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Alternative Mortgages

Welcome to the Alternative Mortgages Education Centre, where you can find more information about bad credit mortgages, second mortgages and other specialized mortgages.

Bad Credit Mortgages

If the bank has turned down your mortgage application, there are still options. Learn more about bad credit mortgages here. LEARN MORE image description

Second Mortgage Loans

Read more information on how to obtain a second mortgage, and find the lenders who specialize in second mortgages. LEARN MORE image description

Private Mortgage Loans

Here you will find everything you need to know about obtaining a mortgage from a private lender, including mortgage rates and fees. LEARN MORE image description

Self-Employed Mortgage

Find out what you will need in order to obtain a mortgage if you are self-employed, as well as what the CMHC insurance rates are for these specialized mortgages.  LEARN MORE image description

New to Canada Mortgage

If you are new to Canada, it could be difficult to obtain a mortgage. Read tips and find other important information here that could help you get approved. LEARN MORE image description