee Bank Account provides free daily banking, unlimited cheques and a tiered interest rate on your account balance. As a PC Financial customer you are able to use any PC Financial or CIBC bank machine for free. Also you can earn PC points by using your debit card at stores which sell President's Choice products or when you set up direct deposit for your paycheque or pension to your chequing account.

Fees are incurred with this account if you use Interac e-Transfers to send money or use the overdraft feature on your account. As PC Financial is an online bank, there are no teller assisted transactions, it is all self-serve. To determine if online banking is right for you, compare your transaction needs to those accounts offered by other financial providers.