Team Case Study: Viewing and Choosing the Right Home


Last week, we launched a new series documenting RateHub’s own Kerri-Lynn’s (KL) experiences with buying her first home. We’ve already shared some of the financial decisions KL and her partner had to make, as well as how they built their team of real estate professionals, which is the foundation of the home buying process. For today’s post, she and I talked about the process of actually going on viewings, figuring out what they liked and how they ended up in a house vs. a condo. Continue reading

How to Customize Your Budget for Condo Living


Bought a condo recently? Congratulations! If you’re one of the nearly half of Canadians who always uses a budget, chances are you’ve already started to think about how your monthly expenses might change in this new living situation – especially if you had previously been renting or living at home. While in many cases condo living can end up being more affordable than purchasing a house, there are still particular financial considerations to keep in mind when redesigning your new budget.

Here are the main categories to consider adding to your budget, before, during and after the purchase of your condo.
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Team Case Study: Laying the Foundation for Buying a Home


This past summer, a few members of the team went from being hopeful house hunters to first-time homebuyers. After contributing to the resounding messages of “Congrats!” from the rest of the team, my next thought was: We should share these experiences with our readers. Fortunately, the new homeowners agreed – and one volunteered to share it all!

Every Monday, for the next 5 weeks, Kerri-Lynn (KL) will be here to answer questions and share her experiences with jumping into the Toronto housing market. If you’re not in Toronto, that’s ok – most of these are questions that any potential first-time homebuyer should consider. For our first post, we sat down and talked about how she started the process. In her words: it’s all about laying the foundation… Continue reading

Monthly Mortgage Update: October 2014

Kerri-Lynn McAllister

The summer brought little sunshine to Toronto and little in the way of mortgage news, but this fall is turning out healthy doses of both! Not only have mortgage rates been slowly going down, but policymakers are moving forward with some market changes. Read on for a distilled version of the pending changes! (And sorry for the abundance of exclamation points, but, again, we had a very unexciting summer!) Continue reading

Say Hello to the New!


After years of building this site from the ground up, we finally decided to overhaul it with a new modern, flat design. This project has been months in the making, so we’re excited to finally announce the official launch of the new!

The new design was no small undertaking. has dozens of mortgage comparison tables, calculators and content pages, which needed to be presented as simply and attractively as possible.

On top of that, we realize that the home buying process – and really, most financial concepts and transactions – can be confusing. So, as we designed the new site, we continually asked ourselves how we could make things easier to find and understand. Here’s what we came up with:

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